A New Education,  
                                    Crohns, Colitis & Diet
                                                        By: Dr. David Klein Ph.D.
                                                                       Natural Health

                                                        What are colitis, Crohn's disease and
                        ileitis?  Colitis, Crohn's disease and
                        ileitis are inflammatory bowel
                                                        illnesses characterized by distressful
                                                        bowel function.

"Itis" means inflammation.  The symptoms of inflammatory bowel illness are a
warning that the results of unhealthful lifestyle and dietary habits have
reached the critical stage requiring that immediate changes be made.

Inflammatory bowel illness is most common in societies, such as the West,
where meat is a major part of the diet and stress from fast-paced modern
lifestyles are prevalent.  

The way to overcome inflammatory bowel illness is to stop poisoning and
enervating the body with harmful foods and other lifestyle stressors and to
allow it to complete the healing process, and it will every time, and usually very
quickly and permanently, as long as the dietary and lifestyle factors which
cause enervation and toxemia are avoided.  

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation estimate that there are over two million
inflammatory bowel disease sufferers in the United States.  

Prolonged suffering with these illnesses can result in cancer; colorectal
cancer ranks number two in cancer-related mortalities in the United States
(behind lung cancer and ahead of breast cancer).  

There are two basic forms of inflammatory bowel illness:
Colitis is an inflammation of the colon.  Local symptoms may include diarrhea,
mucus formation, bleeding, constipation, abdominal cramps, spasms, colon
disfigurement, flatulence, rectal pain, fevers and stomach distress.

Related non-local symptoms can be many, including weight loss, emotional
distress, headaches, sleeping difficulties, general weakness and rapid aging.

The use of anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic and immuno-suppressant medicines,
while sometimes temporarily suppressing symptoms, always have side
effects, which contribute further to the devitalization of the person's health.  

No drug has any healing intelligence - they are all toxic, enervating and
suppress or shift around symptoms.  

Colitis may advance into ulcerative colitis, which is characterized by
inflammation and ulceration of the colon.  Symptoms can include all of those
listed above plus painful ulcerations in the colon wall, which can become

Crohn's disease, or regional enteritis, is an inflammation of any portion of the
alimentary canal.  It usually affects the lower section of the small intestine - the
ileum - giving rise to the name
ileitis.  Symptoms are typically similar to those

                               What are the functions of the bowel?
The bowel, also referred to as the intestines or gut, consists of the small and
large intestines (the latter is also known as the colon).  Here are the basic
functions of each:

                                     Small Intestine
The small intestine is a muscular 21-foot long tube, of small diameter (about
one inch, hence the name
"small" intestine).  This is where the digestive
process takes place.  Macronutrients are reduced down into sugars, amino
acids and fatty acids, then absorbed, along with some micronutrients, and
transported to the liver, then distributed to the cells through the blood and

The pH in a healthy small intestine is alkaline.  More specifically, here is what
happens during the digestive process:   

From the stomach, the small intestine receives a semi-digested mixture of food
and acidic enzymes; this mixture is called chyme.  The small intestine also
receives pancreatic juice enzyme from the pancreas and bile (a fat emulsifier)
from the gall bladder.  

While being transported through the small intestine by segmentation
movement, the digested fluid mass is absorbed through the striated border
epithelium covering the villi (the intricate, microscopic finger-like folds which
number in the millions).  

The bacteria, which live on living vegetable foods, produce digestive
enzymes, which assist in the body's digestion of vegetable foods.  Under
various conditions of poor eating and incomplete digestion, however,
bacterial decomposition of food occurs resulting in toxic by-products which
can be responsible for irritation then inflammation of the intestinal wall, plus
they may be absorbed into the blood stream causing a host of illness

When the wall of the small intestine is inflamed, the nerves and absorptive
function of this organ becomes greatly impaired, and the act of eating is
usually met with severe gastric distress.  

The colon is a three to five foot long, thick muscular organ, normally with an
inverted u-shape.  The colon is much more than a muscular tube.  It has an
intricate network of nerves which connect with every other organ and neuro-
muscular system in the body - - when the colon is sick or even impacted with
hardened feces, disease symptoms typically manifest in other parts of the

The colon receives metabolic wastes from the small intestine.  The colon also
receives indigestible residue, including micronutrients, from the small
intestine through the ileo-cecal valve.  

