The Poisoned Needle
                          By: Dr. Eleanor I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
                                             Excerpt from the Book - 1959

For the past 2000 years physicians have been looking in the wrong direction
for the cure of disease.  Their worse than useless practice of killing germs
with poison drugs has never — and can never — solve the problem of

During the Dark Ages, before the introduction of improved nutrition and
sanitation, the world was intermittently visited with epidemics of smallpox.  

The cause was stubbornly ignored and the seeds for more disease were
sown when vaccination was brought into popular use.  This infusion of
poison injected into the blood stream of the masses only served to intensify
the disease in some cases, suppress the symptoms in others and create
new and more serious diseases in still others.  

So, with the passing of years we have seen this misbegotten child of
ignorance grow into a Frankenstein monster of immense proportions that
moves relentlessly forward, grinding under foot the multitudes that throng
its path.  

Through the lethal power of this poisoned needle, the simple zymotic
(contagious) diseases of the past have been devolved into the horrors of the
present — our terrifying and expanding crop of
"killer diseases".  

Many of these strange
"mystery diseases" that baffle the entire medical
world, are the sordid products of vaccine poisons that disturb the chemical
balance of the body and interfere with normal functioning.  

All these medically made atrocities are far worse than smallpox or any of the
other eruptive diseases that nature provides as a means of expelling the
accumulated poison waste from the abused body.  

This interference with the balanced economy of nature has multiplied the
problems beyond the power of science to control.  

Our worst epidemics now are epidemics of vaccination in which more
people are killed every year by
"vaccinal diseases" than by the diseases that
the vaccinations were supposed to combat.  

Complete freedom from disease can scarcely be found except in remote
islands or isolated communities that have not been invaded by medical
mischief and commercialized products.  

Is our proud civilization to be degraded, corrupted, and destroyed by its own
inventions designed for selfish profit and exploitation of the race?  

Vaccination, instead of being the promised blessing to the world, has proved
to be a curse of such sweeping devastation that it has caused more death
and disease than war, pestilence, and plague combined.  

There is no scourge (with the possible exception of atomic radiation) that is
more destructive to our nation’s health than this monument of human
deception — this slayer of the innocent —this crippler of body and brain —
The Poisoned Needle.  

Vaccination and the false germ theory upon which it is hinged has led
mankind far astray and has severed the fragile thread that offered medical
theory and practice a hope of becoming a science.  

Under the sway of our present degenerative medical methods the health of
our people has declined to the lowest point in history.  The 1955 survey
showed that over 90% of our population is below par mentally or physically.  

According to life insurance records, army reports, hospital statements,
government statistics and physical examinations for marriage certificates
and employment, etc., it is revealed that there is hardly one normal, healthy
person in a hundred.  

The Cancer Foundation states that one out of every four is marked for
cancer.  The figures on heart trouble are even worse than that and the other
"killer diseases" come in for their toll.  

Practically all the rest of the people have symptoms of less serious
diseases; these symptoms being headaches, constipation, weak eves,
dental caries, colds, pain, stomach trouble, etc.  

Most, if not all, diseases are avoidable and curable (at a certain stage) but not
under the deceptive medical method of poisoning the well and the sick with
vaccines and drugs and mutilating them with unnecessary operations.  

The acute diseases that were to have been conquered by vaccination have
only been masked and suppressed until the retained poisons corroded the
internal organs and developed into dangerous chronic diseases.  

In the Past 70 years:

Cancer increased 308%
Anemia increased 300%
Epilepsy increased 397%
Heart Disease increased 179%
Diabetes increased 1800% (In spite of insulin)
Polio increased 680%

Never in the history of this country have preventable diseases flourished
with such wild abandon, continuously being fed by the very drugs and
commercialized irritants that set them into operation in the first place.  

Dr. Alexis Carrel, of the Rockefeller Institute, stated:
Scientific Monthly, July, 1925):

"Although the adult individual today has much less chance of dying from
smallpox, cholera, or typhoid, than he had 50 years ago, he surely has more
prospect of being tortured by some form of cancer, afflicted with slow
diseases of the kidneys, of the circulatory apparatus or the endocrine glands,
and of going insane.  Modern medicine protects him (attempts to) against
infections which kill rapidly, but leaves him exposed to the slower and more
cruel diseases."  

Annie Riley Hale, in "The Medical Voodoo" speaks of:

"Medicine as ‘a system of healing which after 5000 years of trial and error’ is
describing itself as ‘a science in the making’, whose proudest showing to
date is, that it has enabled the race to ‘swap’ smallpox for cancer and typhoid
fever for diabetes and insanity, may still be worthy of credence and patronage
by its devoted followers.  But what justification can there be for putting the
whole power of the government back of such a system, and the public
treasury at its disposal, to spread misleading propaganda about its own
peculiar doctrines and methods, to force them on the helpless?"  

Although there are a number of far more successful and efficient systems of
healing in this country, the medical system is the only one that gets
endorsement and support from the government.  

All our tax supported Departments of Health, hospitals and institutions are
under the domination of medical personnel.  In spite of the financial support,
public confidence and full scale experimentation and testing of all their
methods and theories, the medical school of healing has utterly failed to
control any of the killer diseases and doesn’t have a sure cure for even one
of the mild diseases.  

Smallpox and other epidemics were largely controlled by improvements in
sanitation and nutrition years before vaccination became popularized.  Yet a
tremendous sum of money is poured into the medical coffers every year with
no accounting made for its use and no benefits received.  

Isn’t it time that this squandering of public funds be stopped and the better
qualified practitioners be given a chance to salvage the wreckage before it is
too late?  

After half a century of medical practice, Dr. John Tilden, M.D, made the
following observation, regarding inadequate medical procedures:

"Ability to cure has not kept pace with diagnosis, and today we behold the
scientific paradox of skilled physicians sometimes knowing exactly what
disease the patient is suffering with, but unable to cure the disease.  

Ability to diagnose, but impotence in curing, is the true status of scientific

Clinicians are floundering about in a sea of speculation and uncertainty
concerning cause and cure; and the best of them declare that autopsies prove
that almost half of their diagnoses are wrong."  

Dr. Charles Mayo, in a radio broadcast stated that at their clinic, autopsies
show that they get only 20% diagnoses right.  

Dr. Tilden continues:

"Every part of the body is represented by a specialist.  The irony of all this
professional perfection (?) is summed up in a few words, namely, diagnosis is
an elaborate system of summing up effects without a scintilla of knowledge
of cause, and treatment is a stupendous scheme of palliation, with
braggadocio concerning immunization.  

But the question will not down: How is a disease to be prevented or cured
when the cause is unknown?  All 400 or more so called diseases are nothing
more than expressions of our general systematic derangement—states
which I am pleased to name toxemia, or healing crises.  Toxemia is a state of
body poisoning — self generated or induced by vaccine serums, drugs or
other poisons."
 From the Philosophy of Health by Tilden.  

R. T. Trall, M.D., was another doctor who gave the medical method a long
and thorough trial before abandoning it as a failure.  He turned to nature and
its simplicity and upon its sound basic laws of healing he brought about
miracles of recovery from all diseases.  After trying to justify the
inconsistencies of medical theory he had this to say:

"Why has not success in treating disease kept pace with the extraordinary
progress of knowledge of other sciences?  The answer is ready: A successful
practice of the healing art must be based upon the laws of life, the economy
of vitality.  

The only foundation, therefore, of true healing is correct physiological
principles; and here is precisely where the whole orthodox medical system of
the present day fails — utterly and totally fails.  It has no physiological and
biological science upon which to truly practice the healing art."  

These are strong words coming from medical doctors who know the system
thoroughly.  Medicine is a paying game — financially speaking — and for
successful practitioners to leave it for the sake of honesty, integrity, and
idealism, indicates that these cherished qualities are lacking in that branch
of business.  

It is this lack of correct physiological and biological principles that has
enabled the medical profession to foist such an unscientific delusion as
vaccination on the public.  

The false
"germ theory" of disease, upon which vaccination is based, has
been the
"blind leader of the blind" that has dragged the medical system and
the impressionable public deeper into the morass of confusion and disease.  

The simple fact that we have less smallpox now than we did 200 years ago,
does not in any degree prove that vaccination caused this decline, although
the promoters of vaccination have taken upon themselves the full credit for
this improvement.  

The most noticeable decrease in smallpox and other zymotic diseases
began with the sanitation reforms just prior to 1800 and the improvement in
nutrition brought about by such health crusaders as Trall, Graham and
Jennings around 1840.  

