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Vaccines: The True Weapons
Of Mass Destruction
By: Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D.
Comprehensive Lecture about
the harmful effects of Vaccines.
1 Hour 25 Minutes  
Text: www.whale.to/a/carley.html
Are Vaccines Safe?
By: Mary Tocco
Natural Health Advocate
Board Member: World Association
For Vaccine Education
Excellent Informative Lecture
2 Hours 24 Minutes
Vaccines: The Risks, The
Benefits, The Choices
By: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.
Acknowledged Expert Physician
on the subject of Vaccines and
their impact on our health.
2 Hours 52 Minutes
Vaccine Nation
Narrated By: Dr. Gary Null
Award-winning investigative film
challenges health agencies and
pharmaceutical firms that claim
vaccines are perfectly safe.
1 Hour 29 Minutes
Anti Vaccine Rally
By: Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D
Extemporaneous speech
condemning the Pharmaceutical
Industry for promoting unsafe
dangerous Vaccines.  
7 Minutes
Forced Vaccinations
By: Barbara Loe Fisher
President of the National
Vaccine Information Center
She talks about how Americans
are being robbed of our freedom
to make health care choices.
12 Minutes
Big Pharma's Secret
Agenda Exposed
By: Mike Adams
"Health Ranger" Mike Adams
explains why alternative health
treatments are suppressed by
Big Pharma.  14 Minutes
Pharmaceutical Industry
Modern Evil
By: Gwen Olsen
Ms. Olsen worked for 15 years
as a sales representative for a
major drug company.
7 Minutes  
The Greater Good
By: Leslie Manookian
Health Ranger Mike Adams
interviews Leslie Manookian
co-producer of the documentary
The Greater Good, which
questions the notion that
vaccines always work, never
harm people and should be
mandated for everyone.
22 Minutes
Vaccine Autism Coverup
By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Joe Scarborough MSNBC
interviews Mr Kennedy regarding
his article
Deadly Immunity
connecting Vaccines to Autism.
7 Minutes
Mercury, Autism And The
Global Vaccine Agenda
By: Dr. David Ayoub, M.D.
Covers in great detail the
connection between Mercury
in Vaccines and Autism.
1 Hour 31 Minutes
Dr. Mercola Interviews
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
MMR Autism Study
Dr. Wakefield explains the
controversy surrounding his
discovery Linking Vaccines
with Autism.  1 Hour 25 Minutes
The Age of Autism
By: Dan Olmsted
Mr Olmsted concludes that the
use of mercury and other heavy
metals in vaccines is a root
cause for the rise in Autism.
8 Minutes  
Vaccines To Blame For
Infant Deaths - ABC News
There is much evidence to
show you are more likely to be
killed or permanently injured
from a Vaccine than from a
disease they are said to prevent.
Educate Before You Vaccinate.
6 Minutes
Mandatory Vaccines And
Fraudulent Vaccine Science
By: Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.
Health Ranger Mike Adams
interviews neurosurgeon
Dr. Blaylock; the real number of
serious complications from
vaccines is hidden.
27 Minutes
Vaccine Ingredients
& Overdosed Babies
By: ThinkTwice.com
Vaccines are drugs, they contain
mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde
stabilizers, antibiotics, residue
from animal and human growth
mediums, etc.  15 Minutes
Follow the Money:
The Fraud of Big Pharma
By: Brit Lind
Co-Director of PRISM (People for
Reason In Science and Medicine)
An organization which promotes
a healthy plant-based diet, a
clean environment and exposes
the lies of the bio-medical
industry.  13 Minutes