Muscular wave-like motion, peristalsis, moves the material forward as water
and micronutrients are absorbed and stools are formed for elimination.  A
healthy colon has a slightly acid pH.  

In the absence of fiber or sufficient moisture in the residue, the peristaltic
motion may be inefficient to move the material along, and constipation and
plaque buildup may result, leading to enervation and dysfunction of the

Fatigue and emotional upset also contribute to colon dysfunction.  In times of
irritation from a toxic overburden of wastes, the body may enact diarrhea, a
massive elimination response.  If there is not sufficient nerve energy to
accomplish diarrhea, then wastes will accumulate causing the condition of
autointoxication, and this may lead to inflammation.  

Undigested food passing into the colon can also be a source of irritation.  The
colon works symbiotically with bacteria (flora).  There are two classifications
of bacteria in the intestinal tract: healthful
"friendly" bacteria (including
lactobacillus bifidus and coli bacteria); and
"unfriendly" coliform bacteria
(including E. coli), which are actually misunderstood.  

"Unfriendly" bacteria, also erroneously referred to as pathogenic bacteria, are
"friendly" bacteria, which have mutated in the presence of toxic matter
(cooked food) and serve the
"friendly" function of eating (or cleaning up) the
toxic matter.  

"Unfriendly" bacteria are mistakenly blamed as the cause of illness, however,
bacteria do NOT cause illness.  

Bacteria simply function to clean up wastes in the external and internal
(bodily) environment.  In the healthy colon of a person living on a 100% natural
diet of fruits and vegetables, there may be a minimal amount of bacteria in the

In a
standard American diet (SAD) eater's colon, there may be as many as 400
species of bacteria, and sixty percent of the wet weight of stools may be made
up of bacteria.  

There are far more bacteria in a SAD eater's colon than the number of cells in
our body.  Some of the bacteria work symbiotically to maintain our health by
manufacturing B vitamins and vitamin K, which is believed to help with blood

Robert Gray's
"The Colon Health Handbook" reports that the ratio of "friendly"
"unfriendly" bacteria in a healthy colon should be at least 85:15.  Also, it is
reported that the typical colon bacteria ratio in our society is the reverse of the
healthy ratio.  

From my studies and experiences I believe that we can create a pure and
healthy colon and body whereby a minimal population of 100%
bacteria is maintained.  

                         What causes bowel inflammation and ulcers?
The body enacts inflammation in response to an overload of toxins, primarily
stemming from eating a diet, which we were not designed for.  

An overload of putrefying high-protein foods (mainly meat) and fermenting
carbohydrates (mainly grain products) is almost always the culprit; these
foods are not completely digestible in the human body and thus, they
decompose and poison the bowel.  

As a rule, if our meals do not completely digest, they will rot in the gut and
undermine our health in myriad ways.  The toxins cause inflammation.  In all
cases, inflammation is an intelligent detoxification action directed by the

The body creates inflammation just as it creates fevers -- inflammation is an
escalated healing action in which harmful toxic matter and fluids are being
broken down and neutralized at a
"feverish pace" by enzymes, anti-bodies and
white blood cells for elimination.  

We want inflammation to happen if we are overloaded with toxins; we want the
body to clean up and eliminate any toxic matter.  

Medical people mistakenly believe that the body's inflammation response is an
"auto-immune" phenomenon - - this theory is incorrect and illogical; the body
only works to heal itself and never creates any physiological process that
would harm itself.  

Inflammation is a manifestation of healing; it is the
"curing" process.  The body
enacts inflammation in colon for the purpose of breaking down and
eliminating extremely poisonous matter on and in its tissues.  

If a person with an inflamed bowel discontinues the unhealthful factors (e.g.,
diet), which toxify the body, and gives him/herself the rest needed to support
healing, the inflammation will complete its job and the bowel spontaneously

Note: this is not a theory - - it is a scientific physiological fact, which I and
others have experienced.  Texts on physiology teach us this.  

However, medical modus operandi does not abide by the laws of physiology
and support the self-healing route.  Medicine has no healing intelligence; the
body has all of the healing intelligence we need to completely heal and stay

Ulcers are also enacted by the body, in order to eliminate extreme overloads of
toxic waste matter.  The body intelligently creates ulcers as an open outlet for
the elimination of toxins when the toxic load is too great for the body to
neutralize and eliminate by inflammation alone.  