Improvements included: (1) Sewage disposal, (2) cleaning of streets, back
yards, stables, etc., (3) improvement of roads so that fresh vegetables, milk
and other vital foods could be transported rapidly to the cities and
distributed while still fresh.  (4) The water supply was improved and
protected from contamination.  (5) Housing projects were built out in the
suburbs to relieve congestion of population in the cities.  

The nutritional doctors stressed natural whole grain bread instead of white
bread, fresh fruits and vegetables free from salt, sugar, chemicals and other
harmful preservatives and the rejection of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco,
drugs and other drastic poisons.  Meat and other low-grade proteins were
denounced in favor of nuts, beans and other such proteins with more health
value and less toxic effects.  

The age-old
"terror diseases" such as plague, black death, cholera, etc., that
were previously believed to be contagious, responded at once to this health
program and soon declined to the vanishing point in countries that adopted
the sanitation and nutrition improvements.  They are diseases of nutritional
deficiency and imbalance just the same as all other diseases.  

Before the passage of England’s compulsory vaccination law in 1853, the
highest authentic smallpox death-rate was only 2,000 for any two year
period, even during their most serious smallpox epidemics; whereas, after
almost 20 years of compulsory vaccination there occurred the most
devastating scourge of smallpox in 1870 to 1871 that the world has ever

It took 23,062 lives in England and Wales and spread over Europe in all the
countries where vaccination and inoculation had been practiced on a large

After that the vaccination laws were enforced even more rigidly until the
people began to notice that smallpox was not decreasing by this practice
but continued to ravage the homes of the vaccinated.  

During the same epidemic in Germany 124,948 people died of smallpox.  All
had been vaccinated (according to their carefully kept records.)
 "In Berlin
alone no less that 17,038 persons had smallpox after vaccination, and 2,884
of them died."  

In Sheffield, England where 97 per cent of her 200,000 inhabitants had been
thoroughly and frequently vaccinated for many years a smallpox epidemic
swept the city in 1887 that caused 7,101 cases and 648 deaths.  

Preceding this, the large manufacturing town of Leicester, (England) which
had been even more thoroughly vaccinated up to the time of the 1870
epidemic was the hardest hit of all the communities with over 3,500 deaths
per million in the first year of the epidemic.  

This completely destroyed their faith in vaccination and the rich and poor
alike rejected it and adopted sanitation with the result that smallpox
epidemics were soon eliminated from that city.  

Around 1900, after the improvements in health due to sanitation and nutrition
had had time to be weighed against that of vaccination, most of the people of
England began to refuse vaccination, which resulted in a greater decline in

Dr. Alexander Wilder, Editor of the New York Medical Times, Professor of
Pathology at Medical College of New York, has this observation:
"Vaccination is the infusion of contaminating elements into the system, and
after such contamination you can never be sure of regaining the former purity
of the body.  Consumption follows in the wake of vaccination as certainly as
effect follows cause."  

Dr. Walter M. James of Philadelphia says:
"Vaccination does not stay the spread of smallpox nor even modify it in those
who get it after vaccination.  It does introduce into the system, and therefore
contributes to the spread of, tuberculosis, cancer and even leprosy.  It tends
to make more virulent epidemics of smallpox and to make them more
extensive.  It does just what inoculation did - cause the spread of disease."  

Dr. Kalb, Royal Examiner of Statistics for Bavaria, states:
"Examination shows vaccination a complete failure.  In this single year, 3,994
vaccinated people died of smallpox; the total number attacked exceeded
(All were vaccinated.)

Dr. L Hall Bakewell, Vaccinator General of Trinidad said:
"I have very little faith in Vaccination even as modifying the disease, and
none at all as a protective in virulent epidemics.  Personally, I contracted
smallpox less than six months after a most severe

This doctor was in the vaccination business; his livelihood depended on it
and he wanted to believe in it.  In Trinidad where vaccination was
compulsory he had ample opportunity to observe the full effects of it on a
large scale, yet he voluntarily denounced the practice as a failure.  

Dr. L C. Carter of London reports:  
"In looking over the history of vaccination for smallpox, I am amazed to learn
of the terrible deaths from vaccination, amputations of arms and leg., foot and
mouth disease, tetanus (1ockjaw), septicemia (blood poisoning), cerebro-
spinal meningitis."  

Dr. J. C. Ward at Harrogate, (England) confesses to a change of heart on the
vaccination question in this statement:
"I believed that vaccination prevented smallpox.  I believed that if it did not
absolutely prevent it in every case, it modified the disease in some cases, and
I believed that re-vaccination, if only frequent enough, gave absolute
immunity.  Experience has driven all that out of my head; I have seen
vaccinated persons get smallpox, and persons who had been vaccinated get
smallpox, and I have seen those who had had smallpox get it a second time
and die of it."  

Professor Adolf Vogt, who held the chair of vital Statistics and Hygiene in
Berne University for 17 years said:
"After collecting the particulars of 400,000 cases of small pox I am compelled
to admit that my belief in vaccination is absolutely destroyed."

Dr. Charles E. Page of Boston said:
"I have been a regular practitioner of medicine in Boston for 33 years. I have
studied the question of vaccination conscientiously for 45 years.  As for
vaccination as a preventative of disease, there is not a scrap of evidence in its
favor.  Injection of virus into the pure bloodstream of the people does not
prevent Smallpox.  Rather, it tends to increase its epidemics and makes the
disease more deadly.  Of this we have indisputable proof.  In our country (U.
S.) cancer mortality has increased from 9 per 100,000 to 80 per 100,000 or
fully 900 per cent increase, within the past 50 years, and no conceivable thing
could have caused this but the universal blood poisoning now existing."

Dr. William Howard Hay of Buffalo, New York said:
"We have no proof of the boasted effectiveness of any form of anti-toxin,
vaccine or serum.  The true figures on vaccination for smallpox have never
gotten before the public, though they can be seen in the files of the various
departments of the Army as well as the government, if one cares to look for
them.  If the record of vaccination in the Philippines alone were ever to
become a matter of general knowledge it would finish vaccination in the
whole country, at least among those who are able to read and think for

After three years of the most rigid vaccination, when every Philippino had
been vaccinated from one to six times, there occurred the severest epidemic
of smallpox that the Islands had ever seen, with a death-rate running in
places to over 70 per cent, and in all, well over 60,000 deaths.  Is it any
wonder the public is getting a little suspicious of us and our vaunted 'medical
discoveries?' The wonder to me is that there are still millions of them willing
to submit to vaccination and serum treatment."  

Dr. E. M. Ripley, of Unionville, Connecticut, stated in a public address
delivered in New Britain, Connecticut:
"Never in the history of medicine has there been produced so false a theory,
such fraudulent assumptions, such disastrous and damning results as have
followed the practice of vaccination; it is the ultima thule (extremity) of
learned quackery, and lacks, and has ever lacked, the faintest shadow of a
scientific basis.  

The fears of the people have been played upon as to the dangers of smallpox
and the sure prevention by vaccination, until nearly the whole civilized world
has become physically corrupted by its practice.  

The life-blood of nations has become the cesspool of vaccinators wherein
they have poured the foul excretions that are thrown off from diseased
beasts, nature adjudging it too vile to contaminate the system of any living

Dr. J. Peebles, M.D., and Ph.D. in his hook Vaccination A Menace To
Personal Liberty wrote:
"When a mad dog enters a community and bites a child, the whole population
rises up and demands the death of the creature, and desires that all available
means be immediately used to eliminate from the system of the child the
virus that has been so cruelly inserted.  

The action of the people in this case is a very natural one; but let me tell you
that where the bite of a mad dog has caused death in one case, the mad
doctor with his calf-lymph and poisoned needle has caused tens of
thousands of deaths.  

Vaccination is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any pure-
minded man or woman.  It is the boldest and most impious attempts to mar
the works of God that has been attempted for ages.  The stupid blunder of
doctor-craft has wrought all the evil that it ought, and it is time that free
American citizens arise in their might and blot out the whole blood-poisoning

Dr. Thomas Morgan, in his Medical Delusions writes:
"At the present time, the medical profession prescribes innumerable poisons,
such as arsenic, strychnine, morphine, mercury and other destructive drugs
that ruin the health of the human race and the greatest of all delusions is the
Germ Theory, and the consequent introduction of serum therapy, with its
various antitoxins.  

Notwithstanding the fact that these medical delusions have been the cause of
more injury and death than pestilence, famine and war combined, the medical
doctors have agreed to meet each other half way, on the common ground of
self-interest, for the purpose of formulating and enforcing the tyrannical laws
to prevent anyone outside their ring from practicing medicine."  

J. W. Hodge, M. D. of Niagara Falls, New York:
"To affirm that there never has been any scientific warranty for a belief in the
alleged protective virtues of vaccination and that its practice is backed by
ignorance and indifference, is a sorry charge to make against the medical
profession...but the charge, I regret to say is only too true.  

