The Encyclopedia of
Rational Living
C. Philip Reichard, Editor
"Fruit eating is Humankind's oldest
and only legitimate form of diet.  
Africa is the birthplace of the Human
Family.  All humans of all races can
trace their origins back to the early
humans in Africa millions of years
ago.  Some Africans migrated to
settle other areas of the world.  
Europe, Asia, and the Americas to
name a few.  Through a diet of fresh,
raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and
seeds, Fruitarians and Natural
Hygienists have removed all vestiges
of ethnicity, national origin, and
religious denomination from
their diets.”    
Nutrition & Health
Vegetarianism: The Choice
Of The
'More Intelligent' Child
By: Jeremy Laurance
"Researchers from the University of
Southampton who conducted the
study agree.  They suggest that
vegetarians are more thoughtful
about what they eat.  But they say it
is unclear whether bright children
choose to become vegetarians for
the health benefits or for other
reasons, such as a concern for
animals, or as a lifestyle choice.  
The scientists began investigating
the link between IQ and
vegetarianism because people with
higher intelligence have a lower risk
of heart disease, A vegetarian diet is
associated with a lower cholesterol
level, lower blood pressure and
less obesity - all risk factors for
heart disease."
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
The Meat-eaters’ Last Stand
By: John McDougall, M.D.
"Why would a plant-food-based diet,
heralded as a preventative and cure
for our most common chronic
diseases be deficient in any way?
These days Westerners are running
out of excuses for their gluttony.  
Well-read people no longer believe
meat is necessary to meet our
protein needs or that milk is the
favored source of calcium.  With the
crumbling of these two time-
honored battlefronts the vitamin B12
issue has become the trendy topic
whenever a strict vegetarian (vegan)
diet is discussed.   How many
vegans have you met with B12
deficiency anemia or nervous
system damage?  I bet not one."
Vitamin B-12 And Your Diet
By: Dr. Alan Immerman D.C.
"Do we get enough vitamin B12?  
This is a major concern to people
who consume no animal foods
(vegans).  Much of their worry arises
from the wide publicity given to
statements like the following, which
appeared in the prestigious journal,
Nutrition Reviews: "Strict
vegetarianism in western countries
is a form of food faddism which can
have serious consequences due to
the possibility of a vitamin B12
"  What are the facts?  
First of all, it cannot be said that
vegans consume too little vitamin
B12 unless it can be shown they
have a definite deficiency of this
vitamin.  Therefore, in order to
understand the facts, we must
decide how we will determine
who is deficient."
The Vitamin B12 Hoax
By: Dr. Virginia Vetrano
"It is a well known fact in Hygienic
circles that many cases of
pernicious anemia double their
blood cell count in only one week of
fasting, without taking vitamin B-12
shots.  Most abnormalities of the
blood are corrected through fasting.
We know that patients who have
been on vitamin B-12 injections for
years without much benefit can take
a fast and get well.
This would seem to indicate that,
perhaps, they were suffering with a
simple gastritis, and that after
fasting the inflammatory condition
healed, leaving them better able to
secrete the necessary enzymes for
good digestion.   Vegans who  
practice Hygienic living have
splendid health.  Man does not
have to eat animals to get his
vitamin B-12."
How Much Protein?
By: Herbert M. Shelton
"When great nations of the world
are suffering from hunger, it is
absolute waste to convert large
quantities of wheat into eggs, thus
losing 90 percent of the nutritive
value of the wheat, and to convert
tremendous amounts of maize
(corn) and barley into fodder (food
for cows) and thus lose 75 percent
of the calories and proteins.  This is
a direct stab at our traditional but
nonetheless foolish agriculture,
which first raises huge quantities of
animals, and then feeds man a small
percentage of the food value thus
converted into animal foods.  Men
are poisoned by excessive protein
ingestion.  More than any other
food factor, excesses of protein
foods fill the body with toxins."   
John McDougall
Alan Immerman
Virginia Vetrano
Herbert M. Shelton
James Cameron