Ulcerations are manifestations of healing; they are part of the
process.  If one discontinues the unhealthful factors, which toxify the body,
ulcers will spontaneously heal.  This is not a theory - - it is a scientific
physiological fact, which I and others have experienced.  

                   What about the claim that bacteria cause ulcers?
That is an incorrect interpretation of the facts.  Bacteria, or "germs" have no
ability to cause a bodily function in another being.  Bacteria are ubiquitous,
and they have always existed in harmony with the human body.  

There are more bacteria present in a typical colon than there are cells in the
whole body.  Bacteria work symbiotically with the human organism.  All
bacteria do is eat, breed, respire, secrete enzymes and excrete wastes.  

In the human body bacteria provide the dual beneficial functions of 1)
consuming converting some nutrients into useful vitamins, and 2) cleaning up

Bacteria always play a useful role in the body.  They do not
"infect" us.  In the
presence of dead non-nutritive matter, such as spent human cells and dead
cooked food matter in the bowel, the bacteria will mutate and consume the
morbid matter.  This phenomenon was discovered by French biologist
Antoine Bechamp in the latter 19th Century.  

Unfortunately, Louis Pasteur's work misleads our society into believing that
bacteria cause disease.  Again, bacteria do not cause disease, and if you read
Douglas Hume's
"Bechamp or Pasteur?" you will learn that Pasteur himself
admitted toward the end of his career that his
germ theory was wrong.  

Bacteria (or flora) work symbiotically in the colon. Bacteria in the intestinal
tract are commonly classified in two ways:
"friendly" bacteria (including
lactobacillus bifidus and coli bacteria); and
"unfriendly" coliform bacteria
(including E. coli), which are actually misunderstood.  

"Unfriendly" bacteria are actually "friendly" bacteria, which have mutated in the
presence of toxic matter and serve the
"friendly" function of eating (or
cleaning up for elimination) the toxic matter.  

"Unfriendly" bacteria are mistakenly blamed as the cause of disease, however,
bacteria do NOT cause disease.  Bacteria simply function to clean up wastes
in the external and internal (bodily) environment.  

Note: by drinking chlorinated city water, in addition to enervating the body,
beneficial bacteria in the gut are killed, and that contributes to impaired colon

                                                 What is disease?
Disease, or "dis-ease", is what we feel when the body is in the process of
detoxifying and healing itself.  Disease is the body's intelligent response to
abnormal or threatening influences.  Disease is not something which invades
our bodies from outside, nor is it something to be cured or stopped.  In a
manner of speaking, disease symptoms are a manifestation that the body is
"curing" itself.  

In 1926, in his book
"Toxemia Explained" Dr. John H. Tilden, M. D., wrote: "All
so-called diseases are merely crises of toxemia and evolve from just one cause
- toxemia."

Dr. Tilden further wrote:

"It should be known to all discerning physicians that the earliest stage of
organic disease is purely functional, evanescent and never autogenerated so
far as the affected organ is concerned, but is invariably due to an extraneous
irritation (or stimulation, if you please) augmented by toxemia.  

When the irritation is not continuous and toxin is eliminated as fast as
developed to the toleration point, normal functioning is resumed between the
intervals of irritation and toxin excess.  

For example: a simple coryza (running at the nose - cold in the head), gastritis
or colonitis.  At first these colds, catarrhs or inflammations are periodic and
functional; but as exciting cause or causes (local irritation and toxemia)
becomes more intense and continuous, the mucous membranes of these
organs take on organic changes which are given various names such as
irritation, inflammation, ulceration and cancer.

The pathology (organic change) may be studied until doomsday without
throwing any light on the cause; for from the first irritation to the extreme
ending - cachexia - which may be given the blanket term tuberculosis, syphilis
or cancer, the whole pathological panorama is one of continuous evolution of
intensifying effects."

"seven stages of disease" nominated by Dr. Tilden are:
1) enervation; 2) toxemia or toxicosis: 3) irritation; 4) inflammation; 5)
ulceration; 6) induration: and 7) cancer.  Note: even colon cancer has been
overcome by making holistic dietary and lifestyle changes.  

