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The Healthiest Diet of All
By: Neal D. Barnard, M.D.
"The healing nutrients found in a
variety of vegetables, whole grains,
fruits and legumes are the best dose
of preventive medicine we can find.
My advice to anyone seeking to gain
the most benefit possible from foods
is to throw away the animal products
and embrace vegetarian meals—not
in small steps, but entirely.  The
better health statistics for vegetarians
and vegans aren't peripheral but are
quite profound.  The greatest single
influence on the growth of
degenerative diseases such as
coronary heart disease, cancer and
diabetes was the amount of animal
fat and protein eaten - the more
you eat, the greater your risk."
Nutrition & Health
Lose Weight & Get Healthy
21-Day Vegan
Kickstart Program
By: Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D.
Kathy Freston Interviews the Author.
"We launched the 21-Day Vegan
Kickstart Program in the fall of 2009
online so people can do it wherever
they are.  They get tons of support,
they can talk with each other, and the
whole program is fun and very quick  
just three weeks and it's free.  
We detail what's in and out of the
program.  What's in are fruits,
vegetables, whole grains and beans.  
What's out are animal products  
including meat, cheese,
dairy & eggs."  
The China Study
By: T. Colin Campbell &
Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.

Book Review By: David Lorimer
"Even if one has a genetic
predisposition to cancer, this
research indicates that the plant-
based diet will help prevent its
manifestation.  I have come to the
conclusion that when it comes to
health, government is not for the
people; it is for the food industry
and the pharmaceutical industry at
the expense of the people.

