Serves 4-6


3 Cups Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs
or Hard Bread, cut into cubes
2 Cups Soymilk
1½ tsp. Cinnamon
1 Tbsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
½ Cup Raisins
½ Cup Chopped Nuts, any kind
¼ Cup Date Sugar
¼ Cup
Non-Hydrogenated Margarine


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Put the bread crumbs or hard bread cubes
into a baking dish.
Mix the soymilk, date sugar, cinnamon and vanilla
with an electric beater.
Add the raisins and nuts to the liquid.
Pour this mixture over the bread in the baking dish.
Dot the top with the
Bake for 20 minutes.  Serve with
Soy Whipped Cream
Variation:  Any fruit like apples, bananas, or blueberries
can be blended into the soymilk.