By stopping disease symptoms with medicines, a person suffers further
toxification and enervation.  Disease symptoms may subside with medicines
because: 1) the medicine may be so enervating that the body is no longer able
to continue with the detoxification process, or 2) the medicine may be so toxic
that the body may shift its detoxification efforts to other areas of the body
resulting in new disease symptoms commonly called
"side effects".  

If a person with inflammatory bowel disease replaces the unhealthful dietary
and lifestyle factors which lead to disease with healthful ones, the body will
heal itself and ease will be restored.  

                         Can medicines heal or manage one's illness?
Medicines are foreign and unnatural to human physiology and have no
healing intelligence.  Medicines are always toxic to the body and enervating.  
Their prolonged use leads to worsened physical and mental health.  

The body always senses medicines as harmful poisons. If the body has
sufficient nerve energy it will attempt to break down, neutralize and eliminate
medicines.  In directing its energies to neutralize and eliminate medicines,
disease symptoms may subside or shift to another part of the body.  

Thus, medicines suppress symptoms.  A decrease or absence of symptoms
does not indicate health; we cannot be healthy and avoid further disease
symptoms (such as colitis flare-ups) if our body harbors toxic food and drug

Medicines cannot manage illness and keep us healthy.  Medicines always
interfere with the body's ability to heal itself.  If a person with inflammatory
bowel illness is taking medicines and is under a doctor's care, he or she is
advised to also seek the services of a holistic health education professional or

       What is the difference between remission and overcoming illness?
Remission is a medical term often used with regard inflammatory bowel
disease, describing the subsidence of one's disease symptoms.  Different
medical, lifestyle and emotional factors can result in the subsidence.  

It is misleading to imply that a person cannot overcome inflammatory bowel
disease, and that any and all improvement in one's health is only remission.  
When we remove the cause of illness and live healthfully we become healthy,

For example, in 1984 I permanently overcame chronic
ulcerative colitis.  A year
after I overcame the illness, my brother, a pre-med student, told a medical
doctor of my recovery.  The doctor said,
"He is only in remission."  I've been
illness-free since 1984 - I guess I'll be in for one heck of a long remission.   

By discontinuing the factors, which lead to illness, and by living healthfully, in
harmony with our biological mandates, virtually everyone can overcome
illness and create everlasting health.  

        What is the best approach to healing inflammatory bowel illness?
People with inflammatory bowel illness should care for themselves in a
holistic manner.  Quick fixes never lead to health.  Treatment of the symptoms
of illness can have a life-ruining effect.  Surgical removal of the colon is often
considered by the medical establishment to be a standard treatment for
chronic cases of colitis and ulcerative colitis.  

Only in the past decade is it apparent that some medical doctors have begun
to recognize that specific dietary and lifestyle changes can lead to an
improvement in inflammatory bowel illness.  

It is always prudent for persons with inflammatory bowel illness, even in
advanced cases, to get opinions from holistically trained and experienced
health practitioners before submitting to drug therapy and surgery.  

Most if not all colon surgeries are unnecessary - the body will spontaneously
and completely heal itself of even advanced illnesses when the conditions of
illness are replaced with the conditions of health.  

The best approach to healing is: 1. Get a proper education in the physiology of
self-healing and natural nutrition; 2. Get proper professional health coaching;
3. Take complete rest and get extra sleep; 4. Make a gradual transition to a
simple, completely digestible, natural vegan diet with fresh fruits and fresh
juices (no raw vegetables or nuts when there is inflammation), eating foods in
proper combinations for optimal digestion as described in the
Vegan Diet
Healing Plan in Self Healing Colitis & Crohns
; 5. Relax and practice emotional
awareness and release; and 6. Adopt a healthful lifestyle.  

                Why is this information not known by medical doctors?
They don't look for it, or they believe that self-healing is a fraud.  M.D.s are
typically trained only in pharmacological, radiological and surgical therapies
(technological approaches to biological problems), they know little about
nutrition, and they assume that the body cannot heal itself.  

That is sad considering that natural healing therapies have been around for a
long long time, in fact the ancient yogis and Essenes knew it all, practicing
healthful eating and self-purification using water thousands of years ago.  

