Nutrition & Health
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"The modern Ponce de Leon’s
search, not for a magic spring, the
waters of which restore and prolong
youth, but for foods that have this
magic power.  Foods now cure
without the necessity of removing
cause.  Food is now the new magic-
it is the mysterious compound that
will do what we once expected
drugs to do.   We live on a diet of
white flour products, "breakfast
foods" that stick to your ribs, white
sugar, pasteurized milk, embalmed
flesh foods, cakes, pies, etc., and
expect to render such diets
adequate by "supplementing" them
with wheat germ, molasses, honey,
yogurt, skimmed milk, cider
vinegar, etc."
Herbal Medicine:
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Herbal Medicine, here we have an
ancient method of treating the sick
that has as its sole claim to superior
merit, the fact that it is less lethal in
its effects than the virulent poisons
employed by the modern physician.
The herbalist or "natural therapist"
looks upon "modern medicine" as a
perversion and departure from what
he likes to think of as the "natural
cure".  It is difficult to differentiate
between the two superstitions.  That
a thing is natural does not mean
that it has any normal relationship
to the living organism.  It does not
belong in the human body merely
because it is natural."
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Medical men long held that nature
has provided remedies for disease,
that there is a "law of cure."  It has
been said that somewhere in nature
there is a cure for every disease, if
only this can be found.  Both in the
medical profession and outside the
medical profession the belief
continues to be held that the
vegetable kingdom, especially those
portions of it that are laden with
alkaloids and glycosides, contains
cures for the diseases of man.  
Almost the whole of the
Herbal practice consists in the
employment, as medicines, of
poisonous plants."
Principles of Proper
Food Combining
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"As any student of chemistry will
assure you, acids and bases
(alkalis) neutralize each other.  If
you eat a starch with a protein,
digestion is impaired or completely
arrested. The undigested food mass
can cause various kinds of digestive
disorders.  Undigested food
becomes soil for bacteria, which
ferment and decompose it.  Its
by-products are poisonous. The
principles of food combining are
dictated by digestive chemistry.  
Different foods are digested
Food Combining:
Mono Meals
By: Virginia Vetrano
"Green leafy vegetables are more
abundant in alkaline minerals than
fruits.  They are an excellent source
of calcium, iron and other valuable
minerals.  They are rich in vitamins
and contain small amounts of
protein of the highest quality and
biological value.  They are the
richest source of chlorophyll, such
as only green plants can provide.  
The less complex our food mixtures,
and the simpler our meals, the more
efficient will be our digestion, and
the better our health."  
The Rationale of
Food Combining
By: Dennis Nelson
"The principles of food combining
were first explained in the earlier
part of the 20th century by Dr. John
Tilden, M.D., author of "Toxemia
Explained”.  Their work was
followed by that of Dr. Herbert
Shelton and is continuing with the
doctors and teachers of the Natural
Hygiene movement.  In relating this
concept to nutrition, we should
realize that the nourishment our  
body receives is dependent on what
we can digest and assimilate."  
Diet Reform
Supplemental Feeding
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"For the most part, restoration,
fortification and enrichment of foods
is a farce.  Back to natural eating,
should be our rallying cry.  Are we
such fools that we are going on
forever removing from natural foods
essential nutritive factors and then
replacing them with "Just as good"
Synthetic substances?  The real
health foods do not come in bottles,
boxes and capsules.  They are grown
in garden and orchard, are irradiated
by the sun, rather than by an
ultra-violet lamp, and are more
suited to the nutritive needs of our
bodies as they come, ready-made,
from the lap of mother nature."
Cow's Milk
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"The food essential to healthy
development and growth of every
infant mammal, including human
infants, is produced for it in its own
mother's breasts.  The milk of each
species differs widely from that of
every other, and each is especially
fitted to meet the needs of the
young of that species.  Cows Milk is
not the perfect food for either infant
or adult.  Milk, is a temporary
expediency in the life of the young
animal, lasting it until the time that
it evolves teeth.   Milk is not a good
food for the non-suckling organism.
 After the normal nursing period has
passed, milk may be profitably
dropped from the child's diet."
Dairy Reconsidered
By: Michael Klaper, M.D.
