Vaccine & Serum Evils
                                                              By: Herbert M. Shelton 1952

        Vaccinia is an acute infectious disease
        caused by vaccination.  Vaccination is the
         inoculation of child or adult, well or sick,
         with septic matter (pus) derived from
          suppurating (festering) sores on the
         abdomen of a previously infected cow.  
        I think this definition is incomplete in an
         important respect—I should have said
        that it is a criminal operation.  

The disease dates from about the year 1774 when an ignorant and
superstitious English farmer, Benjamin Jesty, vaccinated his wife and three
children with matter taken from sores on cows suffering with cowpox, using a
darning needle with which to make the incisions.  Jesty believed a
superstition, then prevalent among the milkmaids, that, one who had had
cowpox was immune to smallpox.  

Notes of this daring experiment were made by a doctor Nash who died in
1785.  At his death these notes passed into the hands of Mr. Thomas Nash
who was acquainted with Edward Jenner, a notorious charlatan, who is
credited with having
"discovered" vaccination.  

In 1789 Jenner inoculated his eighteen month’s old son with swinepox matter.  
He followed this with other inoculations of other children and the filthy practice
of vaccination was definitely launched.  

An English writer, Arthur Wollaston Hutton, M. A., says of Jenner’s

"His professional acquirements were but slender; his medical degree was the
outcome of no examination or scientific work, but merely of a fee of fifteen
guineas paid to the University of St. Andrews; while his other and more
important distinction, his Fellowship in the Royal Society, was obtained by
what even Dr. Norman Moore, his latest biographer and apologist, is
constrained to admit was little else than a fraud."  

Thus we have a filthy practice, born out of the ignorance and superstition of
the past and fathered by an ignorant imposter and fraud, palmed off on the
world today as a scientific procedure.  

It is really remarkable, the number of instances in the history of medicine, of
practices and theories now in vogue, that owe their origin to ancient customs,
traditions and superstitions.  

It is not known how remote was the belief among the cow hands and dairy
maids of England in the immunizing potency of cowpox; but it is thought to
have come out of the practice of inoculation which was introduced into
England from the East, by Lady Mary Wortley Montague, wife of the British
Ambassador to the Ottoman Court, in 1717.  

The practice was abolished by act of Parliament in 1840, due to its evils.  In
1754 the
Royal College of Physicians issued the following manifesto, which
reads strangely like the statements made by physicians today about

"The College, having been informed that false reports concerning the success
of inoculation in England have been published in foreign countries, think
proper to declare their sentiments in the following manner, viz.: That the
arguments which at the commencement of this practice were urged against it
have been refuted by experience, that it is now held by the English in greater
esteem, and practiced among them more extensively than ever it was before,
and that the college thinks it to be highly salutary to the human race."  

Despite this evident lie by this august body, the practice was not successful; it
was not highly salutary; and experience did not refute the arguments used
against it.  

It was a very damaging practice, which caused an increase in smallpox in
England and was finally abolished by law.  

Edward Jenner, following Benjamin Jesty, grafted the old inoculation practice
onto the milkmaid’s creed and vaccination (from vacca—cow) was born.  

I mentioned that the inoculation practice was introduced from the east.  The
date of the origin of this superstitious practice is hidden in the darkness of pre-

Savage and barbaric peoples, in various parts of the world, practiced
inoculation.  It is thought to have started in India where so many of our
superstitions originated, and spread from there to Africa and Europe.  

From time immemorial the Negroes and Arabs of Nubia practiced inoculation
against smallpox.  The Ashantees and the Moorish and Arab tribes in Northern
Africa practiced arm-to-arm inoculation from ancient times.  

Savage tribes of the Upper Congo practiced it to prevent
"syphilis."  The Baris
of Lado inoculated themselves over the left breast.  The Negroes in Senegal
inoculated their children on the arms.  The Moors and Pouls of Senegambia
practiced inoculation against pleuro-pneumonia.  A practice of this kind was in
vogue in Berne, Switzerland in the 18th century.  

The first record of smallpox seems to be in India, where also is the first record
of inoculation, where the practice was in vogue over three thousand years

Dhanwantari, the Vedic father of medicine, and the earliest known Hindu
physician, supposed to have lived 1500 B. C., is said to have been the first to
practice inoculation and it is also stated that the Hindus employed a vaccine.  
For over a thousand years inoculation has been practiced in China.  

The practice is so mixed up with the religious superstitions of various peoples
that its origin may not be difficult for students of religious history to guess.  

