The Hoax of Modern Medicine
    & Its Toxic Medications
                                                             By: Viera Scheibner Ph.D.
                                                                    Natural Sciences  2012

     When a baby is born in Australia or any other
      so called developed country, orthodox
      medicine immediately takes over its life and
        well being: the very birth is medicalized with
      inductions (whether there is any medical need for
it or not), painkillers and immediate injections of vitamin K and hepatitis B

Mothers do not even ask what is in that drip (it is an overload of a hormone:
oxytocin) and in that vitamin K injection; they do not realize that it is the
wrong vitamin K, that there are toxic preservatives in the injection and that
the babies have developed the so-called hemorrhagic disease of the
newborn despite being given vitamin K.  

They don’t realize that the painkiller pethidine is morphine and that the
newborn baby may get the full blast of it while being born; not the most
auspicious start in life.  

Some even linked the addictions of very young children to that initial bolus of
morphine.  The mothers don’t realize that an overload of the hormone
oxytocin may (and does) cause brain and retinal hemorrhages and that
before the baby would recover, it is given Hepatitis B vaccine injection, which
on its own causes brain, and retinal hemorrhages.  

The vicious circle may continue if the baby is deemed to have an infection
and is administered powerful antibiotics intravenously; many babies develop
serious reactions to all this and die within about 3-4 weeks of being born.  

If they survive the initial assault of these toxic substances, then they may
develop reactions to the second round at two months: injections of several
other vaccines such as DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus), polio,
Haemophilus influenzae type B, the second hepatitis B, and meningococcal
and Pneumococcal vaccines, in each thigh.  

The babies are vaccinated even after they developed symptoms of
suppressed immune system such as the runny nose and ear infections after
the first toxic assault at birth.  

Many babies develop whooping cough from the vaccine.  I suspect that many
babies, who developed convulsions after these vaccinations, may have
actually contracted tetanus, from the triple (DPRT) vaccine.  

The next assault that follows is administration of antibiotics.  Not just one,
usually two, of the second and third generation of the so-called broad-
spectrum antibiotics.  

Many babies then react by developing subdural and retinal hemorrhages or
re-bleeds if they had the initial bleeds caused by oxytocin and the first
Hepatitis B vaccine injection.  

Just after I published the first edition of my book
“Vaccination” in late 1993, I
was interviewed on a live radio show about it; a medical doctor phoned-in
and indignantly criticized me for writing that first it was going to be just
babies of ethnic mothers and then suddenly all mothers somehow became
infected with Hepatitis B disease and their babies are going to be given this

How prophetic my words were.  True, the vaccine was initially developed for
high-risk groups of adults (such as prostitutes and practicing homosexuals),
but because they rejected it or were hard to be forced to take it, the
vaccinators targeted the babies because they were accessible.  

Yes, every time the babies are taken to the well-baby clinics, they become
accessible to the deadly ministrations of the medical system.  

In their misguided effort to do the best for their babies, and due to a widely
spread ignorance and gullibility, mothers easily succumb to the pressure
from the pro-vaccinators.  

People forget only too easily the age-old knowledge and experience that
infectious diseases are actually beneficial for children because they are the
ones that prime and mature the immune system and represent developmental

We live in the age of information and communication; the knowledge is at
everybody’s fingertips, literally.  

However, people mostly do not really take advantage of the modern
technology.  Most people think that they know things while they don’t.  
Worse still, they know the wrong things.  

They listen or access the propaganda of those who are developing,
producing, distributing and administering such deadly products as

Vaccines are neither safe nor effective in preventing any disease; they cause
diseases; they are the single biggest cause of infant deaths.  

The lies about this useless, dangerous medieval medical procedure reached
monstrous proportions with the accusations of innocent parents and other
caregivers (nannies) somehow causing the vaccine reactions.  

When babies develop brain and retinal hemorrhages after vaccination, often
the same medical doctors who injected them become accusers of the
gullible, ignorant and innocent caregivers of the shaken baby syndrome.  

This glaring nonsense started in 1946 with John Caffey, a formally untrained
pediatric radiologist in Utah (USA).  

He misinterpreted the typical signs of scurvy (caused by toxic vaccines
which deplete the usually marginal reserves of vitamin C in vaccinated
babies) as signs of physical assault (Scheibner 2001, 2004).  