"For people who dutifully drink milk
and swallow cheese, ice cream and
yogurt, believing that the magic of
cow’s milk will ward off fractures in
old age, be advised that there is very
little evidence that dairy products
prevent osteoporosis - in fact, just
the opposite may be true.  Cow's
milk contains proteins and other
substances that are thought to play
a major role in many serious
diseases, like asthma, rheumatoid
arthritis, recurring ear infections,
eczema, colitis, and various
autoimmune diseases.  To prevent
or reverse osteoporosis we must
consume nutrients from whole,
plant-based foods, such as dark
green leafy vegetables, root
vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains,
and fruits."
Dairy: 6 Reasons You
Should Avoid It At All Costs
Why Following The USDA
Food Pyramid Guidelines
Is Bad For Your Health
By: Mark Hyman, M.D.
"Dairy is nature's perfect food -- but
only if you're a calf.  Criticizing milk
in America is like taking on
motherhood, apple pie, or baseball.
There's no evidence that dairy is
good for your bones or prevents
osteoporosis -- in fact, the animal
protein it contains may help cause
bone loss.  In fact, according to the
Nurses' Health Study dairy may
increase risk of fractures by 50
percent.  Less dairy, better bones.   
It is better for us to get calcium,
potassium, protein, and fats from
food sources, like whole plant
foods -- vegetables, fruits, beans,
whole grains, nuts, seeds."  
Eating & Cancer
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Physicians customarily advise
their patients to eat what agrees
with them or to eat what they like.  
They commonly tell them not to
worry about their diet.  A short while
ago I met a female physician who
lived in and practiced in Ohio she
was attending special classes in
Columbia University.  Our
conversation turned to diet she said
that she did not know anything
about diet.  Then she said: "My
profession regards dietetics as
quackery and I cannot afford to get
the reputation of being a quack."  
Now the answer was out in the open:
It is scientific to poison the sick; it is
quackery to attempt to feed them
correctly.  So long as this is the
accepted view of the profession,
there is no hope that they will ever
give intelligent attention to the
subject of food and feeding."
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"Every food eaten leaves behind it
an ash after it has been used by the
body.  The ash is either acid or
alkaline.  Eating too much acid-ash
food, or eating it over long periods of
time, results in storing acid-ash in
the cells and in depleting the body of
its alkaline reserve.  Acid-ash foods
are all meats, eggs, cheese, milk,  
cereals, legumes, nuts, and  
denatured foods of all kinds.  The
alkaline-ash foods are fruits, and all
green vegetables.  Fats and oils are
classed as neutral foods.  If our
foods do not maintain normal
alkalinity of the blood and
tissues, disease develops."  
Fruit: Best Food Of All
By: William L. Esser
"Many facts indicate that humans
were originally frugivorous or
fruit-eating animals, not omnivorous
as we are presently.  That humans
have strayed from their natural diet
for the past few thousand years
does not mean that organs have
changed so as to be suited to the
prevailing diet.  If any change has
occurred, it is that we have become
diseased creatures.  Of all the foods
that we can eat, fruits are the best in
every respect.  They are objects,
which enchant the eye, delight the
smell and thrill the normal taste
beyond the sensation incited by

any other food."  
Diet, Not Genes,
Controls Destiny
By: John McDougall, M.D.
"We are sick because Nature never
intended for us to eat the foods we
are eating today.  Plant foods are
the most abundant sources of
nutrition on earth.  Animal foods
don't even come close in
comparison.  Only plants contain
powerful substances called
phytochemicals, which scientists
are now discovering protects us
from cancer, heart disease, and an
array of other serious illnesses.  All
minerals are derived originally from
the earth and make their way into
the food supply via plants.  Try The
McDougall 12 Day All You Can Eat
Diet Plan For Optimum Health."
The McDougall
All You Can Eat
12-Day Menu Plan
By: John McDougall, M.D.
"The secret of the McDougall
Program is in making starches the
centerpiece of your diet and to this
you add fruits and green and yellow
vegetables.  Below, I have provided
you with a 12-day menu plan with
recipes.  You do not have to follow it
exactly.  When you find favorite
meals, feel free to repeat them over
and over again.  To make these  
meals taste great add your favorite    
sauces, seasonings, and dressings,
adjust the spicing to your liking."
When Friends Ask:
Where Do You
Get Your Protein?
By: John McDougall, M.D.