I know whereof I affirm, for I, too, must plead guilty of the charge.  Before
discovering my mistake I had vaccinated more than 3,000 victims, ignorantly
supposing the disease I was propagating to be a preventative of smallpox.  

Having taken for granted what my teachers had asserted, I was a staunch
believer in the alleged efficacy of vaccination as a prophylactic against
smallpox.  I remained in this blind and blissful state of ignorance for several
years, and not until I acquired a little experience in the school of observation
and reflection did I discover that my faith was pinned to a shameful fraud.  

The first real eye-opener I received upon the subject was while I was
practicing my profession in Lockport.  At that time (1902) smallpox made its
appearance in this city and soon attained the proportions of an epidemic.  At
the outbreak of the disease more vaccinations were ordered by the
Department of Health and I was officially appointed Public Vaccinator.  

My duty was to go from house to house and vaccinate all persons who could
not present recent vaccination scars on their bodies, and to re-vaccinate all
those who could not give assurance of having been vaccinated within a
period of two years.  

Just before and during the prevalence of this epidemic I vaccinated nearly
3,000 victims, using the so-called "pure calf-lymph" obtained every third day
'fresh' from the vaccine farm of the New York City Board of Health.  Much to
the disgust of the people, and more my own surprise and chagrin, I was
confronted with a large number of cases of vaccinal erysipelas, as well as
several cases of phlegmonous axillary abscesses following as results of

This is not all; a number of those vaccinated were attacked with confluent
smallpox at periods varying from twelve days to three weeks, after having
been rendered ‘immune' (?) by vaccination.  These astounding facts, so
contrary to my preconceived notions about vaccination and smallpox, I could
not account for and they confused me, as I was not able to see where the
'protection' came in.  

With Pascal, I 'considered the affirmation of facts more powerful than
assertions of men'.  I then began a careful study of the relations existing
between smallpox and vaccination, with the ultimate result that I was forced
to entirely abandon all faith in the medical dogma of vaccinal protection
against smallpox.  

During the epidemic, I had under my inspection 28 smallpox patients, all of
whom, with one exception, had been 'successfully' vaccinated.  Several of
these patients had been re-vaccinated before contracting the disease.  

Thus I was Forced, Through The Stern Logic Of Disagreeable Facts, To The
Unwelcome Conclusion That Vaccination Had Not Protected These Victims
Of Smallpox.  

After the revelations of this dismal experience had dawned upon me I
determined to make a careful study of the printed data on vaccination. After a
thorough investigation of the statistics of smallpox epidemiology collected
from various parts of the world, I was treated to another great surprise;
namely, the world's greatest statisticians on smallpox and vaccination fully
corroborated the experience that I had met within the Lockport epidemic.  

Previous to this disappointing experience I had read only the usual literature
on the subject, found in libraries and medical schools.  I had heard only the
"expert" (one-sided) testimony of the pro-vaccinists.  I knew but one side of
the question and was like the one of whom John Stuart Mill spoke, when he
'He Who Knows Only His Own side Of The Case Knows Little Of That.'  

After a careful study of the history of vaccination and the extensive
experience in its use, I am thoroughly convinced that:
(1) Vaccination is utterly useless as a preventive against smallpox that
millions of vaccinated persons have died of smallpox.  

(2) The practice of this degrading rite is enforced by doctors as a dogma
without being understood; that like other infamous dogma it is good only for

(3) Inoculation as unanimously believed in and practiced by the "regular"
doctors for 100 years was guilty of multiplying smallpox.  

(4) Smallpox epidemics were checked by cessation of inoculation and not by
the introduction of vaccination.  

(5) Smallpox continued to increase under vaccination until sanitation and
improved nutrition came into more general use.  

(6) Health measures have controlled smallpox, and vaccination has claimed
the credit.  

(7) Vaccination protects from smallpox only when it kills the patient before
smallpox develops.  

(8) Vaccination has been the means of disseminating (spreading)
consumption, cancer, syphilis, and many other fatal and loathsome diseases.  

(9) Tuberculosis is a disease common to cattle and to human beings and has
frequently been conveyed by vaccination from the former to the latter, by way
of vaccination.  

(10) Edward Jenner saddled a legacy of disease and death on the human race
and incidentally made $150,000 by the transaction.  

(11) Many doctors and some editors are making money by propagating this
curse. (Vaccination).  

(12) Vaccination is called 'successful' when it succeeds in making healthy
people diseased.  

(13) Disease as the result of vaccination is the logical harvest from the seed

(14) Vaccination has no scientific basis upon which to rest its claims and no
analogy in any ascertained principle or law in nature.  

(15) The so-called 'spontaneous cow-pox' (from which vaccine is made) is a
myth; the disease so named, being tubercular or syphilitic in its nature.  

(16) When vaccination kills its victims the facts are suppressed and the death
certificates name other diseases as the cause.  

(17) Compulsory vaccination has been abolished in England, Switzerland,
and certain other countries, while laws sustaining this crime still disgrace the
statute books of many states in free (?) America.  

(18) Vaccination is one of the foulest blots on the escutcheon of the ‘noble
art of healing'."

                               WHO STARTED VACCINATION AND WHY’
It has been claimed, by an unenlightened few, that vaccination is based on
scientific principles and is of comparatively recent origin.  But these claims
have been proved false, first, because inoculation was practiced and
abandoned as useless by primitive tribes many centuries ago, and second
because Jenner and the modern experimenters in vaccination were not
scientists and did not test and prove their theories by any scientific criteria
before launching the hazardous practice on the public.  

For many years Edward Jenner was acclaimed a hero for what was thought
to be his discovery of cowpox vaccination.  But this dubious honor was later
admitted to belong to Benjamin Jesty, whom all the chroniclers name as the
one responsible for the original discovery of cowpox inoculation. Jesty, a
farmer, Plett, a teacher and Jensen, a farmer, were named as
in the field of cowpox vaccination several years before
Jenner’s first inoculation.  These and all subsequent vaccination
experiments were then, and still are, haphazard and unscientific attempts at
solving the problem of disease prevention.  

Before we trace the ancient history of vaccination let us review some of the
outstanding authorities who recognized that Vaccination is Not Scientific.  

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, statesmen and even
doctors have condemned vaccination as being a crime against humanity, a
fraud promoted for private gain, an insult to the race and a blot upon the
name of civilization.  

Yet, this treacherous practice of blood pollution, which was cradled in the
lap of ignorant savage tribes, has been adopted by, supposedly, enlightened
government of the present day and forced on the protesting population—for

M.M. Gernerd in his book The Vaccination Imposture says:
"Vaccination is not in any sense scientific; doctors never know what the
result will be in any case; they don’t absolutely know that it ever prevented
smallpox; they never know when they have pure vaccine; the practice is born
of pure superstition; and it has been a breeder of many kindred fallacies."  

The truly great minds of the world recognize the balanced economy of
nature and know that when the chemistry of the body is thrown out of
balance by faulty nutrition and other causes, toxins accumulate and the
entire physical organism marshals its healing forces in an effort to meet the
emergency and make adjustment to the condition.  

This healing effort may be expressed in many ways, such as accelerated
circulation and fever, disturbed breathing, intensified bowel elimination
(diarrhea) and mucous discharges to expel poisons, eruptions, swelling of
lymphatic glands such as the tonsils to handle the overload of toxic waste,
pain, indicating the presence of irritants, etc.  

All this display of the vital energy at work to restore normalcy, is interpreted
by the average physician, as disease and something to interfere with by
giving poison drugs, vaccines and crippling operations.  Modern medical
methods delay and frustrate the unexcelled healing efforts of nature.  

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, one of the few enlightened physicians expressed
this point in one powerful sentence when he said:
"The Disgrace of Medicine has been the colossal system of self-deception, in
obedience to which mines have been emptied of their cankering minerals, the
entrails of animals taxed for their impurities, the poison bags of reptiles
drained of their venom, and all the inconceivable abominations thus obtained
thrust down the throats of human beings suffering from some want of
organization, nourishment or vital stimulation."  

When we read of primitive witch doctors experimenting with inoculation by
rubbing the pus from the diseased into scratches on the body of the well, we
look upon it with tolerance because they did not have enough knowledge
about physiology to understand that nature does not produce health by
contaminating the blood stream with filth.  Although we are willing to make
excuses for the mental immaturity of those backward races, what excuse
can be made for our modern doctors who do the same thing — on a larger
scale — with a longer needle?  

Vaccination has been a tragic failure because it is based on the false theory
that disease is a ruthless enemy that must be fought and killed by poison
drugs or outwitted by (supposedly) implanting anti-bodies from vaccines
into the blood stream.  

