The Hour Of The Time  
                                           By: Alex Loglia

I'm going to talk to you tonight about vaccinations.  Most of you out there have
probably received some form of vaccination at one point or another in your
life, or you may have children who are in the process of receiving

Well, I have some very bad news for you folks; you, once again, have been
conned.  I am sure, that you, like myself, have been raised to believe that
doctors know what is best for you, that everything that comes out of the
medical industry is done to help you and that everything that doctors do is
safe and well-tested and proven, vaccinations included.  

Unfortunately, we have all been lied to, and once again, me and all of you are
responsible because we would rather put the responsibility of our health into
someone else's hands, instead of taking charge of our own lives and our own

I'm going to say this bluntly, so that it will make an impact on you and so that
you will hear me.  You and your children are being poisoned, folks, and you
are making pharmaceutical companies incredibly rich, and you are also
unknowingly helping along the progress of what is going to become the
greatest epidemic that the human race has ever seen, namely AIDS.  With
ignorance and foolish trust in the experts, you have been had.  

Now, the theory of vaccinations is based on four basic principles.  Number
one: Vaccinations are relatively harmless; Number two: Vaccinations are
effective; Number three: Vaccinations are responsible for the decline of
infectious diseases, and Number four: Vaccinations are the only practical and
dependable way to prevent both epidemics and potentially dangerous

But, ladies and gentlemen, every single one of these assumptions is totally

The theory of vaccinations states that by giving a person a mild form of the
disease, by the use of an immunizing agent, specific antibodies are produced
that will protect the organism when the real thing comes along.  

It sounds plausible enough, but it is totally wrong.  No greater lie has ever
been told to you, and believe it or not, vaccinations will not protect you from
any disease and you can still get, and many people are getting measles, small
pox, polio, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus and other common
diseases even after they have been vaccinated.  This is a matter of public
record, and I will give you some statistics later on that will truly shock you.  

Let me read you a little portion from Walene James' book,
Immunizations; The
Reality Behind the Myth.

Here we go...
Besides introducing foreign proteins and even live viruses into the
bloodstream, each vaccine has its own preservative, neutralizer and carrying
agent, none of which are indigenous to the body.  

For instance, the triple antigen, DPT, which is the Diphtheria, Pertussis,
Tetanus vaccine, contains the following poisons: Formaldehyde, Mercury, and
aluminum phosphate, and that's from the
Physician's Desk Reference, 1980.  

The packet insert accompanying the vaccine, lists the following poisons:
aluminum potassium sulfate, a mercury derivative called Thimerosol and
sodium phosphate.  The packet insert for the polio vaccine lists monkey
kidney cell culture, lactalbumen hydrozylate, antibiotics and calf serum.  

The packet insert for the MMR vaccine produced by Merck Sharp and Dhome,
which is for measles, mumps and rubella, lists chick embryo and neomycin,
which is a mixture of antibiotics.  

Now chick embryo, monkey kidney cells and calf serum are all foreign proteins
which are biological substances composed of animal cells which because
they enter directly into the bloodstream can become part of our genetic

They can become part of our genetic material, folks, remember that, it's going
to be important later.  These foreign proteins, as well as other carriers and
reaction products of a vaccine are potential allergens and can produce
anaphylactic shock.  

Folks, anaphylactic shock is a nice word for brain damage.  Reading on...

Another problem with vaccines is that they go directly into the bloodstream
without filtering by the liver.  Dr. William Albrecht tells us the following:

"If you take water into your system as a drink, it goes into your bloodstream
directly from the stomach, but if you take in fats, they move in through your
lymphatic system.  When you take other substances like carbohydrates and
proteins, they go into the intestines and from there are passed into the liver as
the body's chemical filter.  

Before they go out into the blood and circulate in the body.  Most of your
vaccination serums and proteins are not filtered by the liver; consequently
vaccinations can be a terrific shock to the system.  Injections of foreign
substances like viruses, toxins and foreign proteins into the blood stream via
vaccinations, have been associated with diseases and disorders to the blood,
brain, nervous system and skin.  

Rare diseases such as atypical measles and monkey fever as well as such well-
known disorders as premature aging, allergies, etc. have been associated with
vaccines.  Also linked to immunizations are such well-known diseases as
cancer, leukemia, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and sudden infant death

Folks, I'm not making this up.  This is mostly out of Physician's Desk
, 1980.  