In India, in Malaba and in other sections of the world, inoculation was mixed up
with the worship of the smallpox goddess.  Inoculation seems to have been
nothing more than a superstitious rite designed to placate and appease the
wrath of an irascible deity.  

People who imagined all their sufferings were sent upon them because they
had offended some of their gods or goddesses originated the filthy rite to get
the goddess into a good humor again.  

According to a Mr. Porter, who was English Ambassador at Constantinople in
1755 (
Gentleman’s Magazine, Oct. 1755):

"It is the tradition and opinion of the country that a certain angel presides over
this disease.  That it is to bespeak his favor and evidence their confidence that
the Georgians take a small portion of variolous matter, and, by means of
scarification, introduce it between the thumb and fore finger of a sound person.  
The operation is supposed to never miss its effect.  To secure beyond all
uncertainty, the good will of the angel, they hang up scarlet clothes about the
bed, that being the favorite color of the celestial inhabitant they wish to

I cannot imagine St. Paul, who refused to eat meat had been offered up to
idols, baring his arm for pus that is being offered up to the goddess of

I cannot imagine Moses, whose Kosher laws, in most of their essential
particulars, are excellent, commanding the Jews to have this trefe stuff
inoculated into their bodies.  

Symptoms: Vaccinia begins after inoculation with slight irritation at the site of
vaccination.  On the third or fourth day the eruption appears in the form of a
red papule, surrounded by a red areola.  On the fifth or sixth day the papule
becomes a vesicle, being filled with a watery substance or a clear substance,
with a distinct central depression (umbilication).  

By the eighth day the vesicle is perfected and is then surrounded by a wide
reddened zone of inflammatory edema, which is the seat of intense itching.  By
the tenth day the contents are purulent (pus) and the vesicle has become a
pustule.  The surrounding skin is now much inflamed and painful.  

About this time the reddened areola begins to fade and desiccation sets in
with the gradual formation of a thick brown crust or scab, which becomes
detached and falls off about the twenty-first to twenty-fifth day, leaving an ugly
scar.  The scar is at first red but gradually becomes paler than the surrounding
skin having a punched-out appearance and is pitted.  The evolution of this
pathology is accompanied with fever and constitutional symptoms, malaise,
and enlargement of the adjacent lymph nodes or glands.  

Notice the symptoms above described (and this description is gathered from
standard medical works) and you will at once realize that we have been
describing an acute disease—really the acute symptoms of septic infection.  

Vaccinia will be found classified in medical books as an acute infectious
disease.  The infectious matter is pus taken from pustules on a cow, which
has, previously had pus from the pustules of a smallpox patient rubbed into
incisions in her skin.  It is a morbid product, a virus, and is not and never was
"lymph from the calf".  

Vaccine is pus—it is the fluid product of suppuration.  To vaccinate a person is
to produce disease in that person.  It is an effort to prevent disease by
producing disease.  It does not always
"run true to form."  

The above description of the disease does not fit all cases.  

Complications and Sequelae: Irregular and atypical pocks may form; several
vesicles may coalesce, a general pustular rash, covering the whole arm or
large parts of the body, and called generalized vaccinia, may develop, about
the eighth to tenth day.  

Abscess, sloughing, cellulitis, erysipelas, general septic infection, urticarial
eruptions, syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis, actinomycosis (big jaw), mental
disease, tetanus (lock jaw), paralysis, meningitis, sleeping sickness, etc, may

In rare cases the pock may reappear in the same place after it is apparently
healed.  In some instances the abscess that may form refuses to heal.  I saw
one case of this kind where the abscess continued to discharge pus after
fourteen years.  

Speaking of generalized vaccinia, Sir Wm. Osler says:

"In children the disease may prove fatal."  Osler quotes Ackland’s
arrangements of the dates on which possible eruptions and complications
may be looked for as follows:

1. During the first three days: Erythema: urticaria; vesicular and bullous
eruptions; invaccinated erysipelas.  

2. After the third day and until the pock reaches maturity: Urticaria, linchen
urticatus; erythema multikormae; accidental erysipelas.  

3. About the end of the first week: Generalized vaccitha; impetigo; vaccinal
ulceration; glandular abscesses; septic infections, gangrene.  

4. After the involution of the pocks: In vaccinated diseases, for example

Under the heading "Transmission of Disease by Vaccination"
Osler says:

"Syphilis has undoubtedly been transmitted by vaccination."  Under the
"Influence of Vaccination upon other Diseases"
he says:

"A quiescent malady may be lighted into activity by vaccination.  This happens
with congenital syphilis, occasionally with tuberculosis.  At the height of the
vaccination convulsions may occur and be followed by hemiplegia."
(Paralysis of one side of the body.)  