These mythical anti-bodies are said to make war on disease germs.  But
germs are not the cause of disease in the first place and are useful wherever
they are found in nature, whether they are serving as scavengers working
on the decaying waste products, or whether they are helping with the
decomposing and renewing of cell structure that takes place continually,
they are inseparably a part of the great pattern of pulsating life.  

As has been stated before, disease is a cleansing effort of the body in its
attempt to rid itself of excess poisons, waste matter, obstructions, and
incompatible food.  

Disease is not something to be cured it is a cure.  Germs do not attack from
without; they develop within the cells themselves when the need for them
occurs.  The whole framework of vaccination is based on the misconception
that germs cause disease and must be counteracted with vaccines.  But this
procedure can bring no other result than harm.  

Edward Jenner inoculated his 18 months old son with swinepox, on
November 1791 and again in April 1798 with cowpox.  The boy was never
very well after that and died of tuberculosis at the age of 21.  

In Baron’s Life of Jenner, we learn that:
"On the 14th of May, 1796 Jenner vaccinated James Phipps, a boy about
eight years old, with the matter taken from the hand of a dairymaid infected
with casual cowpox.  After waiting six weeks Jenner inoculated this boy on
both arms with smallpox matter, taken from the arm of a boy with smallpox.  
Several months later Phipps was again inoculated with the variolous matter
(smallpox pus) but no effect was produced."  

The inoculation didn’t "take" so on the strength of this one experiment and
its questionable interpretation, Jenner based his claim that one vaccination
"forever secure a person from smallpox."  

No time had elapsed to prove whether it would last a lifetime or a month or at
all; but without any proof or any scientific basis or evidence for its practice,
the doctors and the government adopted it and made it compulsory, no
doubt, seeing the gold mine in profits that it would yield.  

Neither Jenner, with all his fanfare and praise, nor the obscure Jesty, was
the discoverer of inoculation.  It was a
"carry-over" from very ancient times
when superstitious fear and guesswork dominated the healing field.  

The practice of inoculation spread like a noxious weed, from the savage
tribes of the forgotten past into the civilizations of Africa, Arabia, Tibet, India
and finally into Europe and America.  

Dr. Clements in his pamphlet, A Superstitious Custom traces the inoculation
practices through the various modern countries previous to Jenner’s day.

He writes:
"In 1673 inoculation against smallpox appeared in Denmark; and in 1778, on
recommendation of the medical fraternity, two inoculation houses were
established by the king in the capitol.  

In Italy, inoculation was secretly practiced by the Neapolitans from early
times.  It was freely performed by nurses, who inoculated infants, entrusted
to their care, without the knowledge of the parents.  

In 1722, Dr. Wright, a surgeon of Wales refers to inoculation against smallpox
in the British Isles as ‘a very ancient custom.’ (Jenner didn’t begin his
vaccinations until 1796).  One William Allen, then 99 years old, said
inoculation had been known and used during his entire lifetime, and he well
remembered his mother stating that it had been commonly done all her life,
and that she got smallpox that way.  

The first record of inoculation in France appears in 1712, and in 1763 a fatal
epidemic of smallpox occurred in that country that wiped out a large part of
the population; it was attributed to inoculation and for a time the Government
prohibited the practice.  Five years later, on the insistence of the medical
faculties, this decree was rescinded and by the latter part of the 18th century
inoculation was again commonly practiced in that country.  

The first record of inoculation in Ireland appears in 1723, when a medical
doctor in Dublin inoculated 25 persons.  Three of these died as a result, and
the custom was abandoned for some time.  

Inoculation appears to have been first introduced in Germany in 1724.  It
soon fell into disfavor, however, because of the many deaths in Berlin from
smallpox, as a result of it.  After many years of diligent medical
propagandizing, the doctors were able to get the people to accept it again. "  

In 1754, Peverani introduced inoculation for smallpox into Rome, but
smallpox soon began to spread and opposition rose to such a pitch that the
practice was discontinued, until the medical profession, after years of labor,
persuaded the people to again submit to it.  

One hundred forty-two years later, Carlo Ruta, Professor of Materia Medica at
the University of Perugia, Italy, protested against the deadly custom in these
scathing words:

"Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and
ignorance; and, being such, it should have no place in either hygiene or
medicine.  Believe not in vaccination, it is a world-wide delusion, an
unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today
by tears and sorrow without end.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, the Mighty Nations of Mighty Men, there was
no inoculation — no vaccination — and no smallpox.  These nations have
been known down through history as being famous for their general habits
of health, cleanliness and stability as well as their vigor and strength.  Among
the Greeks and Romans smallpox was unknown until it was carried there by
the inoculators from other countries."  

                                            INOCULATION IN AMERICA
In America, inoculation for smallpox appears to have been first introduced in
1721 by Cotton Mather, a clergyman.  His method was that of taking a
toothpick and dipping it into the pus from a pustule of a smallpox patient and
smearing it into a scratch on the arm of a well person.  He inoculated 224
persons during the first six months of his experimentation.  Six of them died
from poisoning, six had no apparent reaction at the time and the rest
suffered reactions of varying intensity.  

"He was bitterly attacked for recommending such a practice" says Dr.
Clements, and for a time his life was in danger.  This incident incited strong
opposition to inoculation, in this country.  A public meeting was called in
Boston where the practice was deprecated as causing the death of many

It was contended that the operation was likely to prove most dangerous to
those submitting to it.  In the meeting, the following resolution was agreed
upon and published by the public authorities:

"A resolve upon a debate by the people of Boston concerning inoculation of
smallpox, on the 21st day of July, 1721.

It appears by numerous instances that it has proven the death of many
persons even after the operation, and brought distemper upon many others
which have in the end proven fatal to them; that the natural tendency of
infusing such malignant filth in the blood is to corrupt and putrefy it, and if
there be not a sufficient discharge of that malignity by the place of inoculation
or elsewhere, it lays the foundation for many dangerous diseases; that the
operation tends to spread and continue the infection in a place longer than
otherwise might be (as in the case of smallpox); that the continuance of the
operation among us is likely to prove of the most dangerous consequences."
"By the Select Men of the Town of Boston, July 22, 1721"  

We observe, here, that the Founding Fathers of this country were intelligent
men who were vitally concerned with the health and welfare of the people
whom they governed.  Although this was years before our revolution, these
same men, no doubt, played a part in shaping the destiny of this country.  

This was also before the medical association got its strangle hold on the
health of our people and prostituted the art of healing to the business of
making money without giving
"full value received".  

Those leaders with ideals and high purposes were not able to hold the
gilded-edge vaccination monster at bay very long.  The high pressure

of the serum promoters finally corrupted the minds of the people
and they were induced to submit to full-scale vaccination in many states.  

America, today, is unfortunately, one of the most lucrative fields for medical
exploitation.  Our Constitution promises the people freedom but the
enslavement of compulsory vaccination hounds the employees and
personnel of our tax supported institutions such as Civil Service, county and
state hospitals and institutions, state colleges, military service, many public
schools and some entire states.  

There is absolutely no proof of benefits from vaccination and no sound
basis for its compulsion but it is forced into operation from year to year and
the outraged taxpayers are forced to pay for it.  

The useless and hazardous but inflexible law that requires vaccination in
order to travel abroad brands U. S. as backward and unscientific.  Other
countries have learned the fallacy of vaccination and discarded it as
worthless and deadly.  

The testament from medical history itself proves that smallpox increased
tremendously after the enforcement of vaccination and at the present time
there are far more deaths and diseases from vaccination itself than from the
diseases the vaccinations are supposed to prevent.  

When Jenner promised the world that his cowpox vaccinations would give
lifetime immunity
"with no dangerous results" as with the usual inoculations,
he admitted that inoculation had always been accompanied with danger that
all recognized.  It was not long, however, before Jenner’s cowpox
vaccinations were followed by death and disease and that practice was also
branded as dangerous and deadly.  

Regarding the increased death-rate due to vaccination, Herbert Spencer
states in his Facts and Comments:

"Jenner and his disciples have assumed that when the vaccine has passed
through the patient’s system he is safe against smallpox, and there the
matter ends.  I propose to show that there the matter does not end.  The
interference with the order of Nature has various sequences other than those
counted upon.  Some have been made known.  

A Parliamentary Return issued in 1880 shows that there was a decrease of
6,600 (per million births) in the deaths of infants from all causes; while the
deaths caused by eight specified diseases, either directly communicable or
exacerbated by the effects of vaccination, increased from 20,524 to 41,353 per
million births per annum — more than double.  It is clear that far more were
killed by these other diseases than were saved from smallpox."  