"Our public policy makers and
educators remain ignorant about our
nutritional needs.  Misinformation
leads to disastrous outcomes.  
People have serious health problems
like heart disease, type-2 diabetes,
multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory
arthritis that can be easily resolved
by a diet based solely on plant foods.
The recent popularity of high protein
diets has further popularized the
fallacy that more protein is good for
you.  True, high protein diets, like
Atkins, will make you sick enough to
lose your appetite and temporarily
lose weight, but this fact should
not be extrapolated to mean
high protein is healthy—in fact,
the opposite is true."
The Starch Solution  
By: John McDougall, M.D.
"The proper diet for human beings
is based on starches.  Men and
women following diets based on
grains, vegetables, and fruits have
accomplished all of the great feats in
history.  All animal foods, including
beef, chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs,
milk, and cheese, contain no starch
at all.  While easily providing the
abundance of calories needed for
winning marathons, starches do not
promote excess weight gain.  Starch
as our food source must no longer
be vilified.  Meat, poultry, fish, and
dairy can no longer be exalted."  
Prevent & Reverse
Heart Disease
By: Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, M.D.
Mark Sutton Interviews The Author:
"When we eat the Traditional
Western Diet, those foods: the meat,
cheese, butter, eggs, beef, thick oils,
somehow marinate our delicate
cellular structures, and that
marinating process ends up with
enough injury and multiple hits to
our cellular structure that over the
decades, those accumulated hits
become what we as physicians will
now declare a disease."  
Esselstyn's research is incredibly
important.  A ground breaking book
that really nails heart disease, pulls
no punches, and provides some
wonderful vegan recipes as a
guide for eating heart safe
Prevent & Reverse
Heart Disease
By: Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. M.D
Kathy Freston Interviews Author
Dr. Esselstyn: "Coronary heart
disease is the leading killer of
women and men in western  
civilization.  It is predicted to
become the #1 global disease
burden by 2020.
"  Kathy Freston:
“What is the cause of the disease?”  
Dr. Esselstyn: "It is the typical
western diet of processed oils, dairy
products, and meat including
chicken and fish that injures the
endothelial cells.  Endothelial cells
manufacture a magical protective
molecule of gas called nitric oxide,
which protects our blood vessels.  
When people learn to eat a plant
based diet to eliminate heart
disease it could inaugurate a
seismic revolution in health."
Prevent & Reverse
Heart Disease
By: Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D  
Book Review By: Clarence Bass
"Dr. Esselstyn's diet rules are
simple—and strict:  All vegetables,
fruit, whole grains, beans and lentils
are allowed; but no meat, chicken,
fish, eggs, refined grains, dairy
products (even skim milk), oil, nuts
or avocados.  Although his diet
sounds—and is—Spartan,
Dr. Esselstyn’s meal suggestions
are more satisfying—rabbit food it’s
not.  The patients in the study had
advanced heart disease.  They were
referred to Dr. Esselstyn as a last
resort.  He sat down with each
patient for as long as necessary and
explained the benefits of plant-based
nutrition.  Twenty years later, most
of them are still alive.  Dr. Esselstyn
goes over the history of each
patient in his book.  You can see
the improved blood flow, in some
cases after only 3 weeks.  The
results are indeed stunning."
Olympic Reflections
50 Years Later
By: Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D
"For some athletes an Olympic
Gold Medal is the pinnacle of their
life.  I viewed it as a springboard.  
The experience provided the utmost
in confidence, belief in one’s self,
the rewards of total effort, personal  
courage, and most importantly  
persistence.  It is difficult to
evaluate the degree to which the
Olympic Experience contributed,
but I am certain about one area of
my life where it has always
impacted and continues to do so.  
That is my research.  By the early
1980’s I was increasingly
disillusioned with the focus of the
medical profession.  Cardiovascular
disease, which is the leading killer
of men and women, can be
eliminated through plant-based
nutrition.  You would think with this
discovery there would be dancing
in the streets.  The drug industry
loves heart disease.  The statin
drugs are a 20 billion dollar
annual market."
