Serves 4-6


1 lb. Whole Grain Linguine Noodles
1 Cup Almonds, Raw and Shelled
1 Cup Mushrooms, Sliced
4 Tbsp. Tofu
4 Tbsp. Whole Wheat Flour
¼ Cup Sunflower Oil
1 Vegetable Broth Cube, or Miso Soy Seasoning
2 Cups Water
Few Sprigs Parsley
Vegan Parmesan Cheese


Boil water.  Blanch the almonds (Soak in boiling water for 5
minutes, or until the skins soften so they can be pinched off).
 Halve the almonds or sliver them.
Sauté sliced mushrooms until brown.
Mash the tofu.  Mix with almonds and cooked linguine.
In skillet, over low heat, combine flour and oil.
Dissolve the broth in water, and slowly add to the pan,
stirring with a whisk.
Finely chop the parsley and mix into the smooth sauce.
Combine all the ingredients together in the skillet.  
Mix well.  Cover and sauté for 2 minutes.
Sprinkle with grated  
Vegan Parmesan Cheese.