Vaccination was made compulsory in England in 1853.  Judging by the data
from the above quoted Parliamentary Return, it would appear that after 27
years of enforced vaccination, the death rate increased only among the
vaccinated diseases.  The decline in deaths from other causes was, no
doubt, brought about by the improvement in sanitation and nutrition that
came into prominence about that time.  

It was around 1840 that Sylvester Graham, Dr. Trall and other pioneers of the
new health movement emphasized the importance of correct nutrition and
through this teaching they helped raise the health standards that saved
many lives.  

If vaccination had not been persisted in, the great improvements in
sanitation and nutrition would have had a better chance to eliminate
disease.  But as it is, we now have a greater scourge of killer diseases than
at any other time in recorded history; and much of it is traceable to

In spite of the obvious failure of vaccination, Jenner applied to the English
Government for money to promote his scheme.  It was on the strength of the
dairymaid’s story and his groundless promise of lifetime immunity, and his
unscientific experiment on James Phipps that Parliament gave him 10,000
pounds in 1802.  

Either Jenner had an unusual gift of persuasion or the English government
was a victim of
"wishful thinking" for in 1807 Jenner talked them out another
20,000 pounds which amounted to 30,000 pounds in all, ($150,000) public
funds with which to propagate his vaccination diseases and death
throughout the world.  

When Jenner made the statement that one vaccination would give lifelong
protection against smallpox he seemed to expect that people would regard
him as some great Oracle whose words would never be questioned.  

Many deaths were reported among the vaccinated, the complaints continued
to pour in but Jenner ignored the facts and acted like one possessed by an

Jenner and a certain class of doctors had discovered that vaccination could
be a paying business even if they couldn’t make it work; so from then on,
the colossal advertising program was set up to propagandize the population
into believing in vaccination.  

Lord Lyttleton must have had a stake in this multi-million dollar enterprise
when he stated in the House of Lords:
"It is unnecessary to speak of the certainty of vaccination as a preventive of
smallpox, that being a point on which the whole medical profession has
arrived at complete unanimity."  

This statement was not quite true because all the enlightened doctors, (of
which there were not a great many) condemned vaccination.  But the words
of Lyttleton had their desired effect on the people and that was the purpose
of the speech.  Everything possible was done to suppress the facts that
revealed the dismal failure of vaccination.  

According to Thomas Morgan in his Medical Delusions:
"Jenner soon discovered that vaccination did not give immunity from
smallpox, including some who had been vaccinated by himself and had died
from it.  Not wishing to bring vaccination into disrepute, he endeavored to
suppress reports, and in writing to a friend, said:
"I wish my professional brethren to be slow to publish fatal results after
vaccination.’ and in 1810 he wrote:  
"When I found Dr. Woodworth about to publish his pamphlet relative to the
eruption (smallpox) cases at the Smallpox Hospital, I entreated him in the
strongest terms, both by letter and conversation, not to do a thing that would
so disturb the progress of vaccination."  
(Barron’s Life of Jenner)

The foregoing plainly proves that Jenner himself was aware of the utter
uselessness of vaccination; but, having received the bounty from the
government he preferred to resort to all kinds of schemes rather than
acknowledge its failure.  

"From its inception until the present day, the vaccination scheme has been an
endless record of lies, deception, fraud, juggling statistics, and falsifying death
certificates in order to preserve vaccination from reproach and to secure its
continuation.  And all this after more than a century of terrible experience,
which has demonstrated that vaccination has killed more than smallpox,
besides crippling and disfiguring millions more."  

When Jenner was faced with the disturbing fact that vaccination with
cowpox was as much a failure as the previous inoculations with human
smallpox, he invented all manner of excuses, which were as unconvincing
as they were useless.  His one—track mind seemed to admit no other
thought except pus.  

So when cow or human putrescence didn’t prevent smallpox he continued
to experiment with other varieties.  He noticed that in the suppurating cracks
in the feet of diseased horses there was a putrid mass of pus.  This disease
was called
"horse grease" by some people but was considered, by some
veterinarians, to be a form of syphilis of the horse.  Others said it was a type
of consumption or wasting disease.  

For some unaccountable reason, Jenner thought this pus would be a good
addition to his discredited vaccines so he injected it into a cow and
produced a disease in the cow.  With the concoction of pus from the
diseased horse and cow he made a serum.  When the people learned what
he had done they protested so violently that Dr. Pearson wrote to Jenner
immediately and said:

"For God’s sake take the horse out, or you will damn the whole business."  

Following that incident Jenner wrote to a friend and said:
"I am on the look-out to be able to make a fortune; and to appease the

Then, as Dr. Hadwin related in his famous lecture:
"Jenner decided to take the horse out.  But he was still faced with the problem
of finding genuine cowpox.  This he was never able to do.  In sheer
desperation, he fell back upon spontaneous cowpox although he had
declared previously; it was absolutely useless in preventing smallpox.  

And it is this spontaneous cowpox vaccine, this which was denounced by
Edward Jenner, this which was scouted by the so-called inventor himself as
absolutely useless in protecting against smallpox; this is the stuff that is
being used today under the name of ‘pure calf lymph smallpox vaccine’ and
before which the medical profession is bowing, while professing to follow in
the footsteps of Jenner.  

There is not one medical man in 10,000 who has ever seen cowpox in a cow
and very few who have seen a case of smallpox so they really know very little
about it.  

There are two things the medical profession should learn: The first is to know
smallpox when they see it; and the next is, to know how to treat it when they
do see it."
The Vaccination Delusion, by W. R. Hadwin, M.D.  

Dr. Hadwin continues:
"To begin with, it is clear that Jenner never possessed anything that would
be recognized today as a medical qualification.  At the age of 16 he was
apprenticed to a country doctor and apothecary and at 21 he was sent for two
years as a pupil to Dr. John Hunter of London.  

At 23 Jenner returned to his native village and started to practice as a
surgeon and apothecary.  He continued for several years as just a plain,
unqualified country doctor.  

What strikes me as remarkable about the whole affair is the ease with which
Jenner got his theory accepted.  It is true that medical research in the 19th
century was not what it is today, but even then the picture of the whole of the
College of Physicians and Surgeons swallowing the theory of an unqualified
country apothecary, based on one totally unreliable experiment, seems
scarcely credible.  

I should imagine that he was one of those unscientific researchers who are
always on the lookout for facts to fit their theories, instead of first making of
their facts"  

Dr. J. W. Hodge, of New York, had extensive experience with smallpox
epidemics and vaccination epidemics also.  In a published article
"Some of
the False Claims, Erroneous Deductions and Self Contradictions of the of the
Vaccination Dogma"
he stated:

"At first it was confidently asserted that vaccination would exterminate
smallpox.  That claim has been abandoned by Jenner’s most enthusiastic
followers and the claim that re-vaccination will exterminate smallpox, was set
up in its stead.  

The proof that the theory and the practice espoused by Jenner have been
everywhere abandoned is found in the fact that all vaccinists now admit the
necessity of re-vaccination, but do not agree on the period that may be
allowed between successive repetitions of the ‘protective’ (?) rite.  

If you ask how often it must be repeated, you will be confronted with a babble
of discordant replies.  You can choose any answer you please from ‘once
only’ of the original Jenner up to an indefinite repetition, ‘until it no longer
takes’, as now prescribed by the Chicago ‘Vaccination Creed’".

"Vaccination Creed" formulated by the Chicago Health Department in
1902 stated:
"True vaccination repeated until it no longer "takes" always prevents
smallpox.  Nothing else does."  

Regarding this fantastic assertion, Dr. Hodge has this to say:
"The above dogmatic deliverance aptly illustrates the recklessness of the
disciples of Jenner in making bold asseverations in favor of vaccination
which scorn the slightest attempt at verification."  

Jenner and his followers had committed themselves to the view that
Vaccination gave life-long immunity to smallpox.  Therefore, they asserted
that re-vaccination was not merely unnecessary, but impossible.  

Dr. Pearson, one of Jenner’s strongest supporters said:
"It has been found that a person whose constitution has distinctly undergone
the vaccine disease is in the future, unsusceptible of that same disease."
(I wonder where he found that remarkable person.)  

The cases of smallpox and vaccination diseases and deaths continued to
increase in large numbers among Jenner’s prize patients so he and his
supporters had to retreat behind a bulwark of excuses.  

As usual, these failed to shield them from the rise of public indignation, so
Jenner had to discard the impossible claim of lifetime immunity in order to
hold onto the vaccination fantasy at all.  

Although they had previously taught that re-vaccination would cancel any
hope of protection from vaccination, they nevertheless, changed their policy
and advocated re-vaccination.  

They had learned, undeniably, that vaccination would not work and were to
learn later that re-vaccination was even more disastrous but it was
continued in spite of this.  