Now, let me tell you some of the effects of vaccinations that the medical
profession admits to as expected side effects of various vaccines, again from
Walene James' book.  The insert for the DTP vaccine, which is for Diphtheria,
Pertussis and Tetanus, under side effects and adverse reactions are, listed the

Severe temperature elevations 105° or higher.  
Collapse with rapid recovery.  
Collapse followed by prolonged prostration in shock-like state.  
Screaming episodes.
Isolated convulsions with or without fever.
Frank encephalopathy, which is brain damage, with changes in the level of
consciousness, focal neurological signs, convulsions with or without
permanent neurological and/or mental deficit.  

Nice big words, folks, but it's talking about brain damage, shock and severe
temperature.  The occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome, which is
SIDS, that's the acronym, has been reported following the DPT vaccine.  

Now, the whooping cough vaccine which is a component in the DPT vaccine
has such a high percentage of neurological complications, including death
that several physicians have decided not to give it at all.  

And that is quoting Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.  He goes on to say,
Dr. Edward B. Shaw, a distinguished university of California physician has
stated in the
Journal of the American Medical Association in March, 1975, "I
doubt that the decrease in pertussis is due to the vaccine, which itself is a very
poor antigen, and an extremely dangerous one, with many very serious

Reading on from Walene James' book:
"A recent study at UCLA estimates that as many as 1 in every 13 children had
persistent, high-pitched crying after the DTP shot.  This may be indicative of
brain damage in the recipient child,"
says Dr. Bobby Young.  

And later on he says,
"You know, we start off with healthy infants, and we pop
them not once, but three or four times with a vaccine.  The probability of
causing damage is the same each time.  My greatest fear is that very few of
them escape some kind of neurological damage out of this."  

An even more recent figure on the reaction to the DTP vaccine indicates that 1
in every 100 children react with convulsions or collapse or high-pitched
screaming.  One out of every 3 of these, that is 1 out of every 300 will remain
permanently damaged.  

Now, according to the testimony of the Assistant Secretary of Health, Edward
Grant, Jr., before the US. Senate Committee on May 3rd, 1985, every year
35,000 children suffer neurological damage because of the DTP vaccine.  

Bet your doctor didn't tell you that, folks.  It just makes you wonder why he
never told you this, doesn't it.  It also makes you want to run out and get your
kids vaccinated, doesn't it?  Well, it gets worse.  

Here are some of the long-term effects of vaccines.  This brings us to perhaps
the most serious charge against vaccination, the subtle long-term effects.  And
again, I'm reading from Walene James' book.  

Evidence suggests that immunizations damage the immune system itself.  By
focusing exclusively on increased antibody production, which is only one
aspect of the immune process, immunizations isolate dysfunction and allow it
to substitute for the entire immune response, because vaccines trick the body
so that it will no longer initiate a generalized response.  

They accomplished what the entire immune system seems to have been
evolved to prevent.  That is, they place the virus directly into the blood and
give it access to the major immune organs and tissues without any obvious
way of getting rid of it.  

The long-term persistence of viruses and other foreign proteins within the
cells of the immune system has been implicated in a number of chronic and
degenerative diseases.  

In 1976 Dr. Robert Simpson of Rutgers University addressed science writers at
a seminar of the
American Cancer Society, and pointed out the following:
"Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio and so forth may
actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent pro viruses in cells
throughout the body.  

These latent pro viruses could be molecules in search of diseases, including
rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Parkinson's disease, and
perhaps cancer."  

Remember that, folks, seeding humans with RNA to form latent pro viruses in
cells throughout the body.  That's important.  Moving on...

Live viruses, the primary antigenic material of vaccines, (don't be scared by
antigenic, folks, it just means any agent that will stimulate antibody
production) the primary antigenic material of vaccines, which are live viruses,
are capable of surviving or remaining latent in the host cell for years, without
provoking acute disease.  

They attach their own genetic material as an extra particle or episome to the
chromosomes of the host cell and replicate along with it.  This allows the host
cell to continue its own normal functions for the most part, but imposes on it
additional instructions for the synthesis of viral proteins.  