A revolving door exists between
government jobs and industry jobs,
and government research funding
goes to the development of drugs
and devices instead of healthy  
nutrition… the system is a waste of  
taxpayer money and is profoundly
damaging to our health."  
The China Study
By: T. Colin Campbell &
Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.
Book Review By:
Dr. Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D
"The China Study differs from other
scientific studies in several important
ways.  It utilizes the most
comprehensive database on the
multiple causes of disease ever
compiled.  China provided a "natural
(living) laboratory" for the study of
nutrition and disease that is
unmatched anywhere else in the
world.  Regions in which people eat
the most animal products have the
highest rates of heart disease,
cancer, and other degenerative
diseases.  In many cases, the
differences are extremely large; in
one part of China where people eat
more meat, the rate of esophageal
cancer for men is 435 times greater
than the rate for men in another
region where meat consumption
is much lower."
The China Study
By: T. Colin Campbell &
Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.
Book Review By: Jane E. Brody
New York Times
"Findings from the most
comprehensive large study ever
undertaken of the relationship
between diet and disease are
challenging much of American
dietary dogma.  The study, being
conducted in China, paints a bold
portrait of a plant-based eating plan
that is more likely to promote health
than disease.  Those Chinese, who
eat the most protein, and especially
the most animal protein, also have
the highest rates of the ''diseases of
affluence'' like heart disease, cancer
and diabetes.  Cancer rates can vary
by a factor of several hundred from
one region of China to another.  
These large regional variations
highlight biologically important
relationships between
diet and disease."
The China Study
By: T. Colin Campbell &
Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.
Author: T. Colin Campbell
Responds To Criticism Of:
The China Study
"I was raised on a dairy farm,
milking cows while believing in the
great health value of the typical high
fat, animal protein based American
diet.  These critics--at least for Chris
Masterjohn and his enthusiasts—
are following an agenda which
promotes a diet high in cholesterol,
fat and animal protein, which is the
mission of an organization to which
Masterjohn belongs.  These critics,
who are mischievously posing as
qualified scientists, have committed
errors that expose their ignorance of
basic research principles.  They
show a serious lack of
understanding not only of the
fundamentals of scientific
research but also of the
principles of statistics
epidemiology and nutrition."  
Bill Clintons Health Crisis
A Teachable Moment Lost
By: Vance Lehmkuhl
"When President Bill Clinton
suffered discomfort recently and had
an operation to clear a blockage to
his heart, mainstream press outlets
made it a teachable moment about
heart disease.  Allan Schwartz, M.D.
at the New York Presbyterian
Hospital, said that: "this was not a
result of his lifestyle or his diet."
Wasting no time, John McDougall,
M.D., founder and medical director of
a diet and lifestyle modification
program (www.drmcdougall. com),
weighed in with an open letter to
Clinton.  "You had two bare metal
stents placed in your heart.  This
history will continue to repeat itself
until you seriously change your
eating habits and get these meddling
doctors out of your life.  You are
missing another 'teaching moment'
and bypassing another chance to
change health and health care
in America."  
A New Education,
Crohns, Colitis & Diet
By: Dr. David Klein Ph.D.
"Itis" means inflammation.  The
symptoms of inflammatory bowel
illness are a warning that the results
of unhealthful lifestyle and dietary
habits have reached the critical stage
requiring that immediate changes be
made.  The way to overcome
inflammatory bowel illness is to stop
poisoning and enervating the body
with harmful foods.  Medicine has no
healing intelligence; the body has all
of the healing intelligence.  If a person
with inflammatory bowel disease
replaces the unhealthful dietary and
lifestyle factors which lead to disease
with healthful ones, the body will heal
itself and ease will be restored.  Make
a gradual transition to a simple,
completely digestible, natural vegan
diet.  Raw fruits and vegetables are
our natural foods and they are
most nutritious and healthful."
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Many colitis sufferers become
habituated to the taking of drugs.  
They try everything that is advertised
as a remedy.  They exhaust the list of
laxatives, tonics and digestants.  
Physiological rest can be obtained
only by going without all food.  
Fasting soon results in a relaxation
of the spastic bowel and stomach.  
Fasting speeds up that part of
metabolism that eliminates waste
and rejuvenates fatigued nerve and
cell structure.  It permits the body to
establish a normal blood chemistry
in its own inimitable manner.  Eating
prevents the bowel from healing and
keeps alive the disease process.  
Without knowledge of cause,
there is nothing constructive
they can do."
The 80/10/10 Diet Book
By: Dr. Douglas Graham
"80/10/10 is really the minimum, in
terms of carbohydrate consumption,
and the maximum in terms of protein
and fat.  We're looking not to go
below 80% consumption for
carbohydrates nor above 10% in
protein and fat.  That's the nutshell
of 80/10/10.  It's been the concept
behind a tremendous number of
vegan and vegetarian health
programs.  We're looking at literally
hundreds of vegetables and
thousands of fruits from which to
choose on this fruit and vegetable,
species specific diet.  Our anatomy
and physiology is designed to
handle, fruits and vegetables, really
well.  You may choose certain fruits
and vegetables and I may choose
other fruits and vegetables."
Fruit, Fruit, More Fruit ...
And Fruitarianism
By: Dr. Douglas Graham
"Fruits come closer to meeting our
nutritional needs, on every level, than
any other group of foods.  However,
if you try to eat only fruit for months
or years at a stretch, you run the risk
of gradually running low on certain
vital nutrients, primarily minerals.  
This is particularly true for active
people and those who live in warm
climates.  A varied diet of fruits,
vegetables, and a moderate amount
of nuts and seeds tends to result in
the best of health and nutrition.  
Whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic  
plants are the most healthful for us.   
Optimum health also cannot be
achieved without including a

daily fitness program."
The Challenges Of Going
On A Raw Food Diet
By: Dr. Douglas Graham
"Supplement vendors publish
convincing literature to convince you
that their green powders or “whole-
food-based” supplements supply
concentrated nutrition in amounts
you could not get from fresh fruits
and vegetables.  Taking them can
serve only to imbalance you, as even
in deficiency conditions, we do not
need more of any nutrient than we
can get in whole, fresh, ripe, raw
plants eaten in sufficient quantity to
maintain our body weight.  The
80/10/10 diet recommends
consuming 80% carbohydrate, 10%
protein and 10% fat.  This
recommendation is best applied
to a diet of whole, fresh, ripe,
raw, organic, plants."
Are You Getting Enough?
By: Dr. Douglas Graham
"Plants perfectly meet all our needs:
nutritional, spiritual, emotional,
environmental, ecological and
ethical.  Every nutrient known to be
needed by humans is available to us
from plants.  There are no nutrients
necessary to humans that can be
obtained from animal foods that
cannot also be obtained from plants.
The low fat raw vegan approach,
accomplished by the consumption
of whole, fresh, ripe raw organic
plants, is the most nutritious
method of eating.
 Couple this with
a regular fitness program, and you
have the makings of a regimen that
will bring you to the pinnacle of
good health."  
What Is The Optimal Diet
For Humans?
Vegan Raw Food Diet Or
The Omnivorous Diet?  
Lively Debate: Douglas Graham
vs Thomas Billings
"Many people touting animal protein
point to specific nutrients which
animal protein contains substantially
more of than plants.  Simply having
more of something does not make it
more nutritious however.  Our
anatomy is that of a frugivore.  We
are built like all of the other
frugivorous anthropoids that
consume the majority of their
calories from fruit.  We have no
claws, no fangs.  Unlike all
carnivorous mammals, we don’t
produce litters of babies."
"An omnivorous diet with a low level
of animal products can be based
primarily on unprocessed or
minimally processed foods and
be a healthy diet."   
Fruit Eating
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Can man get adequate protein
from a fruit diet?  This is to ask: If
a man were to attempt to live as a
strict Frugivore, could he be
adequately nourished?  There is no
question about the ability of a
Fruitarian diet to supply adequacies
of fats, carbohydrates, minerals and
vitamins.  Many efforts have been
made to live upon a diet of fruits
only, usually with only marked
degree of success.  It is probable
that this has resulted from an
insufficient variety of fruits.  It has
usually been found that such diets
are improved by the addition of
green leafy vegetables.   Nuts, which
are fruits, are nearly all rich in
protein of high biological value,
capable of supplying all the