Japan is one of the most glaring examples of the failure of vaccination and
re-vaccination.  Dr. Ruta, in his review of world statistics on smallpox

"Between 1886 and 1892, there were 25,474,370 vaccinations and re-
vaccinations performed in Japan, which meant that about two-thirds of the
entire Japanese population, already vaccinated by the law of 1872, were re-

During that 7-year period (1886-1892) of thorough re-vaccination, there were
reported 165,774 cases of smallpox with 28,979 deaths."

When our U. S. Army of occupation moved into Japan after World War II, we
could have been the means of liberating these needy people from this curse
of medical ignorance, but instead, our medical, drug and chemical
companies moved in also with their program of exploitation, and as a result,
under the MacArthur regime,
"The people were given the largest
immunization and vaccination treatment in history.  Every Japanese, received
two smallpox shots making a total of 160 million vaccinations."
(LIFE 1955)

                                CANCER — NO MYSTERY
Outside the medical field and among the few independent physicians who
dare to think for themselves, there are to be found those who do know the
cause and cure of cancer because they understand the underlying cause of
disease in general.  

Only when this is known can the right approach to prevention and cure be
attempted with any certainty of success.  

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton is one of these men with a clear view as to the cause
and control of disease.  In an article in
The Hygienic Review, for April, 1949
he writes:
"Cancer has no secret.  It is but a part of general pathology (disease).  It is an
end-point in a chain of pathological sequences
that need only to be watched
to be recognized.  There is no specific cause of cancer.  It is merely another
and final link in the pathological chain that began in infancy with the first
cold.  It is a product of pathological evolution...

They (the medical profession) insist upon viewing cancer as some
spontaneous horror that suddenly springs upon its victims from out of the
void.  They refuse to recognize the office of the general causes of pathology
in the production of cancer.  

So long as cancer "research" is only a search for a "cancer secret" that, after
all, is but a figment of the imagination, their experiments will continue to be
sterile repetitions of experiments that have already been performed.  

What, then, is the cause of cancer?  It is an evolution out of toxemia
(poisoning).  Toxemia is a chronic state, due to ones enervating (depleting)
mode of living.  

Toxemia produces the chronic local irritative conditions that form the site of
cancer.  External irritations such as tobacco, mineral oil, alcohol, spices, coal
tar products, drugs, etc., may and do add to the cause in many cases, but it is
noteworthy that only a few of those subjected to these irritants develop

In the absence of sufficient tissue degeneration from chronic toxemia, the
body successfully resists these irritants."  

Dr. George S. Weger, a "reformed" medical doctor who rose head and
shoulders above his colleagues, summed up the cancer situation, in his
Genesis and Control of Disease.  He wrote:

"No germ for cancer has yet been found, and, in the author’s opinion none
ever will be found.  Cancer is one disease that is distinctive of toxemia,
(poisoning) plus trauma, plus irritation.  It occurs most frequently in selective
areas but may be found anywhere in the body.  

No infection of secondary nature is necessary to make this abnormality a
cancer by conversion from something else.  If a cancerous mass breaks
down, softens, and suppurates, it is usually in a late stage and signifies a
serious breach in the defenses — the vitality of the individual — and the
toxemia then immediately takes on the characteristics of sepsis which
destroys the life of the blood.  

Some specialists advance the theory that cancer activity is dependent upon a
vegetable parasite, a protozoa, identified as Trichomonas.  It is conceded,
however, that this parasite (if any) is not capable of producing cancer without
the accompaniment of two other important factors: first, proper soilage
(toxemia); second, continued irritation or injury."

The latest cancer propaganda urges women to do some self-diagnosing and
hunt for lumps on the breasts.  These lumps are nothing but overworked
lymphatic glands and since most people are toxic they will find some that
will feel tender.  

The medical advice is that they should rush to the nearest hospital and have
them operated on, but the advice of common sense and sound reasoning is
to leave them alone and do some internal housecleaning in the form of
fasting and proper diet.  

                         DOES DIET HAVE ANY EFFECT ON CANCER?
The American Cancer Society says:
"Cancer is not caused or cured by any known diet."  Since most of the
statements they make are false, this one is not to be taken seriously either.  
Abundant evidence to the contrary proves this claim to be without
foundation in fact.  

Dr. Willard Parker, who for 30 years held the chair of surgery at Columbia
University Medical School, was quoted as saying:

"Luxurious living, and particularly excess in animal food, increases the waste
products of the body, which if retained in the system have a tendency to
produce abnormal growths.  Cancer is to a great degree one of the final
results of a long continued course of error in diet, and a strict dietetic regimen
is, therefore, a chief factor in the treatment — preventive and curative."  

Since fasting (the foundation of healing) is not taught in the schools, not
even medical schools, where healing should be taught, how shall we learn
the correct technique of this important healing measure.  Few writers are
sufficiently experienced in fasting to be qualified to write on this subject,
therefore there are only a very few dependable books available that should
be used as guides.  

As wonderful as the fast is in eliminating pain, and disease it should be
preceded by a thorough study of the technique of fasting in order to know
what to do about the reactions or healing crises that occurs from time to time
as the accumulation of toxins are brought into circulation to be eliminated.  

These reactions may be in the form of fainting, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing
or some other violent cleansing effort.  Unless the patient understands the
situation he may become alarmed and call a doctor who would give drugs to
suppress the discharges.  

All drugs are poison and poisons at this critical time could cause death.  The
most experienced fasting authority in this country is Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
who has fasted thousands of patients with almost miraculous results.  

Dr. Shelton, in his
Hygienic System, said:   
"The effects of fasting are certain.  There is nothing hit-or-miss about the
process.  It works always in the same general direction."  

This deviation into the subject of fasting and diet may seem a little off the
subject when talking about cancer yet it is of great importance in that it
offers the best solution to the cancer problem.  In fact it is the basis of
healing of all diseases, with the possible exception of those, which are
products of the imagination.  Even in those cases a fast would help the
mental and emotional re-adjustment.  

The medical profession boasts of having
"three proved cures for cancer"
namely X-ray, chemotherapy and surgery, and yet the cancer-rate continues
to mount year after year.  When people ask the reason for this, the doctor’s
favorite answer is: "The patients came too late — early diagnosis would have
saved them."  

We might be able to believe this argument if it were not for the fact that there
never was a time in recorded history when there was so much early
diagnosis as right now in this country.  

The public is bombarded with cancer literature stressing the need for early
diagnosis.  The people are even told to do their own diagnosis — hunt for
lumps on the breast, growths, moles, sores, etc., that could be treated as
cancer.  And yet, the doctors, themselves, don’t even know how to detect
cancer in many cases.  No wonder there is so much confusion, suffering and
death with so many blind leaders of the blind.  

The Vaccination Superstition by J. W. Hodge, M.D. says:

"Think of the unparalleled absurdity of deliberately infecting the organism of a
healthy child with the poisonous matter obtained from the sores of a sick
animal, under the pretense of protecting the victim of the ingrafted disease,
against the contagion of another disease.  

So-called successful vaccination is nothing less than the implanting into the
body, the virulent products of diseased animal tissue, with the effect of
inducing actual disease.  

The performance of such an operation, in the very nature of the case, violates
every principle of modern aseptic surgery, the legitimate aim of which is to
remove from the organism the products of disease and never to introduce

Even now, in what is sometimes called the enlightened age, we still hear
some people, (not so enlightened) claim or repeat what they have been
taught to say,
"Vaccination has reduced smallpox and certain other diseases,
and has been a blessing to mankind."
 Those who make this claim have not
bothered to consult authentic records or become acquainted with the most
elementary facts on the subject.  

When traced down, these statements are found to originate from the
fabricated propaganda of those who profit from the sale of serums and
drugs.  Unfortunately many of these people are in places of authority where
they influence the thinking of students, writers, public officials, teachers and
others who mold the thinking of the masses.  

These errors in theory and practice have steadily reduced our nations health
to a state of crisis in which 90 per cent of the people are either critically ill or
below par, physically or mentally.  

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton discusses some of the complications that often
accompany or follow vaccination.  He writes:

"Abscess, sloughing, cellulitis, erysipelas, syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis,
tetanus (lock jaw), actinomycosis (big jaw), general septic infection, urticarial
eruptions, paralysis, meningitis, sleeping sickness, etc., may follow

In some instances the abcess that may form, refuses to heal.  I saw one case
of this kind where the abscess continued to discharge pus after 14 years."