It is encouraging that some medical schools are now offering
courses and training, some M. D’s are becoming interested in the
naturopathic, and
"nature cure" approaches.  

          What dietary recommendations do I recommend for self-healing?
I work with each individual to develop a personalized eating plan of 100%
completely digestible, delicious, purifying and healing natural fruit and plant
foods, which harmonize with his or her needs.  

I provide nutrition and healing education, healthful eating guidelines and a
dietary transition plan which suits the client's taste preferences and results in
optimum digestion and efficient healing.  And together we monitor the
progress and make adjustments as required until the healing is complete.  

As for food recommendations, the basic approach is to get off the SAD and
onto a natural vegan diet of soft foods eaten in proper combinations, as
described in
Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's.  

It is imperative to cease eating cooked, fatty, high-protein foods: meat
(including chicken and fish) and dairy. These are toxic and in most cases
carcinogenic.  They putrefy in the bowel causing acid-waste poisoning, or
toxicosis, then inflammation.  

Colitis may be considered a "meat eater's disease."  Here is what cooked red
meat has going against it:

It has no fiber; it is low in water; it is constipating and sticks to the walls of the
colon, building up a layer of hardened plaque; it is mucus forming; its heated
fats are carcinogenic; it takes six or more hours to digest, robbing precious
digestive and nerve energy which is needed for healing and it just plain does
not digest completely, so it putrefies (or rots) in the colon, producing such
highly poisonous gases and compounds as hydrogen sulfide, ammonias,
histamine, tyramine, putrescine, indoles, skatoles,purines, and cadaverine,
which all irritate and poison the colon and ruin our health.  

I want to emphasize here that 1) unless an inflammatory bowel illness sufferer
learns how to eat correctly (instead of eating haphazardly), he or she may
never overcome their illness; 2) virtually everyone who discovers the natural
diet regimen proclaims that it is the most delicious, energizing, simple and
satisfying way to eat; and 3) most can overcome their symptoms within a
week and go on to create everlasting wellness if they are determined to be

Raw fruits and vegetables are our natural foods and they are most nutritious
and healthful.  Raw vegetables should not be eaten when bowel inflammation
is present.  When juiced they are highly beneficial for healing.  Fruit sugars are
naturally stimulating and they assist the body in cleaning out the toxic matter
that poisons bowel tissues.  

It is imperative that all people learn: 1) how to eat natural foods correctly
(correct food combining); 2) that haphazard eating always leads to gastric
distress and illness (poor food combining); 3) when people eat fruit and later
have diarrhea, that is a cleansing response, and it is erroneous to conclude
that fruit eating is not healthful; and 4) that it is essential to go through a
natural cleansing of the bowels, and with that loose stools and diarrhea may
occur, but will subside when the colon is clean.  

Diarrhea is natural health-restoring action.  One cannot become healthy if he
or she harbors filth in the colon - we must detoxify.    

A new education in healthful eating for all inflammatory bowel illness sufferers
is essential.  

Within 24 hours of learning how to eat correctly and changing from the SAD
diet to a more natural one with plenty of raw fruits, I overcame the worst
gastric distress (a stomach that exploded like a volcano every time I ate,
abdominal pains, ten or more spasmodic bowel movements per day, and foul
bowel odors) and was marveling at my smooth digestion, increasingly
soothed stomach, and odor-free and problem-free colon health.  

My colon inflammation and ulcerations healed up completely within four
weeks, and I was jumping for joy as I was rejuvenating and reclaiming my life.

How is it possible to get all the protein I need if I don’t eat meat?
Natural Hygiene educator Dr. T. C. Fry answered this question well.  He wrote:

"Our protein needs, like our carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, and fat needs, are
provided by plants and their fruits.  There is no need to turn to the animal world
to obtain the essential amino acids.  In fact, this is a primary reason why there
is so much disease and early death."

A complete protein is usually defined as a single or combined protein source,
containing all eight of the essential amino acids.  Meat, for example, is said to
be a complete protein.  So are eggs, dairy products, soybeans and many nuts.  
It has been suggested by some individuals that a complete protein be eaten at
every meal to make sure that we obtain all of the essential amino acids.  

