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Vaccine & Serum Evils
By: Herbert M. Shelton
Doctor Shelton is a scientific
eyewitness to the failure of the
smallpox vaccine in the early part of
the 20th century.  He systematically
discredits the propaganda distorting
the facts and condemns the use of all
vaccines that are idolized
& promoted
by the medical & drug industry.  
"Vaccine is septic matter.  Vaccination
is deliberate and forcible septic
infection.  It is almost impossible to
the evils of this filthy,
practice, any physician
or vaccine propagandist who asserts
that vaccination is harmless is
either an ignoramus or a liar."
A Few Things I Know
By: Suzanne Humphries, M.D.
"Up until 2 years ago I was content
to work as a medical doctor caring for
very sick people with kidney failure.
Two years ago, everything changed.  
With several cases of kidney
associated vaccine injury in

previously healthy people, I started to
look into the information that I had
previously held as factual.  An
avalanche of truth collapsed upon me.

Vaccines did not save humanity and
never will.  Smallpox was not
eradicated by vaccines as many
doctors readily say
it was.  Vaccines
are dangerous and
should never
be injected into anyone."  
Inoculations - The True
Weapons of Mass Destruction
By: Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D.
"Note that Bechamp proved that Louis
Pasteur's "germ theory" of disease

was incorrect, disease was based on
the body's internal terrain.  Thus,
of infection with antibiotics
as well as "prevention" of disease
with vaccines
are examples of cutting
off the branches
of dis-ease, when the
root of the cause
is a toxic internal
 However Pasteur's
germ theory was conducive to
the profits of the burgeoning
pharmaceutical companies

who only  manage disease."
A Heretics View of Influenza
By: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O
"We’ve all been taught that germs
are bad and they are lurking around
corner, waiting to invade
humans.  A discussion
about the Germ Theory is a moot
point.  Questioning its validity elicits
divisiveness and hostility among
practitioners and laypersons
alike.  Why?  Because challenging
mechanistic idea of
disease, finding the right drug for
each germ, was the seed of the
pharmaceutical empire.   It is not the
invasion by external microbes
leads to
disease it is the compromise
the immune system due to the
contamination of the terrain."
Vaccines Cause Epidemics
A Brief History
By: Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
Article is dated but the information is
still applicable to what is going
on in the medical profession today.  
"Vaccination, which is entirely lacking
in value to the human race, has been
sustained by falsity.  Records of the
enormous number of deaths from
vaccination have either been

completely concealed or twisted to
appear favorable.  The medical records

have been in the hands of
the doctors
who profit from the sale of
and drugs and who, by their own
admission, are more interested in

their own financial gain than in the
well-being of the public."  
The Poisoned Needle
By: Dr. Eleanor McBean, Ph.D.
"For the past 2000 years physicians
have been looking in the wrong
direction for the cure of disease.  Their
worse than useless practice of killing
germs with poison drugs has never

