2 Cups Kidney Beans
2 Onions
4 Stalks Celery
4 Carrots
4 lbs. Tomatoes or 2 Cans Stewed Tomatoes
½ lb. String Beans
½ lb. Cabbage
Small Bunch Parsley
4 Cloves Garlic
2 Tbsp. Oregano
2 Tbsp. Basil
1 Tbsp. Granulated Garlic
8 Cups Water
1 Cup Small Whole Grain Macaroni or
Alphabets, uncooked
½ Cup Sunflower Oil


Pressure cook kidney beans for 1 hour until soft,
or soak beans overnight in water.
Mash tomatoes and simmer in small, covered saucepan
for 15 minutes.
Chop onions, celery, carrots, parsley, string beans,
cabbage, and garlic cloves.
Sauté onions, celery, cabbage, string beans and minced
garlic in oil until limp.  
Add carrots, tomatoes, parsley, oregano, basil,
granulated garlic, and water.  
Bring to boil.  
Add beans and uncooked whole grain macaroni.  
Continue boiling for 10 minutes or so until macaroni is
al dente.  Firm, but not mushy.
Garnish with grated  
Vegan Parmesan Cheese.