This idea of a
"complete protein" has been so heavily advertised by special
interest groups, such as the meat and dairy industries, that the average
person believes he must eat meat (or at least milk and eggs if a
or at the very least prepare protein combinations such as grains and beans, or
take protein supplements in order to get enough high-quality protein.  

All of these beliefs are false and, in fact, may lead to increased toxicity in the

This is an important concept in understanding protein needs.  It is not
necessary for all eight of the essential amino acids to be present in one food
or even within one meal in order to obtain our full protein needs.  The body
has its own amino acid pool to draw from, to supply what may be missing from
dietary sources.  

They may be withdrawn from those already in circulation, or the necessary
amino acids may be released by the liver or other cells into the circulatory

The amino acid pool thus acts as the supplier of the essential amino acids
missing from incomplete proteins.  The proof of this is that those who
complete lengthy fasts show not a protein deficiency, but a restored protein

Only the carnivorous animals in nature eat
"complete proteins."  Most of the
vegetarian animals eat grass, tubers, fruits, grains, etc., usually of limited

Yet they never exhibit signs of protein deficiency.  In fact, protein poisoning
from eating high-protein foods is far more common among Western man than
protein deficiency.  

"complete protein" idea also falls apart if we realize that the amino acids in
many of the so-called complete protein foods cannot even be fully used by the
body.  For example, humans usually only consume the muscle meat of the
animal, which is particularly low in some of the essential amino acids.  

The soybean has an anti-enzyme factor, which blocks or inhibits the
assimilation of some of its essential amino acids.  Proteins which have been
cooked or heated (such as meat, fish, eggs and most dairy products) may lose
up to 5O% or more of their essential amino acids due to the formation of
enzyme-resistant linkages.  

So we can see that many of the so-called
''complete proteins'' cannot be
absorbed by the body.  

If you are truly concerned about obtaining all eight essential amino acids,
which can be easily assimilated by the body, I would suggest some of these
wholesome foods.  All contain the eight essential amino acids.  

FRUITS: bananas, tomatoes, dates.

NUTS: almonds, coconuts, filberts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts,

VEGETABLES: alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, seaweeds, carrots, sweet
potatoes, broccoli, cabbages, corn, okra, squashes [NOTE: WHOLE RAW

A varied diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds and sprouts can furnish us with
all the essential and nonessential amino acids, along with all the other
nutrients we need, including antioxidants.  These are the most wholesome
foods suitable for the human diet, and the ones most effectively and efficiently
used in the body.  

                                         What is Food Combining?
Food combining is the practice of eating foods in combinations, which are
compatible with our digestive chemistry or enzyme secretions.  Food
combining greatly helps almost everyone overcome colitis, Crohn’s, irritable
bowel and gastritis.  

Eat proper combinations and the food has the best chance of being
completely acted upon by our digestive juices, furnishing its full nutritional
potential, and keeping us clean inside and free of toxins and gas.  

Eat poor food combinations and the proteins will putrefy, the starches and
sugars will ferment, and we become toxic, gassy, distressed, acidic, inflamed,
malnourished and sick.  

Cooked high-protein foods inevitably putrefy in the gut because we simply
cannot digest such a heavy toxic load.  Putrid matter in the bowels causes
irritation, acid waste poisoning, inflammation and disease.  

The quickest way to alleviate gastric distress and promote healing is to follow
food combining and cease eating cooked meat, dairy, beans and associated
products, (nuts and seeds when inflammation present.  

Fruit must digest quickly and must be eaten alone (not combined with other
foods).  Fruit cannot digest in a stomach filled with cooked food or fatty high
protein foods.  (Citrus fruit and citrus juices should generally be avoided as
they cause too rapid detox.)  

Starchy foods (bread, pasta, rice, white potatoes) are not recommended for
several reasons, the main one being we do not secrete enough enzymes to
digest starches very well, thus they ferment in the gut causing gas and

Starchy foods do not combine (or digest) with high-protein foods (meat, dairy,
soy, nuts, seeds -- eating these foods when inflammation is present is

When we eat these foods together, the starches ferment and the proteins
putrefy, causing toxic, gassy and foul bowels.  This is because starches
require alkaline digestive juice secretions (ptyalin, secreted in the mouth) and
proteins require acid digestive juices in the stomach--when the alkaline and
acidic juices mix in the stomach they cancel out and the food can only digest
incompletely at best, resulting in gastric distress.  