Norway suspended vaccination because of hoof and mouth disease being
spread by the practice.  In this country our Department of Agriculture traced
the epidemics of foot and mouth disease in 1902, 1908 and 1914 to smallpox

It is the medical alibi, when these evils follow vaccination, and they are far
more common than the uninformed may imagine, that they are due to
"carelessness" or to "secondary infections."  

Dr. Richard C. Cabot says:

"The other thing that bothers people is the fact that vaccination sores get
septic, sometimes when the vaccination is clumsily done, and sometimes when
it is correctly done.  We need not necessarily blame the doctor because the
patient has a bad arm.  In spite of all precautions, if the patient is in a bad
condition, the break in the skin may become septic."

This is only a half-truth.  The vaccine sore is septic from the start.  Vaccine is
septic matter.  Vaccination is deliberate and forcible septic infection.  We do
blame the physician, because he introduced the septic matter into the arm.  

This picture of vaccination is a black one, but it is by no means the whole
picture.  It is almost impossible to exaggerate the evils of this filthy,
superstitious practice and any physician or vaccine propagandist who asserts
that vaccination is harmless is either an ignoramus or a liar.  I shall make this
quite clear before I am done with this subject.  

"I wish we had known sooner what an awful thing vaccination is" wrote Mrs. A.
Kyles, in a letter to the editor of the
St. Louis Times, of Nov 1926, after her boy
had died of lockjaw following vaccination.  He was vaccinated Oct. 15 and died
Nov. 8. 1926; the lockjaw developing about Oct. 31.  

Thousands of other fond mothers have cried.
 "I wish we had known sooner
what an awful thing vaccination is."
 Why be so willing to believe the sales talks
of those who make money out of vaccines?  

Within recent years many troubles have been definitely traced to vaccination.  I
have already quoted Dr. Osler’s statement that:
"At the height of vaccination convulsions may occur and be followed by

Paralysis is a more frequent result of vaccination than has heretofore been

In the
Journal of the American Medical Association, July 3, 1926, is an article by
its Berlin correspondent discussing
"Nervous disturbances and Smallpox
 In it are these words:

"In regions in which there is no organized vaccination of the population, general
paralysis is rare.  In patients with general paralysis he (Dr. Daraskwiewicz), has
never seen smallpox scars, but vaccination scars were always present."  

Physicians of Holland
declared: "It is impossible to deny a connection between
vaccination and the encephalitis which follows it."  

It is noted that, whereas, boys are most susceptible to post-vaccinal tetanus,
girls are most susceptible to post-vaccinal encephalitis.  

It would be idle to assert that all cases of local or general paralysis are due to
vaccination.  There are cases due to other causes also.  But these other cases
must not be made a basis for denying the evil influence of vaccination, as
some vaccine apologists attempt.  

Here is part of an item which appeared in the
Journal of the American Medical
for April 5, 1930: "Reisch reports that following the vaccination of
233 children aged between 5 and 10 years, several cases with encephalitic
symptoms were observed.  Two were especially severe and ended fatally.  The
necropsy revealed the changes characteristic of encephalomyelitis.  Six other
children also developed encephalitic symptoms from six to twelve days after the

The Report of the Commission of Smallpox and Vaccination of the Health
Organization of the League of Nations, Geneva, Aug 27, 1928, says:

"The post-vaccinal encephalitis with which we are dealing has become a
problem in itself mainly in consequence of the events of the last few years in
the Netherlands and England and Wales.  In each of these countries the cases
which have occurred have been sufficiently numerous and similar to require
them to be considered collectively.  Their occurrence has led to the realization
that a new, or at least a previously unsuspected or unrecognized, risk attaches
to the practice of vaccination."  

Now what of America?  Do such cases ever occur here?  They do.  But they
are seldom reported and, it seems, are never investigated.  In 1930 Julia
Motley, age 12, of Irisburg, Va., died of acute infantile paralysis, which
her 3 weeks after she had been vaccinated.  Her parents attributed her death to
vaccination, whereupon the State Health authorities came to the rescue of
 The News Leader, Richmond, March 28, 1930 says:

"While the parents gave vaccination as the cause of death, Dr. J. V. Shackleford,
the physician, states that the death certificate (made out by him, of course),
shows that the little girl died of acute infantile paralysis, with which she was
seized three weeks after she had been vaccinated."  

And that’s that.  The physician who vaccinated the girl makes out the death
certificate to shield himself and the vaccine and the matter is settled.  The girl
is now immune to smallpox and the smallpox goddess has been appeased.  