and can never solve the problem of
disease.  During the Dark Ages, before
introduction of improved nutrition
sanitation, the world was
visited with epidemics of
smallpox.  The cause was stubbornly
ignored and
the seeds for more
disease were sown when vaccination
was brought
into popular use."  
By: Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D.
"Orthodox medicine contends that
we can only be absolved from the peril
infection by vaccination, which
injecting into the system
material, which is supposed
to confer
lifelong immunity, hence the
"immunization."  Vaccinations
work.  They are not effective.  
They do
not give immunity.  In
addition, they are very dangerous.
Developmental disabilities have
dramatically since the
introduction of vaccinations."  
Hoax of Modern Medicine
& Its Toxic Medications
By: Viera Scheibner Ph.D.
"When a baby is born in any so called
developed country, orthodox medicine
immediately takes over its life and
well being: the very birth is
medicalized with painkillers and an
immediate injection of a hepatitis B
vaccine is given to the new born.  If
they survive the initial assault of these
toxic substances, then they may
develop reactions to the second
round at two months.  Vaccines are
neither safe nor effective in preventing
any disease; they cause diseases;
they are the single biggest cause
of infant deaths"
Shaken Baby Syndrome
The Vaccination Link
By: Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
"Be suspicious of a medical system
which forces itself upon you, which
won't accept responsibility for
vaccine injuries and lawfully tries to
take away your constitutional,
democratic and legal right to have
control over your own and your
children's health without being
hassled and victimized?  The father
of a l month-old infant, who, after
being acquitted on appeal of causing
shaken baby syndrome, said words
to the effect, "We still don't know
what killed our baby".  It did not
occur to them and nobody told
them that it was the Vaccine that
killed their baby.”  
The Hour Of The Time
By: Alex Loglia
Mr. Loglia is not a natural hygienist
and the article is a bit dated,
nevertheless it is well researched
and very relevant to what is going
on in America today.  He uses his
writing skills to debunk the lies we
are told regarding the effectiveness
of vaccines.  
unquestionably, do not guarantee
you any protection and their side
effects are disastrous.  The triple
antigen shot, DPT, which is the
Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
vaccine, contains the following
poisons:  Formaldehyde, Mercury,
Aluminum Phosphate, and
that's from the Physician's Desk
Reference, 1980."  
Vaccines Exposed:
Hidden Crime Against
Our Children
By: Ramiel Nagel
"The belief that vaccines work flies in
the face of any reasonable scientific
inquiry.  The long-term effectiveness
of vaccines, have never been proven;
let alone reasonably studied by the
people who unconditionally believe
in their good.  Not only do vaccines
not work, they actually cause
diseases.  Vaccine additives include,
mercury, antibiotics, anti-freeze and
other poisonous compounds.  Do not
violate the purity of your child's
blood.  Loving our children means
not giving them vaccinations and it
means that we need to inform other
parents as well that vaccines are
indeed proven to be deadly."   
Refusing Vaccination:
Guide To Informed Choice
By: Gary Krasner
Mr. Krasner is a student of Natural
and well versed on the
subject of Vaccinations.
"The belief that germs cause
disease allows health officials to
forcibly medicate and vaccinate
people.  But actually, a diseased
state in the host precedes the
formation and growth of pathogenic
bacteria.  The ingredients of
vaccines do not include the Eye of a
Newt, which would at least contain
vitamin A, but they do contain an
impressive array of toxic substances.
There are no substances that
possess mystical properties that
heal cells, tissues, or organs.  The
process of cellular repair, healing,
is performed by the body."
Health Principles
By: Vaccination Liberation
"Pediatricians who have had the
opportunity to work with both
vaccinated and unvaccinated
children are mystified by the fact
that the unvaccinated are healthier.  
Some of course understand health
principles and know that toxin
internally, not germs, is the primary
cause of infectious diseases.  
For 2000 years doctors looked at
the world through the belief that
'bleeding was therapeutic.'  Today
many look at the world through the
belief that 'vaccines work'.  Health is
the outcome of a lifestyle, which
results in cell structure, which is
well nourished, and toxin free."
Fear Of The Invisible
By: Janine Roberts
August 2008
Excerpt From The Book:
"The Truth About The Polio Vaccine"
"I found the triumph and relief
accompanying the launch of the Salk
vaccine was extremely short-lived.  
Within two weeks nearly 200
vaccinated children had gone down
with polio.  This produced near panic
in the White House.  President
Eisenhower had publicly endorsed
this vaccine.  Within days the
Surgeon General suspended the
entire US production of the vaccine
and called for emergency meetings
with Salk and the manufacturers.
These children were having a host

of potential toxins and viruses
injected into their arms, did this  
explain why many were paralyzed
in the arm vaccinated?"
In the Wake of Vaccines
By: Barbara Loe Fisher
"By the 1970s the medical literature
was full of reports that the pertussis
(whooping cough) vaccine was
causing brain inflammation and
death in babies getting the DPT
shot.  Doctors and public health
officials were talking to each other in
the pages of medical journals about
the fact that vaccines could injure
children’s brains, but those being
vaccinated had no clue.  Mothers
placed a blind trust in the complete
safety and effectiveness of those
vaccines. Healthcare professions
including alternative modalities
offering a drug-free way to maintain
health are becoming more popular
as people realize they are healthier
when they take fewer drugs and
The Medical Time Bomb
Immunization Against Disease
By: Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
This material is a little dated and
Dr. Mendelsohn was not a natural
hygienic practitioner.  However he
courageously went against his
pediatrician colleagues and
denounced vaccines.
“The greatest threat of childhood
diseases lies in the dangerous and
ineffectual efforts made to prevent
them.  Immunizations have been so
artfully and aggressively marketed
that most parents believe them to be
the "miracle" that has eliminated
many once-feared diseases.  Much
of what you have been led to believe
about immunizations is not true.  
There is no convincing scientific
evidence that mass inoculations
can be credited with eliminating
any childhood disease."
Questioning Vaccines Not
“Fueled By Ignorance”
By: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O
"The vaccine debate is escalating.  
With 18 states currently considering
laws to mandate the new HPV
(cervical cancer) vaccine for school
entry.  Those promoting vaccination
seem to be pulling out all the stops
to defend their positions.  But
vaccine injuries are real despite
claims that occurrences are rare.  
Fears of developing autism as a
result of vaccination have been
dismissed by mainstream medicine.  
If vaccines were safe, manufacturers
would not require federal legislation
to protect them from liability.  If
vaccines were effective, no one
would question the value of their
use.  If vaccines were good for us,
state mandates would not be
necessary to force them upon
The Attempted Hijacking
Of “Science” By The
Ultra Pro-Vaccine Crowd
By: Sandy Gottstein
"The pro-vaccine camp has made a
dogma out of trivializing vaccine-
safety concerns, their willingness to
embrace tainted research raises
more questions than it answers.  In
the absence of data among the never
vaccinated, there is simply no basis
for declaring that a reported adverse
reaction is merely a normal, expected
event.  Normal, expected among the
vaccinated?  There is the disgraceful
rejection of nearly all the evidence
published in journals that supports
the notion that vaccines may be
causing harm."  
Former Head of CDC
Now President of