This presence of antigenic material in the host cell cannot fail to provoke auto
immune phenomenon, such as herpes, shingles, warts, tumors, both benign
and malignant, and diseases of the central nervous system such as various
forms of paralysis and inflammation of the brain.  

So what we're actually talking about here, folks, is viral genetic material being
incorporated into your cells, and laying the groundwork for autoimmune
diseases.  And we're going to get into this right now.  Reading on...

If the components of the immune system were designed to help the organism
discriminate self from non-self as a number of researchers believe, then latent
viruses, auto immune phenomenon and cancer would seem to represent
different aspects of chronic immune failure, wherein the immune system
cannot recognize its own cells as unambiguously its own, or eliminate
parasites as unequivocally foreign.  

By the same token, we might say that the inability of the immune system to
distinguish between harmful and harmless substances in the environment,
such as allergies, constitutes another aspect of chronic immune failure.  

Folks, what they're saying here is that vaccines encourage chronic immune
failure, by virtue of the genetic material that you get shot up into your
bloodstream whenever you get vaccinated.  

The well-known author, lecturer and health activist, Betty Lee Morales, writes
that her parents who were naturopathic doctors predicted 50 years ago that
cancer would be epidemic in her lifetime as a result of mass vaccinations.  

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D, who is an authority on vaccinations, and truly
one of the most heroic medical doctors in this century...Because he is telling
the truth... extends this idea when he says:

"I think that most of the degenerative diseases are going to be shown to be due
to x-rays, drugs and polluted food, additives, preservatives, and immunizations.  
With all of our discoveries about the effects on the human body of ingesting
substances not found in nature, one thing we ought to know by now, is that
many of these toxins, and vaccinations are toxins by definition, kill slowly, or
kill only after the lapse of significant periods of time."  

Now from around the world.  From W. Germany, we read of more vaccination
casualties.  A reader writing to Organic Consumer Report, June 13, 1968
mentions an article, which appeared in Medical World, which stated that about
3,000 children each year suffer varying degrees of brain damage as a result of
the small pox vaccination.  

This same writer mentions another medical journal in which Dr. G. Kotel
reported that in the previous year, small pox vaccination damaged the hearing
of 3,296 children in W. Germany and 71 became totally deaf.  

Hearing loss was reported by Dr. William Albrecht, who said in the article that I
quoted earlier, that a typhoid shot he received made him stone deaf in one ear
as well as deathly ill at the time of the shot.  

Now listen to this, folks, because this is where the big con starts.  

In case after case of deaths, which are really deaths from vaccinations, the
cause of death is never listed as the vaccine.  Asthma, however, acute
lymphatic leukemia, streptococcal cellulitis, tubercular meningitis, and infantile
paralysis are just a few of the fake causes of death listed on the death
certificate of people who are dying from vaccinations.  

So much for these poisons being safe, now let's see how effective they are.  

Statistics from around the world show unequivocally that infectious diseases
like small pox, diphtheria, whooping cough, scarlet fever, etc., began to
disappear long before vaccinations ever came on the scene.  

Now I'm quoting World Health Statistics Annual Report 1973-1976.
"There has
been a steady decline of infectious diseases in most developing countries
regardless of the percentage of immunizations administered in these

I'll bet you didn't know that, folks, and I'll bet you didn't know this either, but I
do know this from my research and from my own experimentation; personal
hygiene and diet stop diseases, folks, not injecting virulent free-floating
genetic material into your veins with all kinds of poisonous cancerous
carrying agents which is what vaccines are.  

I'm going to now give you a key as to why you've been conned into believing
that vaccines stop diseases.  I'm looking at a chart from
Australian Nurses
from June of 1981.  A top chart shows a curve of deaths per million
children under 15 attributable to scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and

We're looking at a graph here.  The graph runs the years from 1860 to 1965,
and the death rate just goes down, having peaked in 1860 at 6,000 fatalities per
million, and bottoming out near zero in 1965.  

So, it's just a downward sloping line going down from 6000 to 0 from 1860 to
1965.  It looks really impressive, like could all of these communicable diseases
have been wiped out.  