Not only do vaccine poisons cause some of the strange and terrible
diseases that baffle the doctors, but these same poisons also increase the
incidence of the common
"zymotic" diseases such as measles, chicken-pox,
mumps, scarlet fever, etc., which are usually referred to as

These diseases are not contagious but are merely cleansing measures of
the body in its effort to eliminate some of the excess poison and waste

The medical profession has been lying to the public regarding the
effectiveness of vaccinations since the fear of smallpox allowed them to
manipulate the people, telling them that their vaccines would save them from
“dreaded” disease.  

George Bernard Shaw said:
"During the last considerable epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a
member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned
how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-
vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as pustular eczema, varioloid or what not —
except smallpox."  

The backbone of the vaccine argument is that it has been made safe,
modified, by passing the virus through a cow and later all the harmful
organisms are supposed to have been killed in the processing and
glycerinizing, except a few select ones that are earmarked to produce the
anti-bodies in the human organism.  

The absurdity of this is too apparent for any serious argument.  It has been
scientifically proved and tested that what is promised for vaccine virus is not
so.  Dr. Cameron, summed this up in his report before the Lyons
Commission when he stated:

"The character of the virus cannot be changed by passing it through the cow,
anymore than by stunting an oak it can be converted into a gooseberry

If the vaccine virus had been modified or made safe by passing it through
the body of an animal and then processing it, there would not be the ever-
increasing list of deaths and disasters from vaccination.  

Ignorance spiked with greed has put a death machine (vaccination) into the
hands of doctors, and ignorance and fear have driven people into its lethal

Emerson was right when he said that the right use of reason and knowledge
could free mankind from fear.  It is certainly true that a little knowledge
applied in the right places would wake people out of their hypnotic stupor of
believing that the popularized poison could unpoison them and make them
well again.  

In an article titled Tracking The Killer, in LIFE magazine Dr. Salk was asked if
his monkey vaccine was safe.  To this query he replied:

"There is no question of ‘how safe is it?’  It is safe, and it can’t be safer than

Many people would seriously like to believe this statement but available
scientific facts condemn it and hold it up to ridicule.  

Shortly after the Salk vaccination program was swung into action, the
American Public Health Service (June 1955) Announced that there had been:

"168 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis among the vaccinated, with six deaths.  
The interval between inoculation and the first sign of paralysis ranged from 5
to 20 days and in a large proportion of cases it started in the limb on which
the injection had been given.  

Another feature of the tragedy was that the numbers developing polio were
far greater than would have been expected had no inoculations been given.  
In fact in the state of Idaho, according to a statement by Dr. Carl Eklund, one
of the Government’s chief virus authorities, polio struck only vaccinated
children in areas where there had been no cases of polio since the preceding
autumn; in 9 out of 10 cases the paralysis occurred in the arms in which the
vaccine had been injected." (News Chronicle
, May 6, 1955)

The serum makers were gambling for big stakes and decided that the
must go on"
in spite of death and disaster.  The condemned Cutter
laboratory had over a million dollars worth of deadly vaccine on hand and
the disasters had caused its stock to drop from $15.50 to $8.75 per share,
(according to
Time, June 20, 1955).  

The other 5 laboratories with their $8,000,000 supply of
"Salk liability" were
involved also because deaths and disease were being reported from their
vaccines every day.  Then suddenly the deaths from Salk vaccine ceased to
be reported.  

In a letter published in
Defender magazine, the writer stated:
"I am informed by someone who works in a newspaper office that much of
the bad news concerning the results of the Salk Program is being censored
and deleted out of the news to keep people complacent and acquiescent."  

The mild Polio epidemic triggered off a "bigger than ever" March of Dimes
campaign and the people were bled again for money to support the medical
racket that creates more disease in order to scare the people into more
donations and so the vicious circle continues.  

                                      POLIO NOT CAUSED BY VIRUS
The word poliomyelitis was coined from the Greek words "polios" meaning
gray, and
"myelos" meaning marrow, plus "itis" meaning inflammation.  

Thus the word means inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord or
brain or wherever gray matter is to be found.  Every cell of the body contains
a small amount of gray matter but it is more concentrated in the brain and
spinal cord.  Inflammation results from poisoning, irritation and obstructions
that interfere with normal functioning.  

This damage, decay and disintegration of cell structure may terminate in
paralysis or death without any invasion of viruses or germs.  

Isolated germs have never been known to attack and cause decay and
disease of any part of the body.  It is the corrosive poison products of decay
that form the body of the vaccine that does the damage and causes the

Germs, bacteria and other such organisms are a part of decayed substance;
they evolve from it and are necessary ingredients in the life process of
eternal change and conversion from one form of life to a related one.  

Vaccine poisoning is just one of a number of causes of polio and other
diseases.  Since Virus has been medically designated as the
"official" cause
of polio we should first of all agree upon some stable definition of the term.  

Some dictionaries define virus as a poison.  If this were the accepted
definition it would be possible for us to see the connection between virus
and polio.  

But the physicians and serum makers prefer to imagine a virus that can fly
around in the air and attack people.  Any other kind of a virus could not be
made to frighten people into making large donations and in being vaccinated
in the hope of protecting against it.  

Without an
"air-borne" virus to play with, the whole vaccine racket would
collapse.  Therefore, the people are constantly reminded that polio is
"catching" and they must have anti-polio "shots" that are intended to build
"anti-bodies" (which are also mythical suppositions).  

Although the promoters of the virus theory of polio insist that viruses are
living organisms that fly around in the air and cause polio, this has never
been proved.  

This unscientific, unsound, and undemonstrated virus theory of causation
not only has no value, but it might safely be said that it has had the opposite
effect.  The rapid and ungoverned spread of polio is largely due to the
misplaced confidence in the wrong belief.  

The popular practice of combating a false theory, not only leaves the disease
unchecked but it directs the attention away from the real causes and
discourages true investigation.  

The 1940
Medical Dictionary defines virus as "the specific living principle by
which an infectious disease is transmitted."  

This definition is vague and meaningless because there is no such thing as
"living" principle.  According to the dictionaries, a principle is a rule, truth,
law etc. and is not a living entity.  

The Scientific Encyclopedia says viruses have been obtained for
experimentation by means of extremely powerful centrifuges, which must be
specially built.  In the same article it is stated that viruses are so small that
they cannot be seen by the most powerful microscopes.  

Then how do they know they produced any?  Or is this game of hide and
seek just another means of using up the millions of dollars contributed to the
March of Dimes program?  

Webster’s Dictionary refers to virus as a "slimy or poisonous liquid".  Pus is
a slimy poisonous liquid and forms where there is inflammation and
disintegration of tissue.  This breakdown and disintegration of life cells is not
a result of invasion of germs or viruses but is due to the interference with the
chemical balance that holds the structure in a state of normal functioning.  

When poisons from such things as vaccines, drugs, narcotics, contaminated
and devitalized foods etc. cause degeneration of the cells and disease, the
condition is usually labeled according to the location of the most decay.  

For instance, when there is inflammation of the kidney it is called Bright’s
Disease; if it is in the joints, it is arthritis, in the stomach it is ulcers, in the
lungs, we call it tuberculosis, in the pancreas, it is diabetes and when there
is inflammation of the brain and spinal cord affecting the nerves and
muscles it is called POLIO.  

All cases of polio are not paralytic.  Dr. Shelton discusses the subject in an
article in the
Hygienic Review, 1944 in which he says:

"I have never seen paralysis result in cases of poliomyelitis that had not been
treated with drugs.  They (the physicians) kill and cripple their patients with
their suppressive measures and then blame the results on the ‘disease’ or
on an unknown virus."  

Cyanide is one of the deadly poisons that is permitted to be used in
insecticide sprays on farm produce.  It not only poisons the food it is
sprayed on but it is washed by the rains into the soil where it kills the
valuable earth worms and other soil building organisms and renders the
farm land sterile and unproductive.  It also washes down into the streams
and contaminates the water supply for both man and animals.  

During one of our most widespread polio epidemics (1949) contraction of
polio by definite contact with other victims of the disease was not
established in an elaborate study made by the New York State Health

The United States Public Health Service in its studies also found the same
negative answer during succeeding outbreaks of polio.  In short, they learned
hat the disease was not contagious.  

TIME magazine commented on this unexpected revelation of these surveys
by remarking:
"when and where people catch polio remains a mystery."  

In spite of all the proof to the contrary, those who profit by the sale of
vaccines are trying to make their theory ‘stick,’ but there is dissension and
clash of conflicting belief for lack of facts to depend on.  

The total lack of scientific evidence that viruses cause polio or that they can
exist outside the body and attack from there, has forced the researchers to
look within the cause of disease.  