Merck Vaccine Division
By: Mike Adams  
"You've heard it before, how the
pharmaceutical industry has a giant
"revolving door" through which
corporations and government
agencies frequently exchange key
employees.  That reality was driven
home in a huge way today when
news broke that Dr. Julie Gerberding,
who headed the CDC from 2002
through 2009, landed
the top job with
s vaccine division.  
That means the former head of the
CDC was very likely cultivating a
relationship with Merck"
Center For Disease Control
Vaccine Scientist Who
Downplayed Links To Autism

Indicted By DOJ
By: Mike Adams
"CDC researcher Poul Thorsen, who
famously headed up the "Denmark
Study" that many claim disproved
any link between autism and
vaccines, has been indicted by a
federal grand jury on charges of
money laundering and defrauding
research institutions of grant
money.  This man had strong ties to
the CDC, research universities and
medical journals.  This is a person
whose research has been widely
quoted by the vaccine apologists
who say vaccines are safe.”  
Flu Vaccination Assault
On Americans’ Health
By: Gary Null and Richard Gale
"The recent unanimous 11-0 vote by
the members of the Centers for
Disease Control’s Advisory
Committee on Immunization
Practices favoring every American
over the age of six months receive
the flu influenza vaccine is one more
attempt by our federal health
officials to open up our bodies to the
free market capitalism of
pharmaceutical coffers.  The vote
raises an alarm about our federal
government’s scientific integrity,
and calls into question its true
allegiance and purpose: to protect
the health of American citizens or
increase Big Pharma profits.”  
Vaccine Ingredients
By: Vaccination Info Service
"There is no safe level for some
of the poisons in vaccines, such as
formaldehyde and mercury.  You
cannot inject a living being with
these poisons and expect there to be
no adverse effect at all.  The level of
poisons can be just that little bit too
high for some individuals’ immature
immune system to mount a defence
for a sustained period of time
required to deal with them.  The
accumulative large load of poisons
from vaccines interferes with the
activities of the immune system
itself, and weakens its ability to
eliminate any poisons.  In the
younger babies the battle is more
often lost within hours or a few
days from the injection."
Vaccine Manufacturer
& Ingredients
By: Informed Choice
"The following list of common
vaccines and their ingredients
should shock anyone.  The number
of microbes, antibiotics, chemicals,
heavy metals and animal byproducts
in vaccines is staggering.  Would
you knowingly inject these materials
into your children?  Formaldehyde,
aluminum hydroxide, aluminum
phosphate, Thimerosal, human
diploid cells from aborted fetal
tissue, etc. etc."  
A short article
listing the most popular drug
manufacturers, their vaccines
and their ingredients.
From The Roman To
The Wakefield Inquisition
By: Mark Blaxill
"All of us at the Age of Autism are
very pleased to honor Dr. Andrew
Wakefield.  As we’ve reported here
many times during the past year, Dr.
Wakefield has been the subject of a
remarkable and unprecedented
campaign to discredit his work and
character, most notably in a show
trial in London.  In the face of
extraordinary attempts to silence
him, Wakefield has stood up to these
attacks with grace and determination
and has continued his research and
clinical work on behalf of children  
and families suffering from autism.
Wakefield did not originate the idea
that vaccines might play a role in
autism, but has become the most
prominent developer of the idea.  
Wakefield’s dual challenge to
vaccine development and autism
science has evoked a strong
response from the highest levels
of authority."
Deadly Immunity
By: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
"Since 1991, when the CDC and the
FDA had recommended that three
additional vaccines laced with the
preservative Thimerosal be given to
extremely young infants -- in one
case, within hours of birth -- the
estimated number of cases of
autism had increased fifteen fold,
from one in every 2,500 children to
one in 166 children.  As an attorney
and environmentalist who has spent
years working on issues of mercury
toxicity, I frequently met mothers of
autistic children who were
absolutely convinced that their kids
had been injured by vaccines."
Great investigative journalism on
the part of Mr. Kennedy but as
several articles below point out it is
not only mercury in vaccines that is
causing harm to our children, there
are many other highly toxic
ingredients that go into vaccine  
cocktails.  Obviously Mr. Kennedy
is not a student of
and believes in the
efficacy of vaccines and only
takes exception to using mercury
as a preservative.  Nevertheless
this is a very important article
showing the corruption and
misinformation the profit motive
is causing at the highest
levels in Washington.  
MMR Vaccine
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
& Autism Link
By: Dr Damien Downing
"Year-by-year the list of vaccines
just grows.  The pharmaceutical
multinationals have preferential
access to government circles via
lobbyists and other less transparent
links.  What should you do?  Should
you give your child the MMR
vaccine?  Should your daughter
have the cervical cancer jab?  
Should you have the flu jab?  The
first principle is that, in a
democracy, it should be your
choice.  The standard assertion is
that: "there is no research to link
autism to mercury" as contained in
the Thimerosal preservative; but as
research doctors have pointed out
time and again, you can only make
that assertion by ignoring the
evidence.  Developing brains are
much more vulnerable to mercury
and to all the other toxins.  "Selfish"
is the label the pro-vaccination
media now give to parents who
have thus far avoided vaccinating
their children out of
for their most beloved."
The Betrayal Of
Dr. Wakefield
Smoke And Mirrors:
Dr. Richard Horton And The
Andrew Wakefield Affair
By: John Stone
Fascinating article told with passion
and great intelligence.  Reads like a
mystery novel, one reputable
doctor opposing another reputable
doctor, a battle of titans in the field
of medicine.  Dr Richard Horton
works for
The Lancet a medical
journal and was feeling the
pressure from the pharmaceutical
industry to retract an article they
published by Dr
. Andrew Wakefield
linking the MMR vaccine to Autism.
"It was always the strategy of the
British scientific establishment and
government to isolate and destroy
Andrew Wakefield – to make him
look as if he was standing
scientifically and intellectually on
his own, and to make sure when
they crushed him they discredited
all further opposition or dissent
on the vaccination issue."
In Defense Of
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
By: Viera Scheibner Ph.D.
"Dr Andrew Wakefield and his group
of researchers studied children who
developed Crohn's disease and
autism and linked them to the MMR
vaccine that they had been
administered (Lancet 1998).  It is
good that this is being brought to
light, but since parents have been
repeatedly reassured by many
doctors that the vaccine is safe,
which they now can see is not true,
it is important for them to logically
reason that they cannot trust
anything they are told by doctors,
particularly about vaccination.
Sadly, when this is done, it is
realised that this MMR/autism