However, the only problem is that immunizations were introduced into this
picture in the 1940s when the number of fatalities per million had already
dropped from 6000 to 1000, thus from looking at the nearly straight line of the
curve, you see that the vaccinations did absolutely nothing, because there is
no alteration in the rate of disappearance of these diseases from the
vaccinations, at the time when the vaccinations first started to be

A similar chart below it refers to tuberculosis and typhoid from 1900 to 1960,
and again the line's a straight slopes downward, and you can see that the
epidemics simply ran their course naturally, and are totally unaffected by the
vaccination programs, but the medical industry wants you to believe that
vaccines are what wipe out diseases and that is totally a bold-faced lie.  

If you've never read the book,
How To Lie With Statistics, by Daryl Huff, I
strongly suggest you do because you will get a much better idea of how
you've been tricked.  

Now, I want to tell you about a much bigger lie that you've been fed.  I want to
talk to you about polio, because polio is a disease that most people think was
the great success story of vaccinations.  

Let me read again from Walene James' book.  Jonas Salk, the discoverer of the
Salk polio vaccine has been called the 20th century miracle maker, and the
savior of countless lives.  We read glowing reports of the dramatic decrease in
polio in the US as a result of the Salk vaccine.  

For instance, the Virginia State Department of Health distributes a folder,
which tells us that polio vaccines reduced the incidence of polio in the US
from 18,000 cases in 1954 to fewer than 20 in 1973-78.  

A recent article in
Modern Maturity states that in 1953 there were 15,000 some
odd cases of polio in the US and by 1957 due to the Salk vaccine, the number
had dropped to 2499.  

However, during the 1962 Congressional hearings on HR10541, Dr. Bernard
Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics at the university of North
Carolina, School of Public Health, testified that not only did polio increase
substantially after the introduction of mass and frequently compulsory
immunization programs, but statistics were manipulated and statements made
by the Public Health Service to give the opposite impression.  

You have been lied to folks.  The polio vaccine caused more polio than it
protected people from.  Moving on...

For instance, in 1957, the North Carolina Health Department made glowing
claims for the efficacy of the Salk vaccine, showing how polio steadily
decreased from 1953 to 1957.  

These figures were challenged by Dr. Fred Klenner who pointed out that it
wasn't until 1955 that a single person in the state even received the polio
vaccine injection.  

Even then, the injections were administered on a very limited basis because of
the number of polio cases resulting from the vaccine.  It wasn't until 1956 that
polio vaccinations assumed inspiring proportions.  The 61% drop in polio
cases in 1954 was credited to the Salk vaccine, when it wasn't even in the state

Nevertheless, by 1957, when the massive vaccination program had taken
place, polio was again on the increase.  

                          Salk vaccine.
Other ways polio statistics were manipulated to give the impression of Salk
vaccine success follow:

Redefinition of an epidemic.  More cases were required to refer to polio as an
epidemic after the introduction of the Salk vaccine.  

In other words, you needed 20 cases per hundred thousand to have an
epidemic before the vaccine was introduced, and after the vaccine they
changed that number to 35 cases per hundred thousand per year to require
the definition of epidemic.  

Redefinition of the disease.  In order to qualify for classification as paralytic
poliomyelitis, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for at least 60 days
after the onset of the disease.  

Now that's after they started the vaccination programs, folks.  Before the
vaccination program started in 1954, the patient had to exhibit paralytic
symptoms for only 24 hours.  

What this means folks is that if you walked into a doctor's office before the
vaccine was introduced, and you said,
"Oh, I have paralytic symptoms here.  
I've had them for about 2 weeks."
 They'd say, "Oh, that's polio.  You've had it
for more than a day."  

But after the vaccine, if you walked into that same doctor's office, and you
"Oh, I've had these symptoms for 2 or 3 weeks, now." They'd say, "Oh,
wait two months, then we can call it polio."  

That's how the statistics get manipulated, folks.  
Moving on...

Doctor Greenberg said:

"This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a new
disease, namely paralytic poliomyelitis, with a longer lasting paralysis.  

The third way statistics were manipulated was mislabeling.  After the
introduction of the Salk vaccine, cocsacci virus and aseptic meningitis have
been distinguished from paralytic poliomyelitis,"
explained Dr. Greenberg, "and
in 1954 large numbers of these cases were undoubtedly mislabeled as paralytic

Now, another way of reducing the incidence of disease by way of semantics or
statistical artifacts, as Dr. Greenberg calls it, is to simply reclassify the disease.

