Serves 4


1 Package of "Gimme Lean", Ground Beef Style
Homemade Rolls
1 Small Onion
Oregano, Fresh preferred
Parsley, Fresh, preferred
Minced Garlic
Pure Vegetable Oil for Frying
Marinara or Mushroom/Tomato Sauce


Chop onion, and place in medium sized bowl with the
Gimme Lean Beef.  Add the oregano, parsley and
minced garlic, and mix well together.  
Form Veggie Balls, roll tightly, and fry until nice and
crispy brown.  
Slice and slightly toast rolls.  Dab with a bit of
Marinara or Mushroom/Tomato Sauce, and place
Veggie Balls on the rolls.  Enjoy with
French Fries,
Cole Slaw or any of our delicious Salads.