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In Praise Of Vegans
By: Dr. John McDougall, M.D.
This brief statement by
Dr. McDougall exemplifies what a
Vegan Lifestyle is all about.  
"Being vegan says to me this is a
person with outstanding character.
Vegans are industrious.  To avoid
eating animals in a world where
beef, chicken, and cheese are mixed
in with everything in the market and
on the menu is a daily struggle."  
Vegan Lifestyle
David Horton Interviews:
Vegan Doctor, Michael Klaper, M.D.
"We live in a decidedly non-vegan
world.  It all starts with the self, to
find that quiet place in the self that,
no matter what is happening around,
I know that I’m going to maintain my
center of non-violence, and no
matter what anyone else is eating at
the table, “no thank you  I’m not
going to have any today.”  You make
your own decisions.  I would say to
every young person, slow down, the
world starts with your example."  
Eating Without Killing
Vegetarian Health Without
Animal Cruelty
By: Douglas Dunn
"Our bodies did not evolve for diets
that require the killing of other
sentient beings.  As with our closest
biological relatives, our bodies were
developed to thrive on the fresh
fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables
that were abundant in the primeval
surroundings from which our
species emerged.  Eating meat is
still an "acquired" taste -- it is not
natural to us the way eating fruits or
vegetables is.  We still disguise our
meat so it has very little resemblance
to the natural carcass that a true
carnivore would savor.”  
Humans as Predators
By: Carol J. Adams
"The "natural" predator argument
ignores social construction as well.  
Since we eat corpses in a way quite
differently from any other animals—
dismembered, not freshly killed, not
raw, and with other foods present—
what makes it natural?   Meat is a
cultural construct made to seem
natural and inevitable.  Baby
boomers faced the additional
problem that as they grew up, meat
and dairy products had been
canonized as two of the four basic
food groups.  The notion of humans
as predators is consonant with the
idea that we need to eat meat."  
Is Meat Sustainable?  
World Watch Magazine
"Until recently, few environmentalists
have suggested that meat-eating
belongs on the same scale of
importance as the kinds of issues
that have energized Amazon Watch,
or Conservation International, or
Greenpeace. On ecological and
economic grounds alone, meat-
eating is now a looming problem for
humankind.  You don’t have to have
any conscience at all to know that
the age of heavy meat-eating will
soon be over as surely as will
the age of oil."   
The Environment And A
Plant-Based Diet
By: James Robert Deal
"A significant part of our impact on
the physical environment is a result
of the foods we eat and how we
produce them.  Lands in the
Western United States — and
elsewhere — are being turned into
deserts by the grazing of cattle and
sheep.  Much of this land was once
covered with knee-high grass;
along streams there were trees; it
was populated by buffalo, elk, and
deer.  The grass has been replaced
with tumbleweed and creosote
plants, and stream banks have
been destroyed by the hooves of
grazing animals.”  
Vivisection Or Science:
A Choice To Make
By: Professor Pietro Croce, M.D
"An experimental model of the
human being does not exist.  Every
species, all the varieties of animals
and even individuals of the same
species are different from each
other.  No experimentation carried
out on one species can be
extrapolated to any other, including
man.  Our demand for the abolition
of animal experiments is not based
on a love of animals but a concern
for the health of our fellow human
beings.  Anti-vivisectionist thinking
is much more scientific than the
boasting of the vivisectors who do
not realize that they live and
function in a medieval
climate of thought."
Why Vegan?
By: Hesh Goldstein
"Thanks to millions of dollars in
advertising, we have been
brainwashed to believe we need
meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and milk
as the staples of our diet.  
These high fat, high cholesterol,
artery clogging "foods" have been
accepted as an essential part of the
American diet.  Ever present is the
fact that poultry has been accepted
as a "safer" option.  In addition to
this profit-driven advertising, federal
laws mandate that all schools
provide children with milk and flesh
at each meal or lose federal funding.
We are the only creatures that
regularly consume the milk
products of other species.  

Rat's milk, anyone?  
John McDougall, M.D.
Michael Klaper, M.D.
Douglas Dunn
Carol J. Adams
James Robert Deal
Hesh Goldstein