Now, I have my own version of this here, folks.  From the Los Angeles County
Health Index Morbidity and Mortality Reportable Disease Data, I'm looking at a
chart of cases of viral or aseptic meningitis and polio from 1955 to 1966, and lo
and behold, what do I find.  

From 1955 to 1966 cases of polio dropped from 273 cases to 5.  Ah, but, the
number of cases of aseptic meningitis from 1955 to 1966 increases in almost
the same proportion from 50 cases to 256 cases.  

They simply changed the name, same disease, and you thought polio was
wiped out at that point.  

Now, folks, the reality is this.  Diseases, like everything else in nature, follow
cycles.  They come in, they reach their peak and leave, and no vaccination
program on Earth has ever been able to change that.  Polio disappeared in
Europe between 1940 and 1950 without any vaccination programs,

In 1958, Israel had a massive type 1 polio epidemic after mass immunizations.  
And from the same hearings on HR10541, that I talked about earlier, we find
out that Massachusetts had a type 2 polio outbreak and there  were more
paralytic cases in people who were triple vaccinated than in the people who
were not vaccinated.  

Surprise, surprise!  You thought the vaccine protected you, didn't you?  Well,
most of those cases of polio came from the vaccination.  And that's fact, folks.  

Even Jonas Salk has admitted it now that more than two-thirds of the polio in
this country [then] came from his vaccine.  From Coutler and Fisher's book,
DPT: A Shot in The Dark, we learn:

There is a natural tendency for doctors to under-report whooping cough when
it occurs in a vaccinated population, and to over report it when it appears in an
unvaccinated population.  

Which means that if you go into a doctor's office and you are allegedly
vaccinated, and you have whooping cough, they won't call it whooping cough.
 They'll call it something else, and that's how they keep all our statistics nice
and safe and clean.  Same thing's been done with measles, folks; reading from
Walene James' book:

From 1958 to 1966, the number of measles cases reported each year dropped
from 800,000 to 200,000.  

The drug industry claimed this was due to vaccinations.  However, there are
some very interesting discrepancies.  Number one, the incidence of measles
had already been declining steadily for the past 100 years and was totally
unaffected by the immunization programs for measles.  

It wasn't until 1967 that the live virus vaccine, which is presently used, was
introduced, because the killed virus vaccine which came out in 1963 was
found to be ineffective and harmful, and yet, the vaccine which was good, and
which they alleged did the job, did not even come out during the time that they
are trying to take credit for wiping out the diseases in.  

A survey of pediatricians in New York City revealed that only 3.2% of them
were actually reporting measles cases to the Health Department, and in 1974
the Center for Disease Control determined that there were 36 cases of measles
in all of Georgia.  

But the Georgia State Surveillance System reported 660 cases that same year.  
Folks, you can't believe anything you read, because every single statistic out
there has been manipulated and twisted, and that's a fact that I can tell you
unequivocally, from my own research.  Let me read a little bit about rubella

A large proportion of children are found to be sero-negative (which means
they show no evidence of immunity in blood tests) 4-5 years after receiving the
rubella vaccination.  

In another study, 80% of army recruits who had been immunized against
rubella came down with the disease.  Once again, folks, evidence that these
vaccinations will not even protect you against the disease they are supposed
to protect you from.  

And it goes on to say here that the same results were shown in a consecutive
study that took place in an institution for the mentally retarded.  

Now, could the real reason vaccination promise and performance seem so
contradictory be that the vaccination premise itself is faulty?  As stated earlier,
the theory of vaccination postulates that the use of immunizing agents
produces a mild form of the disease for which specific antibodies are formed
that will protect the body when the real thing comes along.  

But as I mentioned earlier, it doesn't work that way and Dr. Alec Burton, who is
another brave doctor out there, points out the following:

That there are children with what is called A Gamma Globulin Anemia [which
means that they cannot produce antibodies], and yet these same children
develop and recover from measles and other diseases as spontaneously as
other children.  

Now what this means is that there are children out there who can't produce
antibodies.  Nevertheless, antibodies are the things that vaccines are
supposed to stimulate in you against the particular diseases they're designed
for, and yet, as shown here by Dr. Alec Burton, even without those antibodies,
you will get cured or you will naturally become healthy again after having this
disease without any vaccination.  