When the incompletely digested starches and high-protein foods hang around
in our warm gut for hours and even days, fermentive bacteria decompose the
digesta causing toxic, irritating chemicals to evolve which cause pain,
distress, inflammation and toxemia.  

This is the major cause of colitis and Crohn’s disease. The good news is the
body knows how to clean itself out and self-heal, provided that we give it a
simple, non-toxic, digestible harmonious diet and get off medications.  

When we eat properly and are not stressed, our bowels and entire body
becomes clean, our feces are not offensive, our elimination is quick without
straining, and we barely notice that we have a digestive system and colon!  

Learn how to eat and how to put it into a safe and sure healing plan by
Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s.  

By employing proper diet with proper food combining, digestive distress
diminishes and becomes a thing of the past, the bowels become clean, and
pain goes away.  Elimination becomes easy and quick, and health blossoms.  

                                 Where did this diet come from?
The Vegan Diet is not a diet invented by Dr. David Klein or any person.  It is
human’s natural biological diet, the diet your body was designed to operate
best on, in perfect health.  

Every creature/being on the Earth has a natural biological diet, which is most
healthful for the creature/being, providing all of the nutrients needed for
superior, disease-free health and longevity.  

Natural Hygienists have been teaching how to eat our natural biological diet
for over 100 years.  The book
Fit For Life by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond
popularized the
Natural Hygiene lifestyle and dietary approach to health, and
that book sold over 20 million copies.  

At least 100 books on
Natural Hygiene teaching correct nutrition have been
written over the last 140 years.  Dr. Herbert M. Shelton wrote most of them –
over 40 – and his books on nutrition stand as the best ones ever written on the

Dr. Shelton’s books and counseling have literally saved millions of lives and
influenced many doctors to adopt the
Hygienic approach to diet and self

Dr. David Klein’s teachings, including the
Vegan Diet Healing Plan, are all
based upon physiology and biology as taught by
Natural Hygiene, and
supported by over 100 years of healing results.  

Other approaches do not work well or at all because they are inaccurate, i.e.,
not based upon physiology and human’s biological needs.  David refined the
Hygienic diet for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) cases, and the successes
of over 1,000 clients and innumerable successes of several dozen
doctors prove that the Natural Hygiene diet is the correct one for
humans – it gives healing results every time and enables everyone to build
superior health.  

Does the
Vegan Diet work for irritable bowel disease, proctitis and
hemorrhoids?  Yes.  Any inflammatory disease is healed via the
Vegan Diet
Healing Plan
and Natural Hygiene self-healing program.  

The body is designed to heal, and the
Vegan Diet supports healing like no
other diet man ever devised.  

      How can people live on such a simple diet?  Don’t they miss meat?
Everyone thrives on this natural diet because that is Nature’s design.  It is the
most nutritious diet, it is complete in every regard, it includes a nearly endless
variety of delicious food choices, and it supports healing and vitality like no
other diet.  

When humans (or any creature) eat their natural biological diet after cleaning
out they feel completely satisfied and do not crave unnatural foods.  

Vegan foods satisfy our nutritional needs best and promote true health and
healing, free of unnatural food cravings, which lead to disease.  Many high
achievers throughout history have thrived on vegan diets, including many
world class and professional athletes and some body builders who the author
personally knows.  

It’s usually pleasantly shocking to find out that after a few days of giving up
meat you don’t miss it one bit, and you are amazed to discover that meat was
dragging you down.  Meat causes colitis, Crohn’s disease and a host of other

No rational person would knowingly want to continue to eat something that
poisons their colon, makes them sick and destroys their life.  No one heals up
eating meat, and after one feels better there is no thought of going back to the
cause of disease and suffering.  

      How can people overcome their resistance to changing their diet?
Through a new education in healthful eating, by replacing erroneous beliefs
with true ones, by enlisting the services of an experienced and supportive
health coach, and by taking new action in food choices.  

By: Dr. David Klein, Ph.D.
Article: A New Education, Crohns, Colitis & Diet

Dr. David Klein Ph.D. Natural Health
Director of: Colitis & Crohn's Health Recovery Center
Author of: Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's.