Former Head of CDC
Lands Job As
                     President Of
Merck Vaccine Division
                                                                   By: Mike Adams  
                                                               Editor of:
                                                                         December 2009

      You've heard it before, how the pharmaceutical
      industry has a giant "revolving door" through
       which corporations and government agencies
        frequently exchange key employees.  

That reality was driven home in a huge way today when news broke that
Dr. Julie Gerberding, who headed the CDC from 2002 through 2009, landed a
top job with
Merck, one of the largest drug companies in the world.  Her job
there?  She's the new president of the vaccine division.  

How convenient.  That means the former head of the CDC was very likely
cultivating a relationship with
Merck all these years, and now comes the big
payoff: Heading up a $5 billion division that sells cervical cancer vaccines
Gardasil, chickenpox vaccines and of course H1N1 swine flu vaccines,

So what's the problem with all this?  The problem is that private industry and
government health offices such as the CDC or FDA should never be so cozy.  
When they are, it creates an environment of collusion between Big
Government and Big Pharma.  

We've already seen this with the government-led push for swine flu vaccines
that are manufactured and sold by drug companies like

You might even say that the CDC already functions as the marketing division
of the pharmaceutical industry.  It was the CDC that pushed so hard for swine
flu vaccines, even amid the obvious realization that swine flu was no more
dangerous than seasonal flu.  

To this day, the CDC still hasn't bothered to recommend vitamin D for the
prevention of either seasonal flu or swine flu.  

It remains heavily invested in the lucrative vaccine approach -- an approach
that just happens to financially benefit the very corporations that are hiring
ex-CDC employees like Dr. Gerberding.  

                    How To Triple Your Salary By Selling Out To Industry

Getting a job offer from Big Pharma, by the way, is one of the most-desired
career paths for many CDC employees and FDA workers, for that matter.  

It's easy to accomplish it, too: Just operate in your government position as if
you were a Big Pharma lackey.  

If you produce enough good business for the drug industry, sooner or later
they'll offer you a lucrative position that doubles or triples your government
salary or even better.  

Now, I don't want to lump all CDC employees in this same pathetic group,
because there are indeed a great many bright, honest scientists working at
the CDC who do excellent work tracking pandemics and trying to save lives.  

They are overshadowed, however, by those ambitious profit seekers who
see their CDC job as merely a stepping-stone for a far better paying job at a
major drug companies.  And by any measure, Dr. Gerberding just cashed in

Her actual salary at
Merck hasn't been publicly released yet, but given that
she's heading up a $5 billion vaccine industry, it's probably not chump
change.  I'd bet she's now making at least ten times the salary of the
President of the United States and probably a lot more.  

So now, Dr. Gerberding's new job involves the incessant promotion of yet
more vaccines -- a job not very different from the one she held at the CDC,
come to think of it.  

More vaccines for more diseases afflicting more people... it's just another day
Merck, where the world is never so healthy that it doesn't need one more
mandatory vaccine.  

As a special bonus to
Merck in all this, Dr. Gerberding has a wealth of
contacts not merely throughout the CDC, but also at the
World Health

When you're the former head of the CDC, the top public health officials of the
world are literally just one call away.  But starting today, that call is a
commercial, corporate-sponsored call, not a public health call.  There's a
huge difference.  

Does Dr. Gerberding suffer from an
"ethics deficiency?"  

My question in all this is whether Dr. Gerberding has any real ethics when it
comes to issues like vaccines and public health.  If she does have such
ethics, why would she accept a job with a company that has been engaged in
outright scientific fraud?  

Why would she go to work for a company that maintained a
"hit list" of
doctors to attack and
"neutralize?"  This is true -- it came out in recent court

Why would she take a job with a company that has a pattern of threatening
doctors who speak out against its drugs?  

Why would she be okay with the idea of working for a company that commits
scientific fraud by hiding documents showing its drugs to be dangerous?  

Why would she feel okay about working for a company that dumps
chemicals and vaccine waste products into the public water system?  

Why would she want to collect a paycheck from a company that has been
caught hiring ghost writers to pen
"independent" science papers submitted
to science journals, when they were actually crafted by

Why would she feel comfortable representing a company that committed
blatant scientific fraud with its
Vytorin cholesterol drug study?  

Maybe Dr. Gerberding is fine with all this.  Maybe she has really
ethics.  Or maybe she suffers from an
"ethics deficiency" -- an epidemic
disease for which Merck apparently has no vaccine at all.  

In any case, she's now allied herself with a company engaged in so many
repeated acts of fraud that in my opinion all its executives should be arrested
and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.  

Those executives will now include Dr. Gerberding, it seems.  

                                  Did the CDC cover Merck's back?  

You might say, though, that she hasn't done anything yet for Merck.  But
check this out: As a previous
NaturalNews story explains, when a
fourteen-year-old girl named Jessica died following a cervical cancer vaccine
injection (made by
Merck), the CDC covered for Merck and pointed the finger
at the girl's birth control pills.  

Care to guess who was heading the CDC at the time of this maneuver?  Dr.
Julie Gerberding, now a top Merck executive.  

You pat my back and I'll pat yours.  

For years, under the lead of Dr. Gerberding, the CDC has maintained a rather
bizarre position that Merck's vaccines are so safe that all side effects should
be dismissed outright.  This was explained in a
Dallas Morning News article.  

The CDC, in other words, has been running defense for
Merck for many
years, downplaying vaccine side effects and insisting that Merck's vaccines
are safe.  

Now that the president of
Merck's vaccine division and the former chief of the
CDC are one and the same, it brings up obvious questions of whether there
was some level of ongoing collusion between the CDC and
Merck and how
deeply Dr. Gerberding might have been involved.  

Some of the word games played by Dr. Gerberding demonstrate amazing
Clintonian-like speech patterns designed to deflect blame from

Who else is on the
Merck team at the CDC?  

That the CDC's chief would be offered one of the very top jobs at
Merck now
makes me wonder just how deep the culture of collusion between
Merck and
the CDC really goes.  

How many other CDC employees are in line for future job offers from
Merck --
and what might they do in order to win those jobs?  

There's a solution to all this, of course: Pass a law that bans employees of
the CDC, FDA, FTC, EPA or USDA from ever working for pharmaceutical

The people who run the regulatory agencies and public health offices should
never be allowed to leap into employment at the very same companies they
were once regulating.  

There's just too much risk of cross-contamination of influence, which is why
we have the corruption and collusion problems we're seeing today with the
FDA, FTC and CDC, all of which seem to be operating as marketing
extensions of the pharmaceutical industry.  

As long as the revolving door remains wide open between Big Pharma and
Big Government, there will be a strong tendency towards corporate collusion
that betrays the people whom government is supposed to serve.  

Instead of our government serving the People, in other words, it increasingly
exists to serve the interests of Big Business.  And big business doesn't get
much bigger than Big Pharma.  

After all, inventing fictitious diseases, creating pandemic panics, then selling
questionable patented drugs to gullible consumers is a lucrative business

And now the official job of the former head of the CDC is to make sure it all
stays that way.  So roll up your sleeves, folks: There's a vaccine with your
name on it, and Dr. Gerberding is here to make sure
Merck sticks it to ya.  

By: Mike Adams

Article: Former Head of CDC Lands Job as President of Merck Vaccine

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Mike Adams is a natural health author and award-winning journalist with a
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