So, folks, so much for the idea that vaccinations are the only way to protect
you, and the basic premise that they are built on, namely stimulating
antibodies, is totally wrong.  

The mystery begins to unravel when we look at the work of Drs. Dettman and
Kalikerinos.  In one of their articles, they quote Dr. Wendall Bellfield of San
Jose, California, who says the following:

"Antibodies are not needed when the primary immunological defense which is
leukocytes and interferon, etc. is functioning at maximum capacity.  

Interferon production appears to occur only when the ascorbate level, vitamin
C, and the primary defense components are at low levels, thereby permitting
some viruses to survive the primary defense."  

What this basically means, folks, is that the premise that vaccinations are built
upon are totally false.  

Vaccinations are allegedly designed to stimulate antibody production for the
specific diseases they're designed for, and yet, as Dr. Burton showed earlier,
antibodies are not even necessary for your body to properly and effectively
combat diseases.  

In short, folks, this means that vaccines do not protect you against the
diseases they are supposed to protect you from.  Diseases, in this day and age
have become self-fulfilling prophecy because doctors tend not to diagnose
specific diseases if the subject has already been vaccinated against those
specific diseases.  

Vaccinations, unquestionably, do not guarantee you any protection, their side
effects are disastrous, and often worse than the disease, itself, and worse still,
the premise that vaccines are built upon, are pure, unadulterated nonsense.  

You've been taught that antibodies, are the little shock troops of your immune
system, that they go out and kill all the nasty germs that are attacking you day
in and day out, and the reality, however, is that antibody production is not your
primary immunological defense, and that the idea of stimulating them by
injecting you with poisons, serums, and free-floating genetic material, and all
kinds of poisonous agents and stabilizers and vaccines, is completely absurd.

Okay, let me read you a little bit about immunity here, because it's going to
become important over the next few minutes in what I'm talking about.  

When immunity to a disease is acquired naturally, [and again, from Walene
James' book] the possibility of reinfection is only 3.2%, according to journalist
Marion Thompson.  

If the immunity comes from a vaccination, however, the chance of reinfection
is 80%.  

Did you hear that, folks?  Eighty percent chance of reinfection from
unnaturally acquired immunity from vaccinations.  Dr. William Howard Hay has
pointed out that in any epidemic of communicable disease, only a small
percentage of the population contracts the disease.  

Most people are naturally immune, so if a man who has been vaccinated does
not contract the disease that really proves absolutely nothing.  If he had not
been vaccinated, the chances are he would not have contracted the disease,
anyway.  We have no way of knowing.  

Just because you give somebody a vaccine and maybe get an antibody
reaction doesn't mean a thing.  The only true antibodies, of course, are those
you get naturally.  

And that's from Dr. Dettman in an interview with Jay Patrick.  Natural diseases
are a lot safer than acute artificial complications from vaccinations.  And that's
a quote from Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, whom I mentioned earlier.  

However, perhaps the strongest statement against the effectiveness of
artificial immunization comes from Dr. William Howard Hay.  It is nonsense to
think that you can inject pus, which is most of the serums that we're talking
about, into a little child, and in any way improve its health.  

There is no such thing as immunization, but we sell it under that name.  If we
could, by any means, build up a natural resistance to disease through these
artificial means, I would applaud it to the echo, but we cannot do it.  

The body has its own methods of defense.  These defense methods depend
upon the vitality of the body at the time.  If it is vital enough, the body will resist
all infections.  

If it isn't vital enough, it won't and you can't change the vitality of the body for
the better by introducing poisons of any kind into it.  

And those poisons of any kind he's referring to are vaccines.  Vaccinations are
poisons, they do not protect you, they are weakening our immune systems,
and my research indicates that allergies are the direct result of large scale
immunization programs foisted upon us in the last fifty years, and isn't it weird
how right now, there is such a big push on to force every child and every
person in the US to be vaccinated for all kinds of diseases.  Thanks, Bill
Clinton.  Now, be logical, folks.  

The only person you put at risk, even by the medical industry's own stupid
logic is yourself, if you refuse to be vaccinated.  Think about it; if everyone else
is vaccinated, then they shouldn't get the disease, right?  