Since the medical profession is determined not to abandon this filthy and
deadly practice, no matter how many children are sickened, maimed and killed,
it is up to you to prevent post-vaccmal encephalitis, and all the other troubles
discussed in this chapter, by not permitting your child to be infected with this
dirty cow pus.  

It is your child.  It does not belong to the state.  It was not born into this world
to furnish money to the medical profession.  You are responsible for its care
and training.  If you betray your child by giving it over to this modern moloch,
you deserve a worse fate than any Dante ever pictured.  

Parents owe certain responsibilities to their children.  One of these is certainly
to guard these children against attack from all foes, including the foes of their
health.  It is the duty of every parent to
"refuse and resist" vaccination for his or
her children, wherever such a parent may live and whatever the circumstances
under which the vaccination is demanded.  

Fight, go to jail, resist in every possible manner the cowpox bullies and their
putrescent points.  In Italy some years ago, when a group of physicians
invaded the homes of Italian mountaineers to forcibly vaccinate the children,
the mountaineers simply stripped the pus-punchers of their clothes, gave
them a liberal dose of their own
"medicine" and sent them scurrying home.  

I recommend this measure for immediate adoption in this country.  Let the
rascals suffer as they make others suffer.  It will teach them a much-needed

Vaccination must be saved from reproach at all costs.  Who cares how many
children are killed if only vaccination may be saved from dishonor.  It is up to
parents to put an end to this crippling and maiming of children.  It is the sacred
duty of all parents to protect their children from all harm.  

If the medical profession is not honorable enough to abandon this highly
remunerative, though evil and deadly practice, it behooves parents to cut their
professional throats.  

Will it be urged that while vaccination is often productive of harm and death, it
produces less of these than it prevents?  If so, I shall show that this is not true.  
But, grant for a moment the truth of the assertion, it is still true that to force
such a dangerous process upon one is unjustifiable.  It is a danger and we
each have a right to choose between two dangers.  Compulsory vaccination is
a crime.  

The Christian Herald, England, July 7, 1927, carries an account of a smallpox
epidemic, of a very serious type, in 15 counties in France, with a death rate of
nearly 50 per cent in women and about 33 per cent in men.  All of these cases
were vaccinated people—many of the victims having been vaccinated as
many as three times.  

If vaccination protects, why did it fail in these cases?  In our army during the
Spanish American War and in the Philippines the soldiers had been
vaccinated, not only annually, but every six weeks.  Chief Surgeon Lippincott
"Vaccination is carried on as regularly as post drill."  

Yet the official report shows 276 cases of smallpox in 1899 with 78 deaths; 246
cases in 1900 with 113 deaths; and 125 cases with 37 deaths in 1901; the case
fatality of nearly fifty per cent, in 1900 being the highest ever recorded for this
disease in the army a well-vaccinated army, if ever there was one.  

Smallpox is always worse where vaccination abounds.  The scratch of
vaccination is the
"scratch of death."   

You are vaccinated and have smallpox.  The vaccine was of "insufficient
although this was discovered too late—that is, after you have the
smallpox.  You are vaccinated and do not develop smallpox—it is assumed
that the vaccine was potent.  It is like the old test for mushrooms—eat them
and live they are mushrooms; eat them and die, they are toadstools.  

An editorial in
American Medicine, March 1914, says:

"The growing opposition to vaccination is a matter of grave concern.  This new
movement is not the illogical and absurd anti-vaccinationist crusade, but is the
conviction on the part of very intelligent men, that it is useless to protect
against an infection, which they may never encounter.  This attitude is not
confined to laymen, but is taken by those leading men in the medical profession
who postpone vaccination of their own kith and kin until the last moment.  

Two world-renowned men have confessed to us that they have had their
children vaccinated only in obedience to public opinion in and out of the
profession.  So we hear men saying that there is not one chance in a million of
their children being infected with smallpox, but that there is far more chance of
pus infection or tetanus from the vaccine."

This criminal practice will end as soon as parents develop sufficient interest in
the welfare of their children.  At present parents offer up their children on the
altars of the smallpox goddess, because commercial ghouls demand it, and
hope that the children will not be greatly injured.  

If a child is invalided for life or is killed, the parents meekly accept the lying
excuses of the scoundrels who maim and murder children for money, cry a
little, and return to their movies and joy rides.  

                         Serum Poisoning
Parents are frightened into having their babies and children "immunized"
against a whole series of diseases, having them inoculated with vaccines,
serums, anti-toxins and toxoids of all kinds.  

