Why Vegan?
                                                 By: Hesh Goldstein
                                                            February 2011 (NaturalNews)

      Thanks to millions of dollars in advertising, we
       have been brainwashed to believe we need meat,
    fish, poultry, eggs, and milk as the staples of our

Due to this, these high fat, high cholesterol, artery clogging
"foods" have been
accepted as an essential part of the American diet.  Ever present is the fact that
poultry has been accepted as a
"safer" option.  

But poultry is filthier than meat and pork.  After the chicken or turkey is
slaughtered and skinned it is soaked in a bath for cleansing.  The problem is
that the bath is full of urine, pus, doo-doo and other contaminants from all the
others that preceded it.  

But fear not.  The USDA has said that as long as you cannot see the doo-doo
through the clear wrap it is safe to buy and eat.  If that's the case why do they
then say that whatever that chicken or turkey has touched must be boiled to
prevent the spread of contamination?  

In addition to this profit-driven advertising, federal laws mandate that all
schools provide children with milk and flesh at each meal or lose federal

This done despite the fact that 95 percent of Asians, 90 percent of Blacks and
Hispanics, and 75 percent of White kids suffer from lactose intolerance and
cannot digest milk products.  

Ignoring these stats because money is more important than health, we find
that half of all dairy consumption, approximately 300 pounds a year, comes
from cheese, which is nothing more than a super concentrated form of health-
destroying saturated fat and salt.  

Also, we are the only creatures that regularly consume the milk products of
other species.  Rat's milk, anyone?  

From ingesting flesh, eggs and milk, there are no other components in the

diet that causes more pain and suffering, including death and
disability, than these products.  

Milk proteins are prone to rampant bacterial contamination such as
salmonella, listeria, E-coli, staph and the cause of most dairy product recalls.  

Dairy products, as with all flesh foods, hold various poisons, including
pesticides and other environmental contaminants.  

Yes, while pasteurization (cooking it 180 degrees F) might kill a lot of these
contaminants, it also kills any traces of any beneficial, if any, nutrients.  

Let's not forget that in order to increase milk production, dairy cows are
injected with artificial growth hormones.  

With this comes the increase of insulin-like growth factors that have been
shown to promote the growth of cancer cells as well as making a person so
big that they can blot out the sun and when they walk down the street.  It's as if
you can hear someone singing,
"I feel the earth move under my feet."  

Then there's the fact that 80 percent of the antibiotics produced are fed to
animals to keep them healthy.  The down side to that is that this overload to us
of the antibiotics we ingest through the flesh and milk, tends to make us more
resistant to the combating of various strains of bacteria when we get hit by

What about the environment?  Does it matter that the process of raising cattle
for milk and meat is a leading contributor to both water and air pollution and
very hard on the environment?  

We seemingly are opposed to the slavery of people but what about the slavery
of cows, chickens, pigs, and turkeys?  That is a question that only you can
answer for yourself.  

Everyone thinks that the consumption of fish is good and that fish is a
 I beg to differ.  Fish is the muscle of a cold-blooded animal with fins and

The major components of fish are fat, with 60 percent of their calories coming
from fat, and protein.  There are no carbohydrates, no dietary fiber, or no
vitamin C.  

Because many fish are high on the food chain, they are highly contaminated
with environmental chemicals like PCB's and mercury.  Fish fat is known to
inhibit the actions of insulin and increase the tendency for high blood sugars
and eventually diabetes.  

Eskimos are among the highest consumers of fish on the planet and also have
the highest rates of osteoporosis of any people on the planet.  

What's happening right now is that Monsanto paid off the Obama
administration to approve the genetic modification of alfalfa.  

Alfalfa is one of the heaviest consumed products by animals.  This means that
in the very near future all foods that had a face or a mother will contain
genetically modified ingredients and enormous amounts of Monsanto’s
"RoundUp Ready" pesticides.  

Let's look at other startling realities:

The pharmaceutical industry, as all publicly traded corporations do, need to
increase their bottom line to increase their earnings per share to keep their
shareholders happy.  To do that they must keep you sick.  

The large food corporations, also publicly traded corporations, basically need
you to eat more of their foods to keep their shareholders happy.  Whether or
not their foods are health promoting or health destroying is irrelevant to them.  

When we talk about Monsanto, we already know that they have paid off
presidents to keep from having their products labeled as GMOs.  Why?  
Because they know if they were labeled you would not buy them.  

Then there's the medical profession or I should say the medical business.  
What is the success key of any business?  Repeat customers.  You staying
sick is good for business.  

The government agencies have made comfortable beds for themselves by
being the chambermaids for the food and drug corporations.  These agencies,
The Fraud and Drug Administration, The Centers for Deceit Control and
, The Environmental Pollution Agency and The Federal
Treachery Commission
have already constructed a massive revolving door
between the large corporations and their agencies.  

For example take a look at the CDC.  Julie Gerberding, who was the Head of
the CDC for the past eight years, is now the
CEO of Merck Pharmaceutical's
vaccine division.  Also, let's not forget about former Monsanto higher ups like
Michael Taylor and Tom Vilsack.  

                      Espouse a vegan diet centered around organics.  

Despite all these facts, we continue to force these disease- and obesity-
"foods" upon innocent children in the schools and on ourselves.  If it
were truly about health it wouldn't happen.  If it were about money, well, let
history speak for itself.  

Change can only come from those that know they are being exploited and
decide to do something about it.  Are you ready to do that or do you need to
develop cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, constipation or
obesity before you do?  

By: Hesh Goldstein

Article: Why Vegan?

About the Author:
Hesh Goldstein has a Masters degree in Nutrition, Hosts a Weekly radio show
in Honolulu since 1981 called
"Health Talk".