Then the only person that you're putting at risk by not being vaccinated is you.
 Makes sense.  Then how does the government dare to justify forced

I can assure you that even without any intentionally created diseases, many
Americans will be dying over the next ten to fifteen years, and AIDS will be
blamed.  Be careful.  

Wouldn't it be ironic if AIDS, as we know it, did not exist at all.  From my own
research I can tell you with complete confidence that the vaccines being
foisted upon us can weaken our immune systems to the degree that AIDS-like
symptoms and reactions will be all too common with or without AIDS.  

Do you remember what I read earlier about the genetic material being
introduced into our bloodstreams from vaccinations, and producing
autoimmune diseases.  

Folks, we don't even need a government-created disease to have massive
epidemic rates of autoimmune failure, because that's what these vaccines are

Now you've been conned another way, and this is by the word virus.  Because
you think you know what a virus is, and you do not.  Rest assured viruses are
not what you think they are, and I'm gonna quote you a little bit more from
Walene, to give you a hint.  

All living organisms, including bacteria and viruses contain genetic material,
which is DNA and RNA.  In fact, live viruses themselves are genetic messages.  

Live bacteria and viruses can transfer their genetic information through animal
cells, including human cells, which are taken up by other cells in the body.  

Although the body generally will not make antibodies against its own tissue, it
appears that slight modifications of the antigenic character of tissues will
cause it to appear foreign to the immune system, and thus a fair target for
antibody production.  

Remember what I said earlier, about how vaccines give us genetic material that
can incorporate into our cells.  Thus vaccines lay the foundation for
autoimmune diseases and other disorders of the immune system such as
rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, lupus, scleroderma, and a lot of other
nasty diseases.  It is reasonable to assume that our contemporary
"epidemic of
has at least some of its roots in the practice of vaccination.  And
again, that's from Walene James.  

Now beware, folks, I have saved the best for last.  The Clinton Administration
has buckled under the pressure to implement a stepped up mass vaccination

Every day I see stories of the various state laws forcing Americans to inject
these poisons into their veins and don't buckle to the pressure, because you
don't have to because no one, absolutely no one, can force you to inject
anything into your blood, and no one can force you or your children to be
vaccinated.  I've avoided vaccinations, and you can, too.  

They will threaten you with not letting your kids go to school, or not get a job,
or anything else they can think of, but it is all, excuse this folks, it's all bullshit.  

However, if enough people do not speak up now, we may all be forced to take
in these horrible poisons.  

Often, all it takes to avoid vaccinations, is a simple form you can type up by
yourself, referring to Senate bill 942 #3380, under the title, Exemption From
Immunizations, and let me read that bill right now, it's really interesting.  

Immunization of a person shall not be required for admission to a school or
other institution if the guardian parent or adult has assumed responsibility for
his or her custody or care in the case of a minor, or the person seeking
admission themselves, files with the governing authority a letter or affidavit
stating that such vaccination is contrary to his or her belief.  

The other thing you can do is go to your doctor and ask for a vaccination
guarantee.  Basically, what you're saying in this little form is that, you're
guaranteeing me that this vaccination will protect me and not cause any nasty
side effects, or you will give me a million dollars.  And if a doctor refuses to
sign that you can refuse to get the vaccination.  

Now, even better, there's a book written by a lawyer who's done a lot in this
area and has a lot of first-hand experience in circumventing vaccination laws.  
It's called,
Dangers of Compulsory Immunizations; How to Avoid Them Legally,
by Tom Finn.  

Your best bet is also to get a copy of a little booklet called,
Vaccinations Do Not
by Eleanor McBean.  Get a pen, folks.  You won't find these books in
Barnes and Noble.  

In the McBean book are the forms that I mentioned earlier.  It'll be four bucks,
or maybe ten bucks, if you get both of them.  You can even learn how to travel
abroad without getting vaccinated, folks.  

Get educated and let your representatives in Congress know, and let your
family doctors know that you know what's going on, because you have to
protect yourself and your kids.  

Your congressmen and doctors may not have any clue about any of this, and
you have to educate them, because most doctors are woefully ignorant of
these things, and have also, like you and me, abdicated their responsibilities
for most of their life.  

By: Alex Loglia