The constant stream of propaganda carried on by the pharmaceutical houses
and commercial medicine to keep this profitable business alive is filled with
manufactured and
"doctored" statistics, lies, distortions and statements
designed to frighten parents.  

The whole purpose of this propaganda is not to secure the health and welfare
of children, but to guarantee the steady inflow of profits to the physicians and
manufacturing drug houses.  

Red Book Magazine, Aug. 1952, Edward T. Wilkes, M.D. presents a: "New
Immunization Schedule for Infants."
 It is the schedule announced by the
Michigan State Health Department and is similar to the one recommended by
the American Academy of Pediatrics. Here it is:

"Injections against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus are to be started at
three months instead of six, as formerly prescribed.  The reason for this is that
more than half the deaths from whooping cough occur in infants under six
months of age.  (I wonder what this death rate under six months in whooping
cough has to do with tetanus and diphtheria?).  

Smallpox vaccination should be given at five months.  Booster shots for
protection against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus are recommended
at the age of two or three years.  

Immunization against diphtheria, tetanus and smallpox should be renewed at
five or six years of age and again at nine or ten years."  

Vaccines and serums are given on the theory that they "act" in the same way
as one
"attack" of an "infectious" disease in immunizing the patient against a

Years ago, in my
Regeneration of Life I proved this theory, that one "attack"
immunizes against a second
"attack" to be illogical, unscientific and contrary
to the facts.  I showed that one may have smallpox, for instance, five times
following immediately upon the heels of five successful vaccinations.  

Cases are on record of patients who had pneumonia as much as fifteen to fifty
times.  Think this over and answer the question: What kind of serum will ever
be found to immunize us against pneumonia?  But if not against pneumonia,
how about other so-called infectious diseases?  Suppose we study

Physicians tell us that babies are immune to diphtheria, inheriting their
immunity from the mother, but that they lose their inherited immunity at about
six to nine months.  The mother must have lost hers at about that same age.  
Where and how did she reacquire her immunity in order that she might
transmit it to her child?  

Despite all of the injury and danger, parents might be justified in taking a
chance with the health and life of their children, if the inoculations actually
prevent the diseases against which they are directed.  But there is not a shred
of unequivocal evidence that any vaccine or serum will or can prevent any
disease or render it milder.  

                           Commercial Medicine
I am an incurable idealist and a chronic optimist, but I am not able to shut my
eyes to what I see going on around me.  I don’t believe in looking always on
"bright side" of things and refusing to examine the darker side.  In the
human garden there flourish some mighty foul weeds, most of them cunningly
disguised, that need to be looked at and destroyed.  

Ours is a system of pig-ethics.  I do not mean by this merely our love of
wallowing, but include also our selfishness, our game of grab and stab.  
Modern business of all kinds is just such a game, cleverly disguised, though
it often is, under a pretense of philanthropy, service and idealism.  

At the root of business, and supplying its motive power is a sordid
commercialism that does not hesitate to trample the most sacred things of life,
even life, itself, in the mud and mire to attain its selfish ends.  

Idealism can make little or no headway in our world until these pig-ethics are
destroyed.  For our pig-ethics employs idealism, not as a working principle,
nor yet as a way of life, but as a cloak to mask the ulterior motives of the fraud
and the cheat.  

Some years ago a large drugless sanitarium, located in Battle Creek, offered
stock for sale.  The heads let it be known that they expected to pay dividends
amounting to returns of twenty per cent, upon the investment.  

Think of this.  A professedly humanitarian institution run on the same basis as
a steel mill, or a public utilities corporation.  Besides providing a fat living for
the actual workers in the institution, they could pay large dividends to
absentee owners.  Does it not look as if the sick, with one foot in the grave,
were going to keep the healthy on easy street?  This shameless exploitation of
the sick and dying is carried on by every
so-called school of healing on earth.  

Then, when a patient dies, the undertaker comes, with the same commercial
motives, the same pig-ethics, and while the grief-stricken wife or husband,
mother or son feels that there is nothing that he or she would not do for the
beloved deceased, takes a mean advantage of this emotional state and holds
them up on a fashionable burial.  

In more recent years the shameless exploiters of human life and health, not
content with the profits they were deriving from their abuses of the actually
sick, have found ways and means to exploit the non-sick as well.  

As of old, this new form of exploitation hides behind a smoke screen of
altruism; the exploiters are doing it all for the good of humanity, for the public
health, for the protection of our children, etc.  

Medical science is a form of madness from which few medical men ever
recover.  Backed by commercialism, this madness runs roughshod over, the
life and health of the people.  

By: Herbert M. Shelton

Article: Vaccine & Serum Evils