amino acids essential to growth
and reproduction."  
Fruitarianism &
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"I do not intend to enter into any
lengthy discussion of comparative
anatomy and physiology at this
place, but will content myself with
saying that every anatomical,
physiological and embryological
feature of man definitely places him
in the class of Frugivore.  The
number and structure of his teeth,
the length and structure of his
digestive tract, the position of his
eyes, the character of his nails, the
functions of his skin, the character
of his saliva, the relative size of his
liver, the number and position of the
milk glands, the position and
structure of the sexual organs, the
character of the human placenta and
many other factors all bear

witness to the fact that man is
constitutionally a Frugivore."  
Humans Developed
To Their Highest State
Entirely On Fruits
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Physically, humans developed on
fruits just as our simian and other
primate relatives in nature.  In
consequence anthropologists and
biologists have classified humans as
frugivores or fruit eaters.  Fruits are
our ideal food and the only foods
capable of meeting our physiological
capabilities in every respect.  Fruits
are not only our best foods, they are
our only biologically-mandated
foods.  Inasmuch as most fruits do
contain all the essential amino acids,
I would adjudge that fruits meet
human needs for protein amply.  
The interplay between fruit-eating
animals and fruit-bearing trees
begot an ever-greater profusion
and variety of fruits."  
One Man's Meat
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"It is argued that no two men
have the same constitutions; hence,
requires something different in
way of diet.  This doctrine of
physiological chaos was popularly
expressed in the old adage:
"What is one man's meat is another
man's poison."  The human species
is subject to the same laws of
uniformity as other species with
regard to food.  This old saw means
that: while fruits and vegetables may
be excellent foods for some
constitutions, some of us are
constitutionally carnivorous and
could never thrive without liberal
quantities of flesh foods.   One mans
meat, is merely employed as a
weapon for those who have no other
answer to give when urged to
consider the importance of
wholesome dietary habits.”
The Hygienic System
By: Herbert M. Shelton
Vegetable vs Animal Proteins
"The study of food and its relations
to the structures and functions of the
body constitutes one of the most
important subjects that can occupy
our minds.  Modern dietary science,
trophology may be said to have had
its beginning with Sylvester Graham.
If you want the newer knowledge of
nutrition you'll find most of it in this
book. There is nothing in the protein
of the flesh that the animal did not
derive from the plant.   Life depends
on food.  All growth, repair and
maintenance of tissues are the
results of nutrition.  Nuts contain
complete and high grade proteins.  
Green vegetables also contain
high-grade proteins.  The plant is

the best original source of
building materials that
our diet can supply."
A Salad A Day
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Indeed, it is important to have
some fresh green food every day of
the year and not take salads only at
intervals.  There is no substitute for
green foods in our diet.  It is
important that these be taken,
largely if not wholly, in the raw or
uncooked state.  In general the
green leaves of plants are our
richest sources of organic salts
(minerals), are rich sources of
vitamins, and are sources of small
quantities of the highest grade
proteins.  Shrimp salad, potato
salad, egg salad and salad covered
with oil or vinegar will not answer
 the purpose assigned to salads."  
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Plant Diet Vs Meat Diet
Neal Barnard