The most worrying thing about this is that all those formally trained pediatric
radiologists blindly follow the example of untrained and ignorant Caffey and
continue perpetuating the monstrous medieval injustice of SBS.  

Shaken baby syndrome, according to a California judge is a factitious
diagnosis carefully fabricated by the medical profession (to cover up their
own crime of killing and maiming babies with vaccine injections).  

Mind you, the accused parents of such unfortunate babies are the ones who
obediently follow doctors’ advice (or more precisely, intimidation) and allow
their babies to be injected with a cocktail of toxic substances that have
nothing good to deliver to their recipients.  

Even babies who recover from this toxic bolus, develop a host of reactions
such as asthma and allergies, ear infections, pneumonia, bronchiolitis,
diabetes, hyperinsulinaemia, chronic ill health, cancer, leukemia, brain
tumors, behavioral and learning difficulties, suicidal and murderous
tendencies, indeed, all those modern ills of childhood.  

This is all happening under the guise of
‘protecting’ the health of children
and allegedly preventing all those allegedly miserable and bad infectious
diseases of childhood.  

We live in the age of information and communication.  A lot of information
(sometimes an overload) is at our fingertips; however, not only a lot of this
information is really not worth the paper it is written on, but very often it
represents anti-information and anti-knowledge.  

The minimum that the parents of small children should do is to ask the pro-
vaccinator doctor to show them the product information that accompanies
every vaccine.  

They would see that the producers and distributors of vaccines are very
careful to offer a long list of the observed and reported side effects, even
though as a rule they add that the causal link to the vaccine has not been

Why would they then put it in their product insert?  To lie about it, to
overstate the case against the vaccine?  Hardly.  

                      All Orthodox Medications are Toxic and Useless.  

The painkillers are particularly dangerous; almost every day we hear on the
news that another of these toxins caused very serious reactions, including

So, what happens?  The example of
Vioxx is instructive in that it stopped
being distributed under that name but resurfaced and re-incarnated under
different names such as
Recoxib, Cox2 and other revealing names.  

A prominent politician went on television and effectively falsely advertised
Fosamax as safe and terrific.  Well, I agree that he and the likes of him should
take it.  

If they developed necrosis of the jawbone from it then they should be told
that they only imagine it.  Many people including doctors went on television
and effectively denied or played down this serious reaction, yet it is listed
even on the abbreviated product information.  

The latest scandal is the cervical cancer vaccine.  Very soon after its mass
administration to very young girls, it transpired that it caused very serious
reactions such as syncope, fainting, anaphylaxis, ascending paralysis
(Guillain Barre syndrome) and even death.  

An epidemic of denials mushroomed despite many of these reactions being
added to the list as post-marketing reports.  

Sure, the usual meaningless disclaimer accompanies the list, namely that the
causal link to the offending vaccine has not been proven without qualifying
what they would consider the evidence and proof of the causality.  

Yet, the reactions to vaccines fulfill all nine criteria of Bradford Hill, the father
of medical statistics.  

Why would they be listed if the girls just imagined them?  By the way, many
girls were threatened with being admitted to a mental institution if they
continued claiming that their observed serious reactions to Gardasil were
caused by the vaccine.  

Who should be admitted into mental institutions?  Surely not the girls
experiencing the reactions, but those doctors and health officials who are
accusing them of just imagining the experienced reactions while denying the
PI listed reactions.  

What happened when the recipients of the sleeping pills called
inappropriately stillnight died when sleepwalking?  Basically very little, just a
little Band-Aid: a recommendation that some effects should be highlighted.  

How many car accidents could have been caused by those who drove under
the influence of this deadly pill?  

Perhaps the first remedy to apply would be separation of the orthodox
medicine and the state, just as there was separation of the Church and the

People in developing countries without functioning medical system are
healthier than babies, children and adults in the developed countries and
especially in the United States.  

American children are the sickest children in the world.  This certainly is not a
credit to their most expensive medical system.  Next time when listening to
the news of another school shooting in the United States, just think of their
mandatory vaccination policies.  

By: Viera Scheibner Ph.D. Natural Sciences

Article: The Hoax of Modern Medicine and its Toxic Medications

About the Author:
Dr. Viera Scheibner is a retired principal research scientist with a doctorate in
natural sciences.