Sexually Contagious Diseases?  

If diseases are not contagious how do you explain away venereal disease?  
That's proven to be contagious?

Conventional thinking has it that gonococcus and spirochetes are
transferred from one person to another during the sexual act.  The
"infected" person will then develop either gonorrhea or syphilis.  

Even the medical profession is deserting this long held belief today in favor
of the herpes virus as causing what is called venereal disease.  

First, syphilis is a figment of the medical imagination.  Most of what is
described as syphilis in the books of yesteryear were effects of mercury and
sulfa drugs, which the profession administered so liberally.  

What is described, as gonorrhea is no more serious than the canker sores
of the mouth.  Both are eliminative steps by the body.  The ulceration and
suppuration represent the fifth stage of the evolution of disease.  

The so-called contagious factors, bacteria, are there because of the disease,
not the cause of it.  In fact something like 20% of those who suffer venereal
diseases have neither gonococcus nor spirochetes.  

Saying that a pimple, ulcer or pustule in the sexual area is caused by either
bacteria or viruses is like saying boils are caused by the same when it is
generally agreed that boils are a result of filth in the body.  

Both are the same processes but occur in different areas of the body.  
Besides it must be recognized that the autolysis of tissue and the creation of
inflammations and boils are body actions, not bacterial or viral actions.  

It is not true that venereal diseases are contagious.  The U.S. Navy conducted
experiments wherein it was shown that so-called infected persons could not
infect healthy persons.  

When I was with a vice squad in Japan we had cases of so-called infected
prostitutes who had been with dozens of GI's, none of whom contracted the
disease.  On the other hand there are many who have infections in the sexual
area who have not been in contact with anyone, especially in small children
who do sometimes have infections in the sexual area.  

The concept of contagion is unproven despite appearances.  It is a medical
scare word that stampedes customers into the offices of medical

Old myths die hard, don't they?  The older and more revered the myth, the
harder it is to dispel.  But I insist that the whole medical profession operates
on a wrong premise.  

The fact that fasting will enable an organism to heal quickly in injury or illness
and drugging will defer or prevent healing altogether is some indication of
the error of the medical school of thought.  

The very word medicine is a misnomer.  The word means healing agent or
substance.  There is not such an agent or substance.  Healing is always the
sole prerogative of the affected organism.  

There's not enough intelligence and know how in the collective knowledge of
the world to effect the knitting of a bone within an organism.  Healing is, I
repeat, entirely a body process.   

If the masses of our people do not accept obvious truths, truths that account
for everything in health and disease and are demonstrable when put to the
test, then it is those who deny the obvious that are impudent.  

Should I repeat an old refrain:
"I'd rather be right with a persecuted few than
wrong with many."  

It's general knowledge that the swine flu vaccination was a hoax.  It is only a
question of time before people will learn of the tetanus hoax, the rabies hoax,
the whooping cough hoax, the measles hoax and other medical hoaxes.  

If children are exposed to others who have the measles they don't
"catch" it.  
It is not something that is contagious.  What is
"contagious" are the food
habits, that cause it (any unhealthful living habits, wrong food combinations,
stress, etc.).  

But children usually do not have measles if their system is too drugged and
devitalized.  And that's what happens when they're vaccinated.  They cannot
conduct the simple eliminative crisis called measles.  If they cannot have
measles they'll sooner or later have something worse—like cancer!  

Measles is a body instituted and conducted crisis to get rid of toxic
accumulations.  Vaccine interference destroys the vitality necessary to have

Measles is helpful, not hurtful.  The body creates the measles and keeps the
process in force until body cleansing has been completed.  Contrary to
medical myth, the body will not harm itself by conducting this or any other

This is more than can be said for the vaccines, which are poisonous in
themselves.  The harm said to be derived from measles is actually from the
"heroic" drugging and treatment administered by the medical profession.  

Measles and other acute diseases are helpful body functions; the body is
grappling with an overload of toxic materials.  

Vaccinations and drugging add to these toxic materials.  They are never a
"preventive" or an antidote.  They can make matters worse but they have no
intelligence or ability to help under any circumstances.  

Don't antibodies really defend against a virus as in the case of measles?  

The truth is that the body does not create new defensive faculties in
responses to a poison.  Rather it has its defensive faculties destroyed.  

Medical researchers will tell you that
"antibodies" are merely presumed and
not something actually demonstrable in the laboratory as a new body

They are presumed because, when vaccines are administered, most
recipients no longer get the disease.  This is because the body's defensive
faculties are destroyed, not enhanced.  

The body's ability to conduct the simple cleansing crisis known as measles
is so debilitated by the vaccinal poison that it retains what would normally be

It's no accident that cancer is now the number one killer of our children.  
When simple cleansing cannot occur, the body all the more quickly evolves
to the next and succeeding stages of disease.  

Antibodies are, I repeat, a medical myth, a figment of the medical imagination.  

Measles are not a bane but a boon.  If the body is filthy inside, a cleansing is a
good thing.  Measles are a cleansing process.  The body conducts the crisis
called measles and it is doing so to help itself, not hurt itself.  

The body never injures itself except where injury is necessary as the lesser
of two evils.  Brain damage does not occur from a cleansing crisis.  Rather, it
is the drugs that are administered in such a crisis that are responsible for the

Physicians damage many people with their drugs and conveniently place all
blame on the body's noble reparative efforts rather than take responsibility.  

Were germs the cause of disease there would be no remission.  If they had
the power to successfully attack living tissue and proliferate enough to lay a
person low as is commonly supposed, then the results would be like the
effects of rotten apples amidst good ones—they'd all soon be bad.  

Humans simply would not survive the ordeal and there would be no human

Should we fast people who were laid low with a germ-caused disease the
fasting would not kill off the germs?

Just as a rotten apple can spoil the good ones so, too, the germ proliferation
would continue whether we are eating or fasting?

Actually people who fast recover health rapidly, whereas, if they continue to
eat and take drugs, they recover slowly if at all.  

There have been fasts conducted under laboratory conditions in many
hospitals and university medical centers with controls.  It has been proven
beyond doubt that the body cleanses itself under the condition of fasting and
heals two or three times speedier when fasting than in drug therapy.  

Medical experimentation with fasting has been conducted at the University of
Illinois in Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  You
won't have to delve much into the literature on fasting to come up with the
results observed.  

All medical research has proven the truth of the toxemia causation of disease
regardless of the misinterpretations of the researchers.  Researchers usually
interpret their data to suit those who are paying for the experimentation,
usually drug companies or drug beneficiaries.  

If the experiments are too contrary to the ends sought they are usually buried
quietly.  Both laboratory evidence and empirical observations substantiate
that disease is a body reaction to intoxication rather than germs.  

Dr. Jennings had people fasting under a deception.  He gave them bread and
sugar pills, what we'd call placebos, and instructed the taking of water with
them four or five times daily.  With that he advised bed rest, fresh air, etc.  He
cautioned against taking anything with the pills other than water, otherwise
they would not work.  

The results his clients realized were nothing short of miraculous.  His
patients were recovering 100% while his medical colleagues who were into
heroic drugging lost patients in epidemic numbers.  

You can impute health magic to certain foods or limited diets, even a distilled
water diet.  But you can assure a healthful outcome only within certain

Sexually Contagious Diseases?