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Famous Vegans  
Martina Navratilova:
Plant-Based Diet is The Best
The great tennis champion
attributes her vegan diet to her
longevity in the sport, without
supplements.  3 minute video.
Bill Clinton
Becomes a Vegan
ABC News Story
3 Minute Video
Bill Clinton
Loses 24 lbs on Vegan Diet
CNN News
Wolf Blitzer Inteviews the
Former President 3 minutes
Alicia Silverstone
Not 'Clueless'
About Vegan Health
Part One  4 Minutes
Part Two  4 Minutes
The Kind Diet
By: Alicia Silverstone
Melissa Mansfield Interviews
The Vegan Author
4 Minutes
Ellen DeGeneres
Why She Became a Vegan
Interview with Katie Couric
4 Minutes 30 Seconds
Quantum Wellness
By: Kathy Freston
Ellen DeGeneres Interviews
The Vegan Author
9 Minutes 30 Seconds
By: Kathy Freston
Charlie Rose Interviews
The Vegan Author
11 Minutes 30 Seconds
Why The Vegan Diet
By: Russell Simmons
Founder of Def Jam Records
Kyra Phillips CNN Interview
3 Minutes 50 Seconds
Why I Went Vegetarian
By: John Robbins
Son of Baskin Robbins Founder
The Food Revolution
2 Minutes 10 Seconds