The Case For Fake Meat
By: Kathy Freston
"Here's why I unabashedly
promoted faux meat for Oprah's 378
staffers who went vegan for a week:
It's much better for human health,
exponentially better for our
environment, and infinitely better for
animals.  When I led Oprah and her
Harpo staffers through a 7-day
vegan challenge recently, my
approach was to take their current
lifestyle and eating habits into
account, and ease them into eating
vegan by showing how easy it is to
swap out fattening, high-cholesterol
animal products for vegan versions
of their traditional favorite foods.
Moving toward a way of eating that
is kind to our bodies, the earth, and
animals is about progress, not
perfection.  It's about leaning into
it by making smarter
everyday choices."  
Vegan Fitness
Kathleen Roberts
Vegan Athlete: Jeff Sekerak  
"Vegan fitness is often the subject
of debate.  Typically, those who
consume an omnivorous diet feel
that vegan diets do not provide all
the necessary nutrients and are less
than optimal.  To prove this belief is
flawed, author and vegan fitness
expert Jeff Sekerak recently
completed a walk through Death
Valley National Park to prove his
superior fitness on a completely
vegan diet."  "I'm a raw vegan a
fruitarian--and in the best shape of
my entire life due to my current
exercise protocol.  Plant-based diets
supply every nutrient the human
body needs.  Animal products
such as cooked meat lead to
many forms of degenerative
diseases including
cancer and heart disease."
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
The Dr. Atkins Diet
"Those on the Atkins Diet had rapid
advancement of their heart disease
with a decrease in blood flow in the
heart's blood vessels of 40%.  Those
sticking to the whole-foods
vegetarian diet showed a reversal of
their heart disease as expected.
Thus, the only study on the Atkins
Diet to actually measure arterial
blood flow showed this style of
eating is exceedingly dangerous.
In my practice, I have hundreds of
patients who had reversed their heart
disease that they developed while on
the American diet or on the Atkins
diet, dropped their cholesterol over a
hundred points, without drugs, and
are living proof that nutritional
excellence, not drugs is the therapy
of choice.  People will jump on a
bandwagon of pseudo-scientific
claims supporting their preferred
food habits and addictions."
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
The New Government
Food Pyramid
Now Called: MyPlate
"Half a plate full of meat and  grains,
plus a serving of dairy at each meal
does not leave enough room in the
diet for high nutrient foods like
vegetables and beans.  Animal
products and processed foods are
still the major source of calories.  All
“proteins” are certainly not created
equal.  It is important to differentiate
– to depict meat and other animal
products as disease-promoting
foods because they raise cancer
risk, and greens, beans, nuts and
seeds as health-promoting foods
because they decrease cancer risk.  
Nuts, seeds and beans, critical foods
for excellent health, are not even
present on this plate.  The inclusion
of Dairy in MyPlate perpetuates the
misinformation that cows’ milk

is essential to human health."
John Robbins
Anti-Vegetarian Group:
Weston A. Price Foundation
"Weston Price was an American
dentist who traveled around the
world, camera and film in hand, in
the late 1920s and early 1930s.  An
entire chapter in my latest book,
"Healthy At 100" is devoted to his
work.  Price specifically sought out
native peoples who were still eating
their native foods.  He asked about
their dietary habits, then examined
and took photographs of their teeth.
Price found that those people who
were still eating their native diets had
very few if any dental caries and
appeared to be in radiant health,
while their counterparts who were
now eating refined and processed
foods from the West were exhibiting
massive tooth decay and a growing
cascade of illness and dysfunction.  
Some of the most zealous of his
followers now run an organization
called the Weston A. Price
Foundation.  Sally Fallon, the
foundation's president,
denounces vegetarianism."
Herbert M. Shelton
Herbert M. Shelton
Herbert M. Shelton
Herbert M. Shelton
Virginia Vetrano
Herbert M. Shelton
Herbert M. Shelton
Michael Klaper
Mark Hyman
Herbert M. Shelton
Herbert M. Shelton
William L. Esser
John McDougall
John McDougall
John McDougall
John McDougall
Caldwell Esselstyn
Caldwell Esselstyn
Kathy Freston
Caldwell Esselstyn
Kathy Freston
John Robbins
Yale's 1956 Olympic Gold
Medal Rowing Team
Fake Meat Sandwiches
Vegan Athlete Hikes
Through Death Valley
To Prove Fitness
Sally Fallon Morell
President: Weston Price
Inaccurately Claims:
"Meat plus Dairy is an
excellent combination,
cholesterol is your best