1 Pint Tomato Juice
1 Small Carrot
½ Cucumber
½ Cup Cabbage Leaves, or Lettuce
½ Cup Spinach
½ Cup Beets
¼ Cup Parsley
1 Pint Cold Water
½ Cup Crushed Ice
Carob Syrup to Taste, if desired

If using a juicer, juice carrot, cucumber, and beets.  
If not using a juicer, then cook or pressure-cook the
beets, peel them and set aside.  
Steam the carrot and spinach until a little soft.  
Place all of the ingredients in blender and blenderize
until desired consistency.
Serve over ice in cocktail glasses with a slice
of fresh lemon or parsley.
Variation:  Serve hot, as a vegetable broth.