link is only the tip of iceberg."
Interview with:
Dr. Andrew Wakefield, M.D.
By: Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O
We finally get to hear directly from
Dr. Wakefield.  In this fascinating

interview he responds to the
allegations against him by the
medical profession who have been
trying to slander and discredit his
research on the MMR vaccine and a
possible connection to autism.  
Ironically both Dr. Wakefield and
Dr. Mercola strongly believe in the
efficacy of vaccines and only have a
problem with some of the toxic
ingredients.  Obviously they are
advocates of the germ theory and
have no natural solutions for dealing
with disease other than drugs and
vaccines.  Nevertheless this article
demonstrates the politics and
money behind the vaccine industry
and their ability to crush any
dissenting opinions against their
golden idol vaccines.  
The Marvelous Health Of
Unvaccinated Children
By: Francoise Berthoud, M.D.,
"Some of the basis of my ability to
speak on the marvelous health of
unvaccinated children comes from
my personal experience as a medical
doctor, having collected years of
feedback.  As a concerned,
compassionate and considerate
pediatrician, I can only arrive at one
conclusion.  Unvaccinated children
have by far the best chance of
enjoying marvelous health.  Any
vaccination at all works to cripple
the chances of this end."  
Herbert M. Shelton
Suzanne Humphries
Rebecca Carly
Sherri Tenpenny
Lorraine Day
Viera Scheibner
Ramiel Nagel
Robert Mendelsohn
Sherri Tenpenny
Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Gary Null
Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Damien Downing
Andrew Wakefield
Mark Blaxill
John Stone
Andrew Wakefield
Joseph Mercola
Andrew Wakefield