When they (the whole healing profession) fully comprehend this simple fact
there will no longer be any fear of germs and there will be no vaccines,
disinfectants or other harmful germicides used.  The healing field can then
begin to make rapid advancement and disease can be understood and

It is the blind acceptance of a false theory (of virus attack) that has promoted
~ and sustained the terrible slaughter of thousands of monkeys to make a
vaccine that can never produce anything but disastrous results.  

Even if vaccines were useful, an artificial laboratory disease induced in a
healthy monkey by methods not experienced by man is not a dependable
means of judging the effectiveness of a vaccine in a self induced cleansing
disease of man.  

U.S. News and World Report (May, 1955) in an -article on "Better Polio
Vaccine in Sight"

"The Salk vaccine, admittedly, offers only limited protection, though its
developer believes it can be improved over the 60 to 90 per cent effectiveness
shown by the trials last summer."  

There is a wide margin between 60 and 90 per cent.  Would any employer
hire a worker who made mistakes 40% of the time and never improved over

Would anyone run his business with such haphazard results?  Yet the
parents are urged to trust the lives of their children in the hands of
serum shooters"
whose most optimistic promise is for only 60 to 90 per cent
protection.  This is no protection at all.  

The protection among the unvaccinated is far higher than that.  This means
that out of every 100 who are vaccinated with the Salk vaccine, 10 can be
expected to get polio.  

For the general unvaccinated population only one person in 4,000 (in U.S.) is
likely to get polio and only one in 11,000 in England.  

It was never proved that the vaccine gave even the 30% protection.  That
was merely assumed from the faulty experiments and the

For instance (
Salk Story by Bayly):
"No case was considered as immunized unless it had received two shots of
the vaccine.  This means that a child developing poliomyelitis after the first
inoculation and before the second one would automatically be placed in the
uninoculated class, and would not be counted as a Salk vaccine casualty
even though he died of the "shot".  This probably accounts for the
comparatively few deaths that were reported as a result of the experiment.  
This would also invalidate all the conclusions drawn from the figures."  

Although vaccination is one of the quickest and surest ways of getting polio
because poisons are injected directly into the unprotected blood stream,
there are a number of other causes that should not be overlooked.  

Some of the most common of these are listed below and discussed briefly in
this section:
1—Carbohydrates: Sugar products such as ice cream, soft drinks, desserts,
etc.  Denatured products such as white flour, alcoholics, etc.  
2—Cola beverages that contain drugs and sugar.  
3—Poison sprays on foods, poison preservatives in foods, etc.  
4—Operations of all kinds, especially removal of tonsils.  
5—Fatigue and all other practices that deplete the vital energy.  
6—Negative emotions that generate internal poisons.  
7—Interference of any kind that impedes circulation or normal functioning.  

                    Viruses Have Nothing To Do With The Cause Of Polio.
In addition to the drastic vaccine poisons and the self generated poisons
from wrong foods there are a number of other poisons that are being freely
used that are known to cause polio.  

INSECTICIDES such as lead arsenate, hydrocyanic gas and other cyanide
compounds, DDT, parathion and other deadly poisons are a constant cause
of death and disease.  

Dr. Abraham Gelperin, director of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases
and assistant Clinical Professor or Public Health at Yale University, stated
flatly that he believes many ills to be the result of these poison insecticides,
and that large numbers of what are believed to be polio are in reality cases of
poisoning, possibly caused by something like parathion.  

Dr. J. W. Norton of the N. C. Department of Health said:
"The symptoms of parathion poisoning are similar to those of polio, including
headache, gastric upset, giddiness, tightness of the chest, vomiting and
sometimes diarrhea.  

One of the manufacturers of the widely used insecticide parathion describes it
as ‘capable of producing severe systemic toxic effects and death in animals
and man either by oral administration, inhalation of mists, dusts, or vapors
and by absorption through the unbroken skin."
 (Prevention—June 1950)  

The Salk vaccine also has formaldehyde added to the poison decomposed
protein from which the vaccine was made, which adds to its toxicity.  

If we are to eliminate polio epidemics and free our country from all disease
we must attack the problem at its source.  The foundation is in the healthy
soil, then the healthy food can be raised.  

With the improved food and correct health education and banishment of
commercialized foodless-foods, drugs, narcotics and other products that
menace the race we can raise our low standard of health (with 90% of our
people below par) up to the level where it should be.  Only then can we
expect to have unlimited health, happiness and progress.  

Ever since the dawn of history man has believed and still does, in the
miraculous and curative power of poisonous agents and anything and
everything which experience has amply proven to be harmful to the well
being of organized, organic, living structure.  

Today, with our Modern and Scientific Medicine that boasts of the advances
being made in the field of preventive medicine—having evolved a detailed
science of Theoretical Immunology in which harmful man-eating microbes,
virus, etc., are credited with the power of causing disease, previously
assumed by primitive man to belong to satanic gods, evil spirits, demons
and serpents, we are by no means in a state of better health than were the

The orthodox and dominant school of healing—Medicine—-has taught us
and deliberately popularized the false and absurd notion that Disease Is An
Entity— something that invades the body from without; that there are
microbes, germs, viruses, capable of causing (communicable) disease and
that specific pathogenic bacteria produce specific disease by invading the
animal tissues: that inoculation of pus and other pathogenic products into
the organism produces resistance or immunity to infection by once being
infected and that this immunity can be transferred to another.  

It is claimed in medical textbooks that the body produces specific protective
substances called Antibodies, and that these must be obtained from another
person or some animal, which has produced them by having been infected,
by minute amounts of poisonous products from a specific disease.  

We do not deny the existence of microbes but we do deny that there are any
insidious, man-eating, death-dealing pathogenic bacteria capable of causing

Natural Hygiene—a school of rational, wholesome and total living (which
originated in the United States 125 years ago) declares that Toxemia is the
universal basic cause of all pathology and so-called disease.  

Toxemia is the accumulation of body waste and is produced by anything
and everything that enervates the body.  Enervation is produced by anything
that uses up excess energy, e.g. poisons, denatured foods, lack of sleep,
rest, relaxation, fresh air and sunshine, overeating, sexual excesses,
dissipations of all kinds, worry, fear, jealousy, mental self-abuse, unpleasant
human and social relations, faulty economic conditions.  

This checks elimination and permits accumulation of body waste.  Bacteria
do not cause pathology but are rather the effects of disease.  They are, we
might say, Scavengers—a necessary by-product of diseased tissues of the
impaired organism.  

It should be emphasized that only True Natural Immunity can be attained
through a state of Internal Cleanliness based on legitimate nutrition and
hygienic living habits.  

Our orthodox medical practitioners all seek for a way to make Unclean Living
Safe by creating a hypothetical Artificial Immunity through immunization and
thus protect us from the natural consequences of our daily violations of the
laws of life.  

Among the greatest crimes today is that of Vaccination By Compulsion.  The
forcible introduction of pus into the body of man, woman and child, with or
without his consent, is a threat to personal liberty, is unconstitutional and a
crime against humanity.  

These outrages are committed daily in all parts of the world in the name of
Science and Medical Progress.  

Medical Practitioners, supported by their Powerful Commercial Allies have
supported this insidious practice and are responsible for introducing
compulsory vaccination laws.  

Supreme Court Justice Cardozo stated that:
"Every human being of adult years and of sound mind has a right to
determine what shall be done to his own body; and a surgeon who performs
an operation without his patient’s consent commits an assault for which he
is liable in damages."

The Supreme Court of Massachusetts handed down a decision, stating that:
"If a person should not be willing in his case and the authorities should think
otherwise, it is not in their power to vaccinate him by force."  

Nutritionists believe—and rightly so—that, since all polio cases invariably
show a lack of blood calcium—and since the eating of large amounts of
refined sugar admittedly lowers the calcium in the blood—there must be
some close connection between the spread of polio and the large amounts
of sweets the modern youngster consumes.  

Soft drinks have been singled out particularly by Naturopaths as the likely
culprits for this blood calcium deficiency—which brings on these polio
epidemics during the warm months-but candy and other forms of refined
sugar, in all probability, will eventually have to share some of the blame.  

Is a vaccine needed to kill the virus of polio?  Frankly, there is no virus which
Causes polio normally.  Any more than there is virus that Normally passes
smallpox from one person to another.  

All such viruses—germs if you prefer the term—are the Result of such
diseases already growing in a weakened body.  

Can the Salk vaccine prevent polio?  It cannot.  Smallpox vaccine never
stopped the spread of smallpox and malaria vaccine never stopped the
spread of malaria.  If a child, vaccinated with the Salk filth continues to take
great quantities of refined sugar into its small body, much of the blood
calcium will be destroyed and —Salk vaccine or not—that child will probably
come down with polio easier than a youngster whose blood stream has not
been so weakened.  

By: Dr. Eleanor I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

Complete Book